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What is a cabin yacht charter?

Cabin charter means renting a cabin or a yacht. You have to share the common rooms and sometimes the cabins with other passengers. Individual travellers may rent a private cabin as well, but these are more expensive. Most cabins are relatively small, but during such a trip you will definitely spend most of your time onboard in the company of other passengers, or at a given destination.
The yachts in question are significantly smaller than the so-called cruisers or ocean liners. The average size of such a yacht is the app. 500 feet. You may find even larger yachts that accept fewer passengers; this way, the trip might be more convenient. Multi-hulled catamarans are very popular due to their stability. The hulls provide them with a greater balance even in bad weather conditions and in larger waves.

Most popular cabin charter holiday destinations

You can find charter boats in almost every part of the world. The most popular destinations include Greece, Italy, Croatia and the Caribbean region. The duration of a cabin rental is typically a week. Docking time may depend on the route, but you can spend 4-5 hours at a port on average. And when travelling on the sea, you can sunbathe, read and enjoy the view, or treat yourself to a cocktail. Boats often stay at a port or lie at anchor on the sea overnight, offering you the opportunity to explore the remote spots as well.

Cabin charter services

There is a wide variety of sizes, designs and services of a sailing boat, a yacht or a catamaran. Today the limit of the diverse range of services is only bounded by our imagination. Certain companies, for instance, offer you sails that are more spectacular than functional. Others have additional services such as courses or art sessions. You can also try watersports, diving and dozens of other activities on such trips. There are also companies that organize music events, invite DJs and serve drinks to attract young crowds.

Why should you choose a cabin charter?

This type of travelling provides carefree relaxation. While you are relaxing on a catamaran, the crew navigates the boat to your destination. Larger yachts follow a specific route. In other cases, the route is designed according to the needs of the passengers on board, whether they prefer a busy and popular port or a peaceful island. Sailing catamarans can navigate to places that larger vessels are unable to access or where it is not possible to anchor. Crew members co-operate as a team and share all the information necessary to enjoy a hiking trip, visit the city or explore the area. After an exciting sailing experience, the best thing to do is to admire the sunset. The cockpit provides a great view to the sea, and we can also have pleasant and unique conversations there.

Cabin charters are ideal for people who are eager to join other travellers. Onboard of a sailing boat you can get acquainted with fellow passengers in a calm and friendly environment. Lifelong friendyachts often begin during charter round-trips. Cabin charters are not only available for well-off people. This is a vacation that is also suitable for those who can’t afford to rent a whole boat.

How to choose a cabin charter?

It’s important to decide whether you would like to start your journey in a team or alone. If you are planning to begin the adventure in a team of more than 3-4 people, you will probably be offered a private yacht for rent. Lone travellers have the opportunity to meet new people on board. You may be surprised, but it’s not only companies that offer cabin charters: individuals such as yacht owners are often more than happy to share a cabin with those interested.
It’s a good starting point to determine the destination area or region. If you don’t have a specific idea, you can read the guides and ask for help from the charter agency, which is able to recommend popular routes.

When choosing a route, take into account the duration of the rental and plan your programs accordingly. As the boat is managed by a crew of professionals, you don’t have to worry about technical details, the equipment or the fuel. All you have to do is to make up your mind, determine the date and pack your suitcase.

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Rent a cabin and cruise around one of the popular yacht charter destinations

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