Sailing in the Caribbean is a dream of many sailors. The beautiful sea, the trade wind and the pleasant waters are ideal for a sailing vacation, not to mention the fact that navigating amongst the many islands here is quite exciting. The ports and islands in the Caribbean are ideal for those who love adventures, beautiful sights and hot.

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Do you wish for an unforgettable vacation in a breathtaking, paradisiac environment? Would you enjoy the summer breeze and the fresh smell of the sea air? If so, the locality of the Caribbean Sea is the most ideal choice. Refresh yourself with a tasty drink next to the charming white sand of the shore. But if you’d rather opt for active recreation, rent diving gear to explore coral reefs or uninhabited islands on the deck of a boat.

Location of the Caribbean

The phrase, Caribbean region, stands for the North and Central American groups of islands. In a broader sense, some Central and South American countries also belong here, such as Columbia or Venezuela. There are more than 700 islands in the region. We can divide the Caribbean Islands into three main parts. The Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, and the Lesser Antilles.

History of the Caribbean

Christopher Columbus discovered the vicinity of the Caribbean Sea. Spain and Portugal colonized the region. According to the Treaty of Tordesillas, both parties agreed on a peaceful subdivision of the area. Spanish and Portuguese influence decreased in the 1600s as the Dutch, French, and British expropriated the islands. The region engaged in the trade of sugar, coffee, tobacco, cotton, and rice thanks to the plantations on the Caribbean islands.

Beaches in the Caribbean

There are several gorgeous beaches, gulfs, and lagoons here. The crystal clear seawater and warm sunlight create a picturesque view. The beauty of the landscape will surely make your travel memorable. The white sandy shores of the Caribbean Sea are among the most astonishing swimming sites in the world.

Gulf of Maundays, Anguilla

One of the most popular holiday resorts, Cap Julica is in this gulf. The amazing five-star resort provides full comfort and luxury. Thus, no wonder celebrities also like staying here. The beach has a private bar and other services as well.

Valley Church, Antigua

A cosy beach that enchants visitors with different shades of blue water. The water is calm and crystal clear, white sand carpet covers its shore. You can discover hundreds of other beaches between Antigua and Barbuda. They will certainly outshine your expectations. The secret gems of this area are its hidden gulfs, which you too can explore if you rent a boat.

Pink Sands beach

Many visit Harbour Island to view this famous section of the seaside. The coral is a unique mixture of broken shells, miniature stones, and calcium carbonate. It colours the sand with pink fragments. It’s a wide and long beach surrounded by calm water. It can be an ideal and beautiful venue for wedding ceremonies, sports, or yoga.

Treasure Beach, Bahamas

It’s among the best beaches in the world. Treasure beach is a 3,5-mile-long section of the shore with every service available to make a vacation incomparable and even more excellent. You can enjoy pleasant cafés and restaurants or try watersports.

Main attractions in the Caribbean

The picturesque scenery welcomes visitors with several colourful and unique programs. Besides beautiful beaches, you can take pleasure in viewing the exotic flora of the jungle or the underwater wildlife. Sea turtles are amazing residents of the Caribbean Sea. They are one of the endangered species, thus, numerous rescue and breeding programs started in the past few years to protect the animals.

Many visitors come to Puerto Rico to see the turtles, while they’re laying their eggs in the sand. They also come to see the exciting moment, when the little turtles leave their nests and go into the water. Besides water and seaside sights the Caribbean region also has a rich cultural heritage. There are more than 40 museums in Cuba, that display art, music, the revolution, chocolate, or cigars.

The Caribbean weather

The Caribbean region has the traits of the all year hot and humid tropical climate. The weather is somewhat cool and dry from the middle of January to the middle of April. From the middle of June to the middle of November it’s usually hot, wet, and rainy. Subtropical monsoon climate dominates in the region. The average yearly temperature is 28 °C.

Caribbean yacht charters

A roundtrip on the Caribbean Sea could be a very exciting and memorable program for the whole family. Rent a small boat, a luxury yacht, or a sailboat. It’s important that you find out about landing places. The Caribbean region involves numerous ports, small and large. However, they might be very different.

