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Check our booking section to get started on your perfect vacation getaway. Book in advance and get your preferred time and destination, or book late with our last-minute deals. Our boats come in a variety of layouts, so it’s easy to find the perfect one for you, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced boater. Discover the best destination for you, choose a last minute yacht you’d like to experience, check the availability in real-time. Find a holiday where you can combine days on the beach with many additional possibilities to spend active vacations, fun evenings and visits to some interesting nearby places.

Last minute yacht charter, your perfect yacht is in 4 easy steps:

  1. Read more about last minute yacht charter on the following tabs: About last-minute yacht charter, last-minute yacht charter pictures.
  2. Last-minute boat rental: Select a region from the last-minute yacht charter destinations tab. After check out our boats in your chosen region. Select the sailing area, base, yacht type and of course, the period. If you are experienced, you can easily make up the most appropriate yacht. Click on the „search” button.
  3. You have three opportunities under ’Yacht Details’ page: Send offer (an offer is sent to you by the system), Open option (you can book the yacht for 3-5 days without any obligation) and with Direct booking (you can immediately book the chosen yacht).
  4. We have access to a lot more boats than what we have listed on our site.

If you trust a specialist to find the ideal boat for you, or if you can’t find a suitable yacht in the chosen sailing area: HELP ME TO CHOOSE

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Last-minute – don’t run out of time!

Are you not tied by your work responsibilities or private duties? Does your job or other occupation not affect the date of departure? Is the exact date, the place of your holiday and the season, not a top priority? Are you ready to leave anytime? Or do you just simply want to get a bigger discount from the final price? Then you should take a look at our last-minute discounts. The last-minute trips are published 1-3 weeks before departure. The ultra-last-minute travel can be bought 1-5 days prior to departure. These two terms have become synonymous with discounted price travels. It is not uncommon to find a boat with a 50% discount. This is how much you can save compared to the original price, whilst you get the same service.

If you find a deal that you cannot miss, do not think too much and just go with it, because others may be watching that same offer too!