Do you want to boat and discover the beauty of the sea that you have never seen before? Do you want quality a holiday but it is also important for you to sail in a more traditional way? Then your optimal model choice is gulet boats! A gulet charter provides a calm and unique experience for families, couples and groups. If you want safe sailing beside luxury, where all mechanical details are taken care of by a professional crew, then this kind of sailing is your ideal choice. It is a real family program to unite the whole family. 

Gulet charterThis article gives you an overview of the following topics:

What is the gulet charter?

Gulet boats are water vehicles built-in a traditional design and they are equipped with two or three wings. Its origins are debated, but Turkey must have played an outstanding role in its development, especially the areas of the marine cities Bordum and Marmaris. Today you can find this boat model all around the world, where sea or ocean sailing is available. The size of these boats can range from 14 to 35 meters and they are very popular among tourists. Many people think that these boats are wind-driven, as they have wings. But this is a mistake because you can state universally that such boats have diesel engines. Wings are only for decoration to represent the boat type’s traditional and rustic past.

The history of gulet boats

Opinions are divided about the history and word origin of gulet boats. There are still debates today about where the original version of this boat type came from. Some experts think they first appeared on the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The Turks may have used them as cargo transportation boats on the Black Sea. Others claim that this was originally a French fishermen’s boat. This boat was developed following the master copies of old Italian and Spanish military boats. Again others believe it is similar to the American gullet that was used for fishing in Greenland and helped the delivery of goods from India and Australia to England during the colonization era.

Turkish gulet

But it is sure that Turkey is not to be missed in the development history of gulet boat models. Bodrum type Turkish boats date back to the 1970s. This boat type was developed, because tourists who arrived at the nearby bays of the Aegean Sea, and especially Bordum and Marmaris at the end of the 1960s had to be transported. The region’s boat-building did not start with gulet models, but due to its geographic and historical position, there was a long process of boat building from the Antiquity to the Osman period. New boat factories were built at the turn of the 19th century in various Turkish regions.

How does gulet charter work?

The image of Italian, Turkish and Croatian coasts is determined by Mediterranean pine forests and turquoise-coloured sea waters, which add a wonderful experience to your unforgettable sailing holiday. There are many ports that offer such boats for tourists, and also generate revenue for the local economy. Such boats are available in Greece, the Aegean coast or in Dalmatia and the Mediterranean too.Gulet rental

Gulet charter: relaxing vacation

If you charter such a boat, you’ll have a calm and relaxing vacation. The crew will take care of every detail and inform passengers of target destinations and the weather forecast every day. They always concentrate on the forecast because at times they must change the route for safety reasons. The crew can also make proposals to visit sights in ports and cities. The crew includes engineers, hostesses, coordinators and technicians beyond the captain. They offer a full range of services on board and will help you in all sailing or technical issues.
In most cases, such gulet boats moor in yacht ports, but this is mostly influenced by your own preferences. You can choose a different village, city or island, or you can enjoy your onboard dinner in the sunset if you want.

The advantages of gulet sailing

You can be a romantic lover or a man with a big family, the important thing is that you love the sunshine and the sea. Gulet sailing is different from traditional vacation, it gives a really unique experience to guests. A gulet is a traditional sailing boat that is engine-driven, but also independently from its engine it is perfectly navigable through its two-three wings too.

The greatest advantage of the boat is comfort. Cabins are larger and wider to make you feel at home. A gulet consists of min. three, max. 9 cabins and it is perfect for a longer cruise with family or friends. Due to its services, it is fair to say that guests can feel as if they were in a hotel at sea here. Each gulet has its own crew to serve you during the whole journey. Onboard of a gulet real freedom awaits you. It doesn’t matter, if you are looking for loud beach parties or just want great conversations and a nice dinner, you’ll find the perfect balance between a quality journey and social sailing on board a gulet sailing boat. Gulet sailing can be ideal for anyone who wants to travel with family or friends, yet wants to keep some privacy.

About the crew

The crew will take care of every detail, so all you have to do is enjoy the sunshine and sea air. They are also fully responsible for cleaning the cabins and the boat. You will also be provided with information about the city, where you are, shopping opportunities and pleasant restaurants. The crew is responsible for the proper operation of the boat. Also, they are responsible for the enjoyment and quality of your holiday. In cities and ports you can organise individual programs, enjoy the silence and peace or go to local clubs. You can also discuss the route with the captain. It is worth visiting the popular spots of a given place and don’t forget that you can moor at ports with this boat that are not accessible for larger vehicles. You can explore hidden islands, bays and caves.Gulet holidays

Who do we recommend it to?

A gulet boat holiday is a wonderful choice for friends, groups, couples, and families. It can be an excellent opportunity to make an important event even more special. Such a journey is a really special gift for anniversaries, birthdays, but honeymooners will also have an unforgettable experience there. You can have great adventures through sea explorations and you can gain life-long experiences through a program or city sight. Gulet sailing is an ideal choice for those who want quality holidays. But also those can give it a try who are afraid of sailing on their own because the crew’s presence, who will take care of everything, makes them feel safe, too.

The types of gulet boats

There are various models you can charter for gulet sailing. Each boat is in excellent condition, well-equipped, the crew takes care of refuelling and other technicalities. Each boat is in harmony with the safety regulations of the local area or region. What is common is gullet boats is that they all have a traditional outlook luring adventurous guests who want to explore the seas.

By program and equipment

Different types of gulet boats offer different programs, events and equipment. Of course, there are more special models that guarantee all luxury items. Sunbeds and Jacuzzis serve your comfort on board. The indoor living room has a stereo system to let guests have fun both during the day and at night, or to throw parties. Some boats can offer other facilities too, e.g. for sports, like canoes, water skis, swim belts or toys. Some companies cooperate with the travel agency of a city, thus many agencies offer trips to local sights after mooring.

By duration

The average gulet holiday takes approximately a week. But the real decision depends only on you. If you want to spend more time on the crystal clear sea, you can make a reservation for a longer period. You can leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind for even three weeks enjoying your sailing holiday.

By region

A good starting point to organise your holidays is choosing the region, country or city. Each region offers a wide range of boat rental opportunities. No matter which area you choose, you’ll get unforgettable experiences. The average daily 15-20 mile sailing gives you enough time to swim, snorkel, and explore faraway bays or simply spend more time at target destinations or the ports.
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Gulet boat

How to make a reservation?

Chartering a boat is not as complicated as it may sound at first, especially if you have a good travel agent. There are always basic questions to discuss when you start the process. When you have decided to make a gullet trip, but you have no idea how to get started, the easiest way is to determine the region, where you