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Turkey’s varied climate is heavily influenced by the presence of the sea to the north, south, and west and by the mountains that cover much of the country. There is a noticeable variety of climates, with considerable differences between the areas, and also with some microclimates due to the exposure of slopes and coasts. While the coastal regions enjoy milder climates, the inland Anatolia plateau experiences a dryer climate with hot summers and cold winters with limited rainfall.

The coastal areas have generally a mild climate, but the coast of the Black Sea is colder than that of the Mediterranean. The interior has a continental climate, with cold and snowy winters, and hot and dry summers, though nights remain usually cool. Summer is dry and sunny throughout the country, except on the north-east coast. In Istanbul and in the region the climate is moderate with temperatures in winter at 5°C and in summer at 25°C. In the Aegean region, there is a mild, pleasant Mediterranean influenced climate with average temperatures of 9°C in winter and 29°C in summer.

On the southern coast of Anatolia (Mediterranean region), the same climate can be found. Cold waves may still occur, but they are shorter and rarer than in the area of Istanbul. Summer, however, is tempered by the breeze along the coast of the Aegean Sea, though at times the breeze is replaced by a strong and persistent wind from the north, called Meltemi. Along the southern coast of Turkey, and in the short stretch of coast north of Syria, the climate is still Mediterranean, though warmer than on the west coast, and even more so than in the Black Sea coast. The climate in the Black Sea region is wet, warm, and humid, with summer temperatures of about 23°C, and 7°C in the winter.

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