The Indian Ocean is a vast region, and different parts of it experience varying weather patterns. In the northern part of the Indian Ocean, such as around the Maldives or Seychelles, the best time for sailing is during the winter months, from November to April. This period corresponds to the northern monsoon season when the weather is relatively dry and stable, and the winds usually blow from favorable directions.Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are popular year-round sailing destinations, as the wet season (June to October) can be quite humid and rainy with stronger winds, but there are no typhoons in the area and only mild seasonal monsoons. The best time for sailing in these destinations is during the dry season (November – March), just like in the Emirates, but here the other periods are not recommended in this area, because the summer months are extremely hot and humid, and sandstorms often occur.

Read more information about luxury catamaran charter in the Indian Ocean on the following tabs: About Indian Ocean, Indian Ocean weather. Get some inspiration from the Indian Ocean itineraries tab and start planning your next sailing itinerary,

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Rent a luxury catamaran in the Indian Ocean: itineraries

Mauritius luxury catamaran charter itinerary

Day 1. Mauritius – Flic en Flac 9,94 km (6,17 mi), Day 2. Flic en Flac – Coin de Mir 45,07 km (28,00 mi), Day 3. Coin de Mir – Belle Mare 31,85 km (19,79 mi), Day 4. Belle Mare – Ile aux Cerfs 12,31 km (7,65 mi), Day 5. Ile aux Cerfs – Blue Bay 22,10 km (13,73 mi), Day 6. Blue Bay – Le Morne 48,79 km (30,32 mi), Day 7. Le Morne – Benitier – Mauritius 11,94 km (7,42 mi)

luxury catamaran charter Mauritius

Maldives luxury catamaran charter itinerary

Day 1. Maldives – Thilafushi 8,54 km (5,31 mi), Day 2. Thilafushi – Thoddoo 59,33 km (36,86 mi), Day 3. Thoddoo – Goidhoo 48,34 km (30,04 mi), Day 4. Goidhoo – Kaashidhoo 51,14 km (31,78 mi), Day 5. Kaashidhoo – Gaafaru, Tourist Beach 45,06 km (28,00 mi), Day 6. Gaafaru, Tourist Beach – Coral Garden 30,20 km (18,76 mi), Day 7. Coral Garden – Hulhumalé Beach – Maldives 42,61 km (26,47 mi)

luxury catamaran rental Maldives

Seychelles luxury catamaran charter itinerary

Day 1. Seychelles – Praslin Island 43,64 km (27,12 mi), Day 2. Praslin Island – La Digue Island 8,22 km (5,11 mi), Day 3. La Digue Island – Curieuse Island 13,26 km (8,24 mi), Day 4. Curieuse Island – Saint Pierre Island 3,81 km (2,37 mi), Day 5. Saint Pierre Island – Aride Island 12,80 km (7,95 mi), Day 6. Aride Island – Cousin Island 12,43 km (7,72 mi), Day 7. Cousin Island – Sainte Anne Island – Seychelles 41,80 km (25,97 mi)

luxury catamaran charter Seychelles

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