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Mexico is the most popular destination of the past few years. The secret islands, the Caribbean coasts, and the cosmopolitan capital are ideal sightseeing places for all ages. Lovers of gastronomy, the sea, watersports, and history will surely find something that meets their expectations here.

Location of Mexico

The United States of Mexico, shortly Mexico, lies in the southern part of North America. It shares borders with the United States from the north and with Guatemala and Belize from the south. It’s surrounded by the Pacific Ocean from the west and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea from the east. It has an area of 1 972 550 km2 and 124 million residents. The population is constantly growing. It’s the most populated Spanish-speaking country on earth. Its capital is Mexico City.

Beaches in Mexico

For you to find the perfect Mexican beach for sunbathing and riding the waves, we collected some super options.

Zihuatanejo beach:

The Zihuatanejo beach lies 160 miles northward of Acapulco. It’s popular for its clean beaches and cobbled streets. The Playa La Ropa lined with picturesque palm trees is a preferred place for sports such as diving.

Cozumel beach:

The Cozumel beach is waiting for visitors with clean, turquoise water and white sandy shore. It’s an outstanding section of the seaside. The charming island is a common destination of voyages. If you’re brave enough, discover nearby islands by yourself with a yacht. The charisma of Cozumel is so attractive that it draws thousands of tourists all year.

Cancún beach:

The coast of Cancún is part of the area that the Wilma hurricane overwashed in 2005. Nowadays, however, there’s no sign of this. In the southeastern area, you can experience the golden era of beaches, golf, and nightlife again. Cancún is still among the most beloved summer resorts in the Western Hemisphere.

Main sights of Mexico

It would be a truly difficult job, to sum up, all the sights of Mexico in just a few sentences. You should definitely visit the city of Izamal. This city is so unique that you’ll remember it forever. Izamal has the nickname yellow city because every building is painted yellow. The ancient Mayan ruins are in the center of the city. Mazatlan was incredibly famous for its 20 km long beach in the 20th century. Today it attracts visitors again with historical sites, educational museums, and sandy beaches. If you visit Cancún beach, don’t forget to see the acrobatic dance performances in the Coco Bongo Cancún. And if you come here, certainly visit Chitchén Itzá. The Mayan archeological site is one of the seven new wonders of the world.

Weather of Mexico

The Tropic of Cancer divides the country into temperate and tropical climate zones. Northward from the Tropic of Cancer, the winter months are colder. To the south the temperature is constant all year, it only changes with the altitude. The average annual temperature of areas below 1000 m is between 24 and 28 °C. In the north, the low-lying areas have a lower average temperature from 20 to 24 °C. Big cities lying in the Valley of Mexico have an all-year temperate climate, the average annual temperature is 16 to 18 °C.

Sailboat rental Mexico

There are many excellent free moorings in Mexico, as well as many well-equipped marinas. Here are some of them:

Northern Pacific Ocean Coast


The city’s port, called El Cid, is way more than a simple landing opportunity. There is a bustling market and several miles of nearby beaches with golden sand. The local dive shop is excellent, you can get all the necessary equipment here. In the port area, you will find plenty of high-quality accommodation opportunities.

Nuevo Vallarta

Upon landing, we find ourselves in Paradise Village. This place can meet all your needs. Nearby Puerto Vallarta is a tourist attraction with its cosy, cobbled streets and its breathtakingly majestic cathedral.

La Cruz

Marina Riviera Nayarit is one of Mexico’s most unique ports. It lies on the north coast of the calm Banderas Bay. There is a wonderful promenade overlooking the whole bay. This is the only full-service port on the Pacific Ocean coast, with a capacity to accommodate up to 340 vessels.

Barra de Navidad

A small village and a wide beach around a bay provide a great opportunity for surfing. Diving is also possible in the southwestern end of the bay. Good restaurants await tourists on the beach.

The California Peninsula Coast


It is the third-largest city in the federal state of Baja California Sur. If arriving from the USA, here is the place where we can enter Mexican territorial waters. The weather is nice most of the year: if you can, spend a couple of days here.

Southern Pacific Ocean Coast


In the seventies, it was nothing more than a sleepy little fishing village. The adjacent Ixtapa recreation complex was built up, and it caused a development boom in “Zihua” which nonetheless still preserves something from its old charm. Its narrow, cobbled streets are full of excellent local restaurants, bars, boutiques, and handicraft studios. Fishermen meet on the beach each morning at Paseo del Pescador, “Fishermen’s Street”, to sell the daily catch. At the waterfront promenade, you can always have a romantic walk.


Huatulco lies on the edge of the Sierra Madre Mountains in the state of Oaxaca, 20miles from the Mexican Pacific Ocean Coast, between the Coyula and Copalita rivers. There are more than 25 berths on the 10-mile shoreline, in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by resorts.

California Gulf

La Paz

La Paz is the most city in southern Mexico on the Baja California Península. It has several ports.. One of the best-equipped ports is Marina Cortez, located in the heart of the bay. It offers a number of exclusive services for even the largest sea yachts.

