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Would you like to spice up your vacation with a sea adventure? Do you want to enjoy the smooth sunshine on a boat, but are not sure which model would be ideal for you? Renting a boat on a holiday is getting more popular every day. Catamarans may be the best option, as these boats have always been famous for their reliability and speed. They are also very popular because of their great stability, large interior space and safety.
A catamaran has multiple hulls instead of a single one. Catamarans were originally designed as fishing boats, even though their use and importance have become more significant since then. The following article will help you understand the origins of this boat type and the journey it has made and also gives some practical advice to those who have just started to get to know the world of sailing.

The origins of the catamaran

Catamarans were first built in the 17th century by a fishing society called the Paravas in Tamil Nadu on the Northern shores of India. At first, the idea of two hulls was objected to by yacht manufacturers who had been used to models that have a single hull. Still, catamarans proved to have the best design amongst rapid vessels. This was due to their great stability and capacity. The main feature of these boats was the two-hulled design, which provided for more effective balance compared to other vessels of the era. The idea was first adopted by the British, and later it became widespread in the whole world.
Evolution not only resulted in a change in relation to use but influenced and developed the designing and construction of boats to a great extent. We distinguish between two types of catamarans in terms of design: the so-called Pontoon and the SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull). The former is a small and compact boat that applies a floating technique in order to drive the two hulls. The latter is a large vessel which uses a method based on preserving the balance of the boat. They are ideal for areas where erratic waves are common. These larger types may be categorized as yachts. Today, a wide selection of catamarans are available, for instance, the motorized types, which are even more reliable.

Why is a catamaran a good choice?

Catamarans are ideal for those planning to go on a leisure trip and would prefer fast travel on the sea. Modern catamarans include fast sailing ones that are suitable for more open areas where a greater sailing speed is necessary. Catamarans provide room, stability and simple handling. They slide on the water surface very smoothly and move with the help of the wind caught in the sails. Modern catamarans have all the facilities of yachts, including the large cabins, showers, toilet and other equipment that serves our comfort.

Catamarans may be categorized as follows:

Catamarans are available in several designs and sizes. Their size may vary, from 14 ft (4.5 m) to 100 ft (30.5 m) long models. Catamarans include sea cruisers with a weather deck, boats with cabins, etc. Besides the two hulls, they have a mast and, depending on the size, one or two sails. It may be a surprising fact that catamarans are considered standard yachts rather than sailboats.

Cruise catamarans

These boats are referred to as luxury catamarans or catamaran ferries. They provide the best service and luxury for passengers. The additional motors make these boats even more attractive for people. Having a shorter journey time, these ferries are more ideal for passengers who want to spend more time in a city’s port. It must be noted, however, that luxurious catamarans only function within the country and not internationally. Catamaran cruisers offer all the best features of motor yachts. The Stena Voyager on the Irish Sea and the American Victoria Clipper IV are two of the most popular cruisers.

Sailing catamarans

Another type is the sailing catamaran. They are mostly used for recreational purposes. These boats are suitable for those striving to experience what marine life is like or would like to spend a pleasant day on the sea. They usually do not have an interior, such as a cabin, where passengers can stay. The speed of the sailing catamarans can reach up to 300 nautical miles. They have a great advantage compared to their motorized counterparts: they can go faster and are lighter. Still, they are slower when turning. These boats have two motors, one in each hull. These motors can come really handy in still air. Sailing catamarans were first presented in Europe, and then they became popular in every part of the world.
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