The most popular and most high-standard ports are in the larger cities. These are the ports of for example Nassau, Falmouth, Puerto Rico, Philipsburg, or Mexico. They are well-equipped and provide all services inevitable for boating. The majority of sea centers and smaller islands are in daily connection. Thus, they arrange boat trips and ferryboats as well.

Another option is to explore the sea by yourself on a deck of a yacht charter. If your only wish is an amazing sea vacation, or the presence of stunning natural wonders, visit the Caribbean Sea to find all of these.

Find sailing routes in the Caribbean.

For more precise information about the Caribbean area, please narrow down your search. It is necessary in this case, because of geographic diversity and the large scope of the area. First select a destination on the yacht charter in the Caribbean tab and choose the Weather tab of the selected area and read the related description.

Rent a boat in the Caribbean, and cruise around the Caribbean

Puerto Rico sailing itineraries

Day 1. San Juan – Loiza 30,98 km (19,25 mi), Day 2. Loiza – Fajardo (Isleta Marina) 53,34 km (33,15 mi),Day 3. Fajardo – St.Thomas (Yacht Haven Grande) 76,68 km (47,65 mi), Day 4. Yacht Haven Grande – Red Hook (St.Thomas) 15,84 km (9,84 mi),Day 5. Red Hook – Hull bay (St.Thomas) 15,12 km (9,40 mi), Day 6. Hull bay – Culebra (Dewey Harbor) 41,04 km (25,50 mi), Day 7. Culebra – Playa Fortuna – San Juan 94,80 km (58,91 mi).Sailing plan from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas

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Bahamas sailing itineraries

Day 1. Miami – Port Royal 82,63 km (51,34 mi), Day 2. Port Royal – Gun Cay (Honeymoon Harbour) 13,86 km (8,61 mi),Day 3. Gun Cay – Ocean Cay 21,53 km (13,38 mi), Day 4. Ocean Cay – North Cat Cay (Honeymoon Harbour), Day 5. North Cat Cay – Bailey Town 17,74 km (11,02 mi), Day 6. Bailey Town – Alice Town 2,39 km (1,48 mi), Day 7. Alice Town – Miami 82,95 km (51,54 mi).
Sailing itinerary from Florida to Bahamas

Day 1. Marsh Harbour – Little Harbour 24,55 km (15,25 mi), Day 2. Little Harbour – Abaco National Park – Sandy Point 97,10 km (60,34 mi), Day 3. Sandy Point – Wood Cay – Great Abaco 47,96 km (29,80 mi), Day 4. Great Abaco – Big Joe Downer Cay -Little Joe Downer Cay – South Riding Point 96,70 km (60,09 mi), Day 5. South Riding Point – Nunjack Cay – Green Turtle Cay 103,35 km (64,22 mi), Day 6. Green Turtle Cay – Treasure Cay – Man-O-War Cay / Guana Cay 28,44 km (17,67 mi), Day 7. Guana Cay – Pelican Cay Land & Sea Park – Elbow Cay – Marsh Harbour 53,60 km (33,30 mi).
Sailing around the Bahamas

Day 1. Providenciales (Turks- és Caicos islands) Turtle Cove Marina – Mangrove Cay 10,80 km (6,71 mi) Day 2. Mangrove Cay – Cockburn Harbor 70,10 km (43,56 mi) Day 3. Cockburn Harbor – Big Sand Cay 45,00 km (27,96 mi) Day 4. Big Sand Cay – Luperón Harbor (Dominican Republic) 148,30 km (92,15 mi) Day 5. Luperón – Puerto Plata 30,20 km (18,77 mi) Day 6. Puerto Plata – Sosúa 20,15 km (12,52 mi) Day 7. Sosúa – Playa el Valle 142,95 km (88,82 mi) Day 8. Playa el Valle – Puerto Bahia Samaná 62,70 km (38,96 mi) Day 9. Samaná – Miches 35,05 km (21,78 mi) Day 10. Miches – Cap Cana (Punta Cana) 102,30 km (63,57 mi) Day 11. Cap Cana – Isla Mona (Puerto Rico) 65,00 km (40,39 mi) Day 12. Isla Mona – Mayagüez 71,70 km (44,55 mi) Day 13. Mayagüez – Boquerón 26,90 km (16,72 mi) Day 14. Boquerón – Isla Giligan – Guanica 48,40 km (30,07 mi)