Another big port’s name is Marina Costa Baja. This port includes a wide variety of services. It satisfies the basic needs of sailors well since there are electricity and petrol station in the port. Marina Costa Baja is a perfect moorage, which offers proper shelter and is suitable for any boat type. The port is a paradise for boat owners. It provides first-class convenience and modern services. It has an exceptionally good infrastructure. It’s not only accessible from the sea but also close to the airport. It’s due to the standards of this establishment that nowadays more and more people opt for boat rental.

Mexico is a truly colorful country that includes everything from beautiful beaches, through milling nightlife, to rich cultural heritage. Dive, hike, boat, or just relax under the shadow of palm trees! Don’t forget to bring some souvenirs home, for example, a taster of the original tequila or some traditional sombrero hats.

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Weather in Mexico

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Mexico. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Mexico
Wind speed in Mexico

The wind rose for Mexico shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Mexico shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Mexico is a vast country and has different types of climate. The weather in Mexico is determined not only by latitude but also by altitude. The Tropic of Cancer divides the country into temperate and tropical climate zones. Northward from the Tropic of Cancer the winter months are colder. To the south the temperature is constant all year, it only changes with the altitude. In Mexico, there are two main seasons. Although there is some variation in temperature over the year, the most obvious difference is between rainy and dry seasons.

The rainy season through most of Mexico falls roughly from May through September or October. The temperature increases gradually from north to south so that the south has a purely tropical climate. Altitude plays an important role as well. There are many cities located at high altitudes, including the capital, which have a cooler climate. In high mountains and volcanoes, the climate becomes alpine. In the plains and hills of the south, it is hot all year round. The average annual temperature of areas below 1000 m is between 24 and 28 °C.

In the north, the low-lying areas have a lower average temperature from 20 to 24 °C. Big cities lying in the Valley of Mexico have an average annual temperature of 16 to 18 °C. It becomes moderately rainy in the mountain ranges and the southern plateaus, while it’s very rainy in some tropical southern areas. Summer is the rainiest season almost everywhere. On the coast, the climate is generally balmy year-round, but some months are rainy and others dry. Moving towards the south, the sea becomes progressively warmer. Generally, the sea is always warm.

Rent a sailboat in Mexico

Day 1. Ensenada – Islas de Todos Santos 17.23 km (10.71 mi), Day 2. Islas de Todos Santos – El Sauzal 13.20 km (8.21 mi), Day 3. El Sauzal – Puerto Nuevo 48.28 km (30.00 mi), Day 4. Puerto Nuevo – Isla Coronado 35.26 km (21.91 mi), Day 5. Isla Coronado – San Diego 33.65 km (20.91 mi), Day 6. San Diego – Rosarito 43.74 km (27.18 mi), Day 7. Rosarito – Salsipuedes Bay – Ensenada 78.11 km (48.54 mi)

La paz sailing itinerary

Day 1. La Paz – Pichilinque 10.44 km (6.48 mi), Day 2. Pichilinque – Espíritu Santo Island, Partida Island 28.74 km (17.86 mi), Day 3. Partida Island – Isla San Francisco 37.53 km (23.32 mi), Day 4. Isla San Francisco – Isla San Jose 15.96 km (9.92 mi), Day 5. Isla San Jose – San Evaristo 7.15 km (4.45 mi), Day 6. San Evaristo – San Juan de la Costa 59.06 km (36.70 mi), Day 7. San Juan de la Costa – Puerto Balandra – La Paz 51.62 km (32.07 mi)

California Peninsula Coast sailboat rental

Day 1. Puerto Vallarta – Nuevo Vallarta 9, 01 km (5, 60 mi), Day 2. Nuevo Vallarta – Punta del Mita 25, 74 km (15, 99 mi), Day 3. Punta del Mita – Cleopha island 97, 26 km (60, 43 mi), Day 4. Cleopha island – Isla Maria Magdalena 25, 33 km (15, 74 mi), Day 5. Isla Maria Magdalena – Isla San Juanito 47, 85 km (29, 73 mi), Day 6. Isla San Juanito – Isla Maria Madre 22, 22 km (13, 80 mi), Day 7. Isla Maria Madre – Isla Isabel 70, 41 km (43, 75 mi), Day 8. Isla Isabel – Boca de Camichín 44, 49 km (27, 64 mi), Day 9. Boca de Camichín – San Blass 36, 41 km (22, 62 mi), Day 10. San Blass – Muelle de Chacala 42, 94 km (26, 68 mi), Day 11. Muelle de Chacala – La Peñita de Jaltemba 14, 78 km (9, 18 mi), Day 12. La Peñita de Jaltemba – Sayulita 29, 32 km (18, 22 mi), Day 13. Sayulita – Islas Marietas 24.23 km (15.05 mi), Day 14. Islas Marietas – Bucerias 40.65 km (25.26 mi)Northern Pacific Ocean Coast sailing charter

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