The town is very popular among tourists travelling to Montenegro due to its pleasant climate, beautiful beaches and wonderful natural surroundings. You can find out which months are the best for sailing in Tivat, and we even give you some tips for planning a 1-week sailing itinerary. Visit the town, the magnificent port and discover the picturesque region!

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Location of Tivat

This coastal town is located in the Bay of Kotor, in the southwestern part of Montenegro. There is an airport next to Tivat.

History of Tivat

Tivat is one of the oldest towns in the area around the Bay of Kotor. It was mentioned in 14th-century official papers by the name Crni Plat. In its development, it played an important role that in the 19th century the bay was under Habsburg rule. Not only did Tivat become the most important military port of the monarchy, but a large shipyard was built here. In Yugoslavian times it was the military port of the army. At the end of the 19th century, the town received the town status. Due to its mild climate and lush Mediterranean greenery, it is a popular tourist destination.

Weather in Tivat

Tivat has a pleasant, mild climate. The summer is hot and dry, and the winter is characterised by mild weather, too. In July and August, the highest average temperature is 28 °C, and the lowest in January is -1 °C. If you like to swim, the sea can reach up to 25 °C. Due to the favourable weather, we recommend visiting this Montenegrin holiday resort from April to October.

Highlights in Tivat

The resort has many attractions, such as the Church of St. Anthony built-in 1373 and the Buca Summer House in the city centre. The latter is surrounded by a gorgeous park. The Island of Flowers is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, so you can walk here from Tivat. If you like hiking, discover the village called Gornja Lastva in the nearby mountains. It offers wonderful views over the Bay of Tivat and the famous Porto Montenegro marina.

Gastronomy in Tivat

Would you like to have a delicious meal? The Al Post Giusto restaurant is an excellent choice with its spacious interior and waterfront terrace. You should try the risotto, pasta, fresh seafood and meat dishes, but they offer great pizza variations as well. Since the restaurant is located in Porto Montenegro marina, you should book a table in advance.
Another great restaurant is the One with its spacious terrace. In addition to the high-quality dishes made from local ingredients, you will find the widest selection of rosé wines in the country. This restaurant is also in Port Montenegro marina.

Beaches in Tivat

Belane Beach

This pebble beach is located at the city promenade, next to the Kalimanj yacht port. Here you will find everything you need. There is a restaurant, showers, sun umbrellas and sun lounges. Lifeguards ensure the safety of the tourists.

Plavi Horizonti Beach

The golden sandy Plavi Horizonti beach is located near Tivat. It has a Blue Flag Certification and is especially ideal for families with small children. For water sports, we recommend snorkelling, as you can see many unique fish in the crystal clear water. If you would like to avoid crowded places, this beach is a perfect choice because it is very quiet and peaceful.

Rent a boat in Tivat

Tivat is home to one of the most modern luxury ports in Europe, founded by foreign investors. The city is a perfect starting point for exploring the beautiful Bay of Kotor.

Port of Tivat

The Porto Montenegro in Tivat is very popular among the richest people in the world. It has 450 berths and can accommodate even the largest luxury yachts. The complex has many facilities including fine restaurants, boutiques and the five-star Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel.

Port of Kotor

The port of Kotor is also known as Luka Kotor or Cattaro. It has 30 berths for boats up to 30 metres. The seabed is 8.5 metres deep. There is drinking water, electricity, a laundry, medical facilities and boat maintenance available.

Port of Budva

The excellent port of the holiday resort is also known as Dukley Marina Budva. It has 300 berths and can accommodate boats up to 40 metres in length. The maximum depth of the seabed is 4 metres. There are many great facilities to choose from, including a refuelling station, laundry and maintenance. There is also a bar and a restaurant in the area.

Port of Bar

Montenegro’s largest and most important port is also known as Luka Bar. The port consists of several sections: the port for scheduled vessels, the port for private vessels, the port for commercial vessels and a military port. There are more than 600 berths for vessels up to 35 metres. The depth of the seabed is 8 metres. There is a restaurant on-site, WiFi and maintenance are available.

If you are sailing around Tivat, visit the nearby holiday resorts as well: Zlatna Luka Bay, Bigova, Herceg Novi, Bijela, Risan, Dobrota and Kotor are also excellent destinations. Find yacht routes in Montenegro or choose another yacht charter in Montenegro.

Weather in Tivat

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Tivat. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Tivat
Wind speed in Tivat

The wind rose for Tivat shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Tivat shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Rent a boat in Tivat, and cruise around Tivat

Day 1. Tivat (Porto Montenegro) – Zlatna Luka-bay 19, 31 km (12, 00 mi), Day 2. Zlatna Luka – Bigova 11, 22 km (6, 97 mi), Day 3. Bigova – Herceg Novi 20, 57 km (12, 78 mi), Day 4. Herceg Novi – Bijela 11, 63 km (7, 22 mi), Day 5. Bijela – Risan 8, 29 km (5, 15 mi), Day 6. Risan – Dobrota (A Day Out on Yacht Monty B) 13, 09 km (8, 13 mi), Day 7. Dobrota (A Day Out on Yacht Monty B) – KotorTivat (Porto Montenegro) 16, 13 km (10, 02 mi). Sailing itinerary Tivat

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Day 1. Tivat (Porto Montenegro) – Herceg Novi (Harbor) 13, 76 km (8, 55 mi), Day 2. Herceg Novi (Harbor) – Cavtat (Harbor) 44, 80 km (27, 84 mi), Day 3. Cavtat (Harbor) – Dubrovnik (Orsan) 19, 93 km (13, 39 mi), Day 4. Dubrovnik (Orsan) – Sudurad 15, 26 km (9, 48 mi), Day 5. Sudurad – Mljet Island (Sobra) 28, 29 km (17, 58 mi), Day 6. Mljet Island (Sobra) – Zlatna Luka 91, 44 km (56, 82 mi), Day 7. Zlatna Luka – Rose – Tivat 19, 05 km (11, 84 mi).Tivat sailing plan

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