Sailing itinerary from the Bahamas to Puerto Rico

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Antigua sailing itineraries

Day 1. English Harbour – Nonsuch Bay 18,24 km (11,33 mi), Day 2. Nonsuch Bay – Low Bay (Barbuda) 55,26 km (34,34 mi), Day 3. Low Bay – Coco Point (Barbuda)18,41 km (11,44 mi), Day 4. Coco Point – Dickenson Bay 52,91 km (32,88 mi), Day 5. Dickenson Bay – St.John’s 6,34 km (3,94 mi), Day 6. St.John’s – Jolly Harbour 13,56 km (8,42 mi), Day 7. Jolly Harbour – Carlisle Bay – English Harbour 20,13 km (12,51 mi).
Sailing tour in the Caribbean

Day 1. Antigua, English Harbour – Jolly Harbour 21,00 km (13,05 mi), Day 2. Jolly Harbour – St. Kitts, Cristophe Harbour 81,60 km (50,71 mi), Day 3. Christophe Harbour – Sint Eustatius, Oranjenstad 49,90 km (31,01 mi), Day 4. Oranjenstad – Saint Martin, Marigot, Marina Port Royal 76,20 km (47,35 mi), Day 5. Marigot – Anguilla, Sandy Ground 26,80 km (16,65 mi), Day 6. Sandy Ground – Virgin Gorda, Biras Creek 137,60 km (85,50 mi), Day 7. Biras Creek – Beef Island, Bluffy Bay 24,00 km (14,91 mi), Day 8. Bluffy Bay – Peter Island, Great Harbor 11,20 km (6,96 mi), Day 9. Great Harbor – Salt Island 7,35 km (4,57 mi), Day 10. Salt Island – Saint Barthelémy, Gustavia 182,85 km (113,62 mi), Day 11. Gustavia – St. Kitts Marine Works 64,00 km (39,77 mi), Day 12. St. Kitts Marine Works – Nevis, Tamarind Cove Marina 28,60 km (17,77 mi), Day 13. Tamarind Cove Marina – Montserrat, Little Bay 57,10 km (35,48 mi), Day 14. Little Bay – Antigua Nonsuch Bay – English Harbor 69,10 km (42,94 mi).
Sailing plan from Antigua to BVI

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BVI sailing itineraries

Day 1. Road Town – Parham Town 9,38 km (5,83 mi), Day 2. Parham Town – Spanish Town (Virgine Gorda Island) 14,02 km (8,71 mi), Day 3. Spanish Town – Anegada 31,11 km (19,33 mi), Day 4. Anegada – Scrub Island 32,34 km (20,10 mi), Day 5. Scrub Island – Jost Van Dyke 25,61 km (15,91 mi), Day 6. Jost Van Dyke – Cruz Bay 13,75 km (8,54 mi), Day 7. Cruz Bay – Nanny Cay – Road Town 25,25 km (15,69 mi).
Sailing itinerary around BVI

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Cuba sailing itineraries

Day 1. Baracoa – Moa 62,00 km (38,53 mi), Day 2. Moa – Tanamo 47,17 km (29,31 mi), Day 3. Tanamo – Nicaro 29,92 km (18,59 mi), Day 4. Nicaro – Antilla 43,58 km (27,08 mi), Day 5. Antilla – Banes 49,26 km (30,61 mi), Day 6. Banes – Punta Gorda 96,39 km (59,89 mi), Day 7. Punta Gorda – Cayo Güín – Baracoa 54,26 km (33,71 mi).
Sailing around Cuba

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