The Amalfi Coast is Italy’s most picturesque coastline. The towering cliffs and the idyllic seafront villages provide visitors with a truly enchanting view. Would you like to yachting on the Amalfi coast? Here you can find some handy tips and we also help to create a one-week yacht itinerary.

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    Location of Amalfi Coast

    One of the most breathtaking coastlines of the world, the Amalfi Coast stretches for 50 km from the south of Naples, by the Salerno Gulf. The view of the range of hills, reaching the height of 1400 m, majestically towering above the coastline will definitely leave you breathless. And the cliff coast offers awe-inspiring vistas, overlooking the pristine waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

    History of Amalfi Coast

    The Amalfi Coast was home to one of the very first maritime democracies of Italy, established in the 10th century. However, it only got more famous in the 19th century when in 1857 roads started being built, thus making easier to access the coastline. The Amalfi Coast and its settlements have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1997.

    Weather in Amalfi Coast

    The Amalfi Coast has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. Most of the precipitation falls between November and December and March and April. The best time to visit the coastline is from April to June, thus you can avoid the overwhelming crowds of tourists in July and August. The area has favourable wind conditions and microclimate, which means that it’s not surprising at all to have the rain pouring down in one second followed by bright sunlight in the next.

    Main attractions of Amalfi Coast

    Amalfi town’s most famous hiking trail, the so-called ‘Gods’ Pathway’ is definitely worth a visit. If you’d like to wander in nature, you’re ought to walk through this beautiful trail. Not only will you be spoilt with an awe-inspiring panorama, but you can also wonder at the highly popular island of Capri. You can complete the trail in about 2-3 hours. Another very popular town of the coastline is Ravello, otherwise called the ‘City of Music’. Since 1932, Ravello is home to the world-renowned Wagner Festival, in honour of the famous composer, Richard Wagner, who used to compose in this little, southern Italian town.

    Gastronomy in Amalfi Coast

    The coastline’s cuisine boasts a variety of fish meals. When visiting the area, make sure you try one of the many traditional dishes. The speciality of the area is the spaghetti alle vongole– spaghetti with clams. Another famous one to sample is the deep sea tuna, which is best prepared in the fishing village of Cetara, where the locals also organise an annual Tuna Festival. The different kinds of cheese of the Amalfi Coast are also definitely worth to be tasted. You can enjoy such special ones as the fresh ricotta, the mozzarella di bufala, the provolone, the fior di latte or the caciocavallo. Their traditional drink, limoncello is a very tasty Italian lemon liquor. Limoncello is drank chilled in ice, usually after meals. If you are craving desserts, the so-called ‘Torta al Limone is a perfect choice. The fluffy lemon sponge is has featherlight lemon glazing.

    Beaches of Amalfi Coast

    The coastline boasts beaches lined with crystal clear waters. The beaches range from popular, busy ones to the more secluded, quieter stretches of coast.

    Marina Grande

    The most famous of Amalfi town, Marina Grande is the most beloved beach amongst tourists. The pebbly beach stretches wide and there’re colourful parasols and sun lounges to ensure the highest level of comfort for visitors seeking to relax. The beach tends to be the most crowded from June to September, so if you are after some peace and tranquillity, try to avoid these months. However, if the wind blows you here, don’t miss trying some of the traditional, homemade cakes in one of Amalfi’s cosy cafes and make sure to order a creamy espresso macchiato too.

    Spiaggia Grande

    Positano is halfway between Sorrento and Amalfi. Its most beloved beach is Spiaggia Grande. It’s a black sandy beach, where apart from sunbathing, you can also try different water sports. There’re sun lounges, showers to grant your comfort. The beach also offers a vast variety of food and beverages.

    Conca dei Marini

    Do you prefer serenity? Conca dei Marini beach is a perfect choice then. Here you can also visit one of the most unique sights of the coastline–Grotta dello Smeraldo, the Emerald Cave. This natural wonder takes its name from the enchanting emerald colour the sunlight tints the inside of the cave and its water. The cave is accessible by boat, stairs or lift.


    The gorgeous pebbly beach of Marina di Praia is nestled between two cliffs by Torre a Mare, which is an ancient Saracen tower. Spend the day soaking in the sun on the beach and visit one of the atmospheric restaurants of the village in the evening. If you are after some fun and entertainment, Praiano’s club, the Africana is one of the most famous nightclubs on the Amalfi Coast. Owing to its favourable location, the area is also an ideal base for day-trips. You can explore some of the nearby villages as well as other fascinating spots along the coastline.

    Luxury yacht charter in Amalfi Coast

    The largest ports in the region:

    Port of Salerno

    Port of Salerno is one of the busiest ports of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It covers a shockingly huge area with a total territory of 1.7 million square metres. The entrance of the port is 280 m wide and the sea depth is 13 m. Read more about Salerno sailing, or boat hire in Salerno

    Marina d’Arechi

    The marina counts as one of the newest and most modern ports in Italy. Very well sheltered and equipped. The Marina has a 340, 000 square metres water basin with a water depth of 8 m. Marina d’Arechi is suitable to accommodate as many as 1, 000 boats and yachts. The length of the latter can be as long as 123 m.

    Port of Agropoli

    The Port of Agropoli is located in the vicinity of Naples and Salerno. It accommodates most private boats and yachts. The port is dotted with some fine bars and restaurants and great hotels. Near the port, there’s also a huge parking area. Read more about Agropoli sailing, or boat rental in AgropoliFind yacht routes in Amalfi Coast or choose another rent a boat in Italy.

    Weather in Amalfi Coast

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Amalfi coast. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Amalfi Coast
    Wind speed in Amalfi Coast

    The wind rose for Amalfi coast shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Amalfi coast shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Amalfi Coast, and cruise around Amalfi Coast

    Day 1. Agropoli – Santa Maria di Castellabate 12.16 km (7.55 mi), Day 2. Santa Maria di Castellabate – Salerno 47.55 km (29.55 mi), Day 3. Salerno – Maiori – Minori 13.62 km (8.46 mi), Day 4. Minori – Amalfi – Conca dei Marini 5.74 km (3.56 mi), Day 5. Conca dei Marini – Sorrento 33.38 km (20.74 mi), Day 6. Sorrento – Naples 32.65 km (20.29 mi), Day 7. Naples – Marina grande (Capri) – Agropoli 99.33 km (61.72 mi)Luxury yachts in Amalfi CoastRead more Agropoli yacht itinerariesDay 1. Salerno – Cetara 5.12 km (3.18 mi), Day 2. Cetara – Agropoli 43.98 km (27.33 mi), Day 3. Agropoli – Acciaroli 28.46 km (17.69 mi), Day 4. Acciaroli – Marina di Casalvelino 8.77 km (5.45 mi), Day 5. Marina di Casalvelino – Palinuro 21.51 km (13.36 mi), Day 6. Palinuro – Marina di Camerota 12.13 km (7.54 mi), Day 7. Marina di Camerota – San Marco – Salerno 102.38 km (63.62 mi)Luxury yacht charter in Amalfi CoastRead more Salerno yacht itineraries, or choose from Amalfi Coast yachting destinations

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