Sailboat vacations: Sail around the world with us!

Do you feel the best on the waves of seas and oceans? We will help, to make your dream come true in any part of the world. You like Mediterranean landscapes, would you discover the colourful world of the Mediterranean Sea or the Adriatic? Do you love the Caribbean Islands ? Did you want to try the waters of the Atlantic Ocean for a long time? Maybe South Asia is on your bucket list? Are you interested in more distant, exotic landscapes and islands? With us nothing is impossible! Check out our website. Our offers will give solutions for every situation. Forty-five country waits for you with hundreds of ports. If you contact us, we will help you to choose a boat that is the most suitable for your goals.

Yacht holidays: The world has a whole lot of jaw-dropping places

Whether you are a novice or an experienced sailor, you will definitely find destinations that you like. For new sailors, not only the friendly wind conditions but the predictable tides and flows were also taken into account. We also write about the practising opportunities to bring your sailing skills to a higher level. For those who are not afraid of the unpredictable, stormy winds, or perhaps are real experts in the flows of seas, we can offer real challenging locations too. Ports from where you can start the journey to test your knowledge, of course, within reasonable limits, without excessive risks.

If you want to combine sailing with getting to know the cultural and historical sights of the area, we have a suggestion for you. We offer boat rental in many ports, where the surrounding countryside and settlements are full of sights thanks to their centuries-old history.

We are happy to recommend our services even if you plan to cruise with family, smaller and bigger children. The kids are not as “little adults” in our eyes. That is why we choose the places with special attention and care so we could recommend it to you for a memorable family vacation. These places have safely shallow water for the little ones, where you can choose from a lot of child-friendly programs too (adventure parks, water parks, other attractions). It is a common feature that in every case a pleasant, balanced climate helps your peaceful relaxation.

Yacht cruises: If high quality service is important to you

It is also worth browsing on our website if you want to make your honeymoon unforgettable with a memorable, fun-filled boat trip. We know a lot of romantic destinations around the globe and we want to help you discover these. Mediterranean beaches with charming small towns, or tempting Caribbean beaches with white sand and palm trees – it only depends on you, where you want to spend, maybe the most beautiful days, weeks of your married life.

Our boat renting options are extremely flexible, the decision is in your hands. You can rent a boat with helmsman, and with a crew. You can choose from flotilla or cabin sailing. The latter is really useful if you want to spend the night on the open water.
The flotilla sailing means group sailing. A voyage where the route is usually pre-defined and trained staff help the journey. This form is ideal for groups of friends, companies, or even families. Of course, we also offer bareboat yacht rentals for experienced and adventurous sailors. At that time, greater responsibility is associated with greater freedom of controlling your yacht and taking care of the staff you need.

If you can’t choose from the wide range offers of our website and you need help in making a decision, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are at your disposal by email or phone so you can find the perfect boat rental and destination. This is how we can contribute to your recreation so it could be peaceful and relaxed in every case.

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