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Do you want an unforgettable holiday in the Caribbean? Are you dreaming of relaxing under the palm trees sipping your cocktail? Saint Vincent and the Grenadine-islands expect you with breathtakingly wonderful sandy beaches and a real tropical Paradise.

Location of Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a state in the Lesser Antilles island arc. A large part of its territory is taken by the Saint-Vincent island, which is of volcanic origin.

Can you rent a yacht in Grenadines – do I need a license?

In Grenadines, a license is not specifically required. You simply need to fill out a sailing resume and only charter a yacht that your experience permits. Before you confirm your sailing trip to the Grenadines, please send us your sailing experience, or a copy of your skipper licence and we will check it for you.If you do not have a skipper license, or experience it is also possible to rent a yacht with a skipper

Grenadines yacht charter – the main ports

The Blue Lagoon in St Vincent is the port of the country. The lagoon is surrounded by palm trees and this area with the beautiful beach ensures pleasant mooring. The port and the hotel were fully reconstructed in 2014. It is only accessible for yachts with a sinking depth of max. 6.5 feet, because larger yachts are not able to fit into the channel in low tide. The port management plans to renew the port soon. This bay is excellently protected and has many mooring spots. If you like tropical environment, sunshine, and crystal clear sea, then this is your place!

If you are a lover of water sports, you’ll find a program that you like for sure, but a visit is worth also if you want to start a new adventure. Scuba diving and yacht rental are experiences to remember all your life, no matter what age group you are. Find sailing routes in Grenadines or choose another Caribbean yacht charter

Beaches in Grenadines

The Grenadines are the land of white beaches, comfortable hammocks, palm trees and happiness. You can visit these wonderful beaches also by yacht or luxury yacht. Here you can flee from the crowd and stop time.

Macaroni beach, Mustique:

The sea has already washed away the footsteps of many celebrities here including the rocker Mick Jagger. Macaroni Beach is one of the popular Caribbean destinations that are far from the eyes of the press or paparazzi. You can sit at picnic tables under palm trees, where world level cooks serve you delicious food and great drinks. The villas of millionaires are hidden in the green oasis and you can also find private beaches here. Discover these by renting a yacht!

Baradal beach, Tobago Cays:

Tobago Cays offers you five beautiful islands far away and spread through a lagoon. The beach of Baradal-island is competing to become one of the best beaches of the Caribbean with fantastic corals and scuba diving possibilities. Baradal Turtle Sanctuary offers a great spot to watch green and hawksbill turtles, you can admire nature here too.

Jamesby beach, Tobago Cays:

Jamesby Beach is very well protected from storms. This is the smallest beach in Tobago Cays, but it is perfectly shaped. On one side it is surrounded by rocks and many restaurants and beaches attract guests with fresh fruits and seafood. The Jamesby Beach afternoons provide cooling down for many people after a sunny sailing tour day. The salty sea and the sunny coast expect you here. One of the most beautiful sunset views of the Caribbean is a really amazing view with a cocktail in your hand.

Major sights in Grenadines

If you visit St. Vincent and Grenadines, you can relax on the white sand beach, but you can also discover the coral reefs. You can spend a really active day on the island of St. Vincent. You can find Kingstown’s busy marketplace here and you can admire the breathtaking view of lavish plants in the centuries-old botanical garden. If you like adventures, St. Vincent offers picturesque discoveries. For example, climbing the giant volcano La Soufriere is a program not to be missed by tourists. But be aware that you need persistence, proper clothing and a guide with permission to climb the mountain.

The tropical climate that is hot and humid all year round is typical for the Caribbean. From the middle of January to the middle of April dry and cool weather dominates, but from the middle of June to the middle of November you experience hot, humid and rainy weather. Tropical cyclones are frequent on the islands.

Weather in Grenadines

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Grenadines. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Grenadines
Wind speed in Grenadines

The wind rose for Grenadines shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Grenadines shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Grenadines has a tropical climate. The weather is hot and humid all year round. The annual mean temperature is 26 °C. On the coast, the climate is generally balmy year-round. The islands have equable temperatures, varying with altitude. The rainfall pattern is similar, though they are a bit drier than in Grenada. The rains occur throughout the year usually in the form of downpours which do not last long. The rainy season lasts from June to December. November is the wettest month, but showers occur frequently during the other months.

Hurricanes can pass in the region between June and November. The hot, humid and rainy season lasts in Grenada from May to December. Winds are more irregular in this period. Januar brings the relatively cool and dry season which lasts through late April. In this period northeast trade winds blow steadily and with moderate intensity. Hurricanes can pass in the Caribbean area, usually from June to November. Grenadines is located not in the centre of the hurricane belt, so it is rarely affected by them.

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