Let’s work together to clean up the oceans!
Each time you rent a boat, you can support the clean up of the oceans with 20 euros.

Let’s work together to clean up the oceans!
Each time you rent a boat, you can support the clean up of the oceans with 20 euros.

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The biggest problem with plastic waste is that, unlike organic materials, they only decompose over an extremely long period of time!

Sunlight, salt water, and waves break them into small pieces over time.

In addition to polluting the seas and oceans, plastic waste poses a serious threat to marine life as well.

There are aquatic animals such as turtles, fish and cetaceans that consume these plastic pieces, but since they cannot digest them, they die .

However, plastic pollution does not only threat marine life. The microplastic they consume enters the food chain, thereby affecting our health as well.

It is our collective and individual responsibility to protect the oceans and seas .

What can you do to minimize the amount of plastic waste when you go on holiday?Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Choose selective waste collecting even when you are on holiday!
  2. Take less disposable packaging with you!
  3. If possible, buy travel accessories that you can use more than once, but if they are no longer needed, dispose of them selectively!
  4. When you go to the beach or sightseeing, bring refillable bottles with you!
  5. When you are at the beach, choose bars that use compostable utensils and plates! Also, do not use straws when you have a drink!
  6. At the local supermarket, avoid individually wrapped vegetables, fruits and other products!

Although you can do a lot individually to reduce plastic waste with the help of these tips, we have done serious damage over the years. It takes a joint effort and human interventionto stop this process.

This is why we support projects like The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organisation dedicated to rid the oceans of plastic waste. They design and develop cleaning systems, while they are also working on recycling this plastic waste.Learn more about The Ocean Cleanup -here

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How can you support the work of this organisation with us?
Each time you rent a boat, you support The Ocean Cleanup’s work with 20 euros. All you have to do is

book your next cruise holiday here

and 20 euros will be transferred to the organisation.

We believe that by working together, sharing responsibility and leading by example, we can protect the seas and oceans so the coming generations can learn about the wonderful world of marine life.

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