Culture, adventures and the sea: discover all the treasures of the past by boat!

When we cruise the waters, we not only relax but explore the world as well: other cultures, traditions and exotic places. We can have some unforgettable experiences if we get to know the memories of a given place. Where should we be headed? This guide will help. Whether it is your own boat or a rental that you take, you will definitely find a destination of your liking.

Culture sailing destinations: Things to see in the Mediterranean

Culture sailing destinations

Rome (Italy)

Upon arrival, it will not be a question of what to see here, but rather what we have time to see. It doesn’t matter if we spend days or weeks in the “Eternal City”, there are dozens of sights worth visiting; we can only list a few of these here. The squares, fountains and ancient buildings are all enchanting. Legend has it that those who throw a coin into the fountain on the Trevi Square will return sometime in the future. From the ancient times to this day, there is history wherever we set foot.

Some squares were designed by Michelangelo (Piazza del Campidoglio. Others used to be the venue of the Inquisition and are now busy marketplaces. If we are enthusiastic about the ancient Roman history, we must not miss the Pantheon, or the most famous amphitheatre in the world, the Colosseum. Forum Romanum used to be the central square of the ancient city, which is a spectacular sight these days as well. Palatine Hill is located nearby. According to archaeological findings, the holy place was the first inhabited area in Rome.

There is also an interest “water” place to visit. It is the island of Tiberius (Isola Tiberina), which is the only island of the river Tiber in Rome. It has two old bridges. Ancient ruins, a thousand-year-old church and a large hospital can be found on the island. Yacht charter Rome

Naples (Italy)

The third most populous city in Italy, which is also one of the longest-populated town of the country. It is no wonder that its historic centre is a world heritage site. Naples is justly famous for the Pizza Napoletana. If we visit the city, we must try it and see the way it is prepared by the locals. It is also worth visiting the city by boat because Naples can be an ideal starting point from where we can visit several beautiful spots located nearby. The islands Capri and Ischia, as well as the Amalfi Coast, can be accessed from here. Yacht charter bay of Naples
Culture and the sea

Genoa (Italy)

If we arrive in the city, we will spot the giant 76 meters high lighthouse (La Lanterna), standing on a 40 meters high rock. It is considered a monument, as even though it is operating these days, this is the oldest lighthouse in the world that is still working. Boats will find it useful since Italy’s largest seaport is located here. Perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the most famous ones, too. This is where Cristopher Colombus started his journey from. That explains why everything here is connected to him. We can visit the house where he was born and lived. He has a statue in the city, and many of his memories are preserved in the local maritime museum. Yacht charter Genova

Marseille (France)

This is the second most populous city in France that welcomes visitors with a lot of sunshine and a pleasant climate. Marseille has been a port city for thousands of years, so it is obvious that one of its main sights is the “Old Port” (Port Vieux). There is also a romantic spot located nearby; the castle of If – the place where the protagonist of the novel The Count of Monte Cristo was a prisoner – can be found here.
A fun fact for movie enthusiasts: this is where the famous Taxi films were shot. Boat rental Marseille

Curiosities to explore on the Adriatic Coast

Pula (Croatia)

We don’t necessarily have to sail as far as Italy to see the ancient Roman heritage. The era is well represented in the city of Pula. This is where the largest amphitheatre of the region is – they started building it in the era of Augustus Ceasar. It is an interesting fact that its capacity was 23, 000. It is larger than its Roman twin, the Colosseum.

These days there are several cultural and musical events organized around here. They have a summer festival, a film festival and a horse festival as well. The most unique experience might be the famous gladiator show that takes place here. The ancient spirit permeates the whole city. The Arch of the Sergii, ancient city walls, and of course, the main square can be found here as well; on the latter stands a church that was built to dedicate Augustus. Yachtcharter in Pula
Culture sailing destinations

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Upon arrival at the port, we immediately find a beautiful monument. The famous Fortress of St. John is guarding the peace of the city. Near the port is the main square with unique old buildings that provide a great atmosphere. St. Blaise’s Church, a baroque building that got its name after the guardian saint of the city, can be found here. The famous Statue of Roland that depicts a medieval knight stands in the middle of the main square.

Dubrovnik was surrounded by a massive wall, spectacular fortresses and towers, due to its military importance. Tourists these days can visit these places for a fee. The most famous for, however, is located outside the walls. Here we can also find a structure named after St. Lawrence, which was built on a nearly 40 meter-high cliff and has never been seized. Nowadays, the fortress serves as a venue for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Musical performances and weddings are often organized here as well. Rent a boat Dubrovnik

Zadar (Croatia)

Since the ancient times, this place has always been a home of several different peoples. It comes as no surprise that the town has many important museums. We can check the local archaeological and folklore collection, and a maritime museum can also be found here. Those who love music and the theatre won’t be disappointed either. The Zadar Summer Theater festival is one of the most popular events in the city.

The place is worth visiting for anyone who has a passion for the ecclesiastical architecture. Zadar is also the land of cathedrals and churches. Several denominations and memories of the different ages have been preserved. The most famous such building is the St. Donatus Church. The unique design and the history of more than a thousand years make it a symbol of the city. Yacht charter Zadar

Culture sailing destinations: Adventures in the North

Culture sailing destinations

Tallinn (Estonia)

The capital of the Baltic country tells us the story of a tiny people with a turbulent history. Here we can feel ourselves in the East and the West at the same time. There has been a mixture of Russian and German cultural influences here for centuries. A prestigious building, Kadriorg Palace, for instance, was built by Peter the Great. We can find a famous gallery of art here. There is an opportunity to take a walk in the cosy old town and see the castle walls. We can also visit the 38 meter-high tower called Kiek a de Kok, which was used to protect the city and serves as a museum in the present days.
In the suburban area, the quarter called Kalamaja has an Estonian naval and military museum. The building that was transformed into a museum from a giant hangar, offers several curiosities. We can explore the inside of a submarine, and the largest steam-powered icebreaker in the world is exhibited here as well. Boat rental Tallin

The island of Rügen (Germany)

The largest and greenest German island. It is surrounded by the cold and fairly windy North Sea.
The island is rather rich in natural heritage than historical memories. Still, the place won’t let anyone down who comes to visit for those reasons. One of the longest structures in the world – dating back to the Nazi times – is located here. Once a holiday resort, the giant building is 4, 5 kilometres long and has nearly 10 thousand rooms. Today, only a few of these rooms can be visited; they serve as a museum. There are many beautiful castles in the cosy towns located on the island; one of them organizes a festival every year. Modern art enthusiasts may find novelty in the concrete works of art made by local architect Ulrich Müther. His artwork includes a UFO-shaped beach rescue station on the island of Rügen. There are weddings organized here these days. Yachtcharter Insel Rügen

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