The best romantic wedding and honeymoon spots

The wedding and the honeymoon occupy an important place in everyone’s life. Such a great occasion requires a special spot as well. What is more romantic than staring at the sunset, hand in hand with your loved one, standing at the side of a boat? Where and how should you have this experience? This is a list of suggestions made by our clients and based on our experience, and a collection of the most popular honeymoon yacht charter destinations.

Honeymoon yacht charter destination: Europe

Our compilation and suggestions in case you would like to have your wedding – and honeymoon – in Europe. Of course, all the spots have several boat rental opportunities to offer.

1. Amalfi Coast (Italy)

Honeymoon yacht charter - Amalfi coastThis is an especially beautiful part of the world-famous coastline of Italy, located near Naples and the island of Capri. Most settlements here have beautiful beaches. On a boat, you might want to consider visiting the port in Cetara. Larger and well-known towns of the area include Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento and Ravello. Yacht rental Amalfi Coast

2. Kotor (Montenegro)

The small town situated on the Adriatic Coast is an ideal destination for sailors. The Bay of Kotor is the most Southern fjord in Europe and has crystal-clear water. It is important to know that of all countries in Europe, Montenegro might have the most favourable cruising regulations. As a result, they provide the opportunity to sail using duty-free fuel, and the port services may be claimed for a reduced VAT as well. The Mediterranean climate is nice and pleasant in all seasons. The number of sunny days can even reach 250 in a year. Rent a boat in Kotor

3. Valetta (Malta)

The capital city of a small country, which is still rich in centuries of history. There are numerous marinas here; after setting foot on the island, the town and even the whole peninsula can be explored in one day. The city of Valetta is also characterized by the Mediterranean climate, with an average of 300 sunny days every year. More interesting details about Valetta can be found here.Rent a boat Valletta

4. Rome (Italy)

The “Eternal City” and its environment has several things to offer for the enthusiasts of romantic adventures. Departing from here, the most beautiful part of the Ligurian Coast, Cinque Terre, can be explored in a day. 5 small fishing villages are located nearby: Manarola, Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia and Monterosso al Mare. Yacht charter Rome

5. Izola (Slovenia)

The town can be found next to the Italian border, near Triest. It is located on an island, referred to by the name itself. Izola has a large port with 700 moorings and a 24-hour security. You are allowed to dock a boat with a length of up to 45 meters and a draught of 4 meters here. Due to its favourable location, Izola is a suitable starting point for those who would like to explore this area of the Adriatic. Rent a boat Izola

6. Portorož (Slovenia)

Portorož is part of the town called Piran; its name consists of the words “porto” for port and “roža” for rose. Today it is one of the most popular destinations among tourists. For this reason, there are many restaurants and hotels in the area. The port can be used during the whole year, as it is located in the protected Eastern part of the Piran Bay. The conditions for safe boating and recreational sailing are therefore provided all year. Nearly a 1000 boats may be docked here. More information on Portorož. Rent a boat Portotroz
Honeymoon yacht charter in Lisbon

7. Lisbon (Portugal)

One of the most pleasant European cities in terms of climate and warmth. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the temperature does not drop below 10°C even in the coldest months. It is worth noting that the capital of Portugal was built on seven hills just like Rome. Lisbon is famous for its viewpoints, the “miradors”, which can be found scattered around the city. It is worth visiting one of these places during or after our boat trip. We can dock in the central port (Port of Lisbon) or near the Belém quarter (Doca de Belém). The former is a large international port, while the latter is a marina that is ideal for smaller boats. More details here. Boat hire Lisbon

8. Hyéres (France)

The city and the surrounding area is a mecca not only for sailors. The entire coast of the French Riviera or Cote d’Azur, which is about 3-400 nauticalmiles long, is well equipped with ports. Hyéres is no exception either. The summer is mostly hot and dry in this region, while winters are usually mild. The coastline with sandy and pebbly beaches – almost 40 kilometres in length – is often affected by the mistral and the heavy winds. The town has different smaller and larger islands known as the Golden Isles. The name probably originates in the fact that mysterious lights, sparkling stones and golden reflections are common phenomena here. More information on Hyéres and its neighbourhood. Boat rental Hyeres

Boat weddings and honeymoon yacht charter

We have got some ideas if you are looking for something truly special. No matter how far we guide you, all the places will provide you with the opportunity to rent a boat.

9. Praslin Island (Seychelles)

boat weddingOne of the most beautiful islands in the Seychelles, where everything needed for the perfect wedding or honeymoon is guaranteed. Glaring white sand and three beaches that are known worldwide (Ansel Lazio, Anse Georgette, Anse Volbert). Besides sailing, this spot is ideal for scuba-diving and snorkelling as well. If you happen to visit this place, you should not miss the giant coconut palms in the Vallée de May as they are an extraordinary sight. Further information on Seychelles here. Praslin yacht charters

10. Cienfuegos (Cuba)

A mysterious city in a mysterious country. Cienfuegos was founded by settlers who are only memories of the country’s past now. It has a few old historic buildings along the streets, which are wider than usual. The town also has a large port protected by a military fortress. You can engage in organized boat trips here. Romantic attractions include the Dolphinarium and the Laguna Guanaroca, which is a lake full of flamingos. Yacht charter Cienfuegos

11. Marsh Harbour (Bahamas)

The largest town of the Abaco Islands, which belongs to the Bahamas. A thinly populated area with an unspoilt nature. No wonder that six different national parks can be found here. The country has a subtropical monsoon climate. Its proximity to the sea compensates for the almost unbearably hot and humid weather. The mid average annual temperature is around 28°C. At the end of the summer, in the autumn time, hurricanes are common. We have to be careful while on a boat, as the heavy winds can cause significant damage. Bahamas yacht charter

12. Phuket (Thailand)

The city can be found on the island that bears the same name, in Southern Thailand, on the coast of the Andaman Sea. The town has been inhabited since the ancient times, and it is located along important cruising routes. During its history, the region was exposed to strong Portuguese and Chinese influence. This is represented by the architecture, for instance, the Buddhist temples. It really is a popular destination to visit by boat. There is usually a mild monsoon in the area; the climate is pleasant during the whole year. The temperature barely drops below 25°C. Due to the tropical climate, the sea water is nice and warm at 29–30°C. You can read about further attractions of the area here. Yacht rental Phuket

We care about the appearance!

A boat wedding requires appropriate decoration – napkins with sailboat motifs and plates decorated with starfish on the tables. Small ‘thank you’ gifts with yacht patterns; shell-shaped glasses, anchors and flags, which can all contribute to the wonderful atmosphere that reminds you of the sea.

You might also want to consider…

A wedding with a marine theme is not a proper one unless you prepare seafood as well. In case some guests do not like fish, it may be a good idea to serve crab, lobster and other seafood.
The outfit of the newly-weds and the guests may also be unconventional. Instead of the traditional ‘suit and tie’ and wedding dress you can think of something more unique. Breton stripes and the combination of the different tones of the sea will better suit the occasion. Guests may also wear comfortable but elegant boat shoes instead of high heels.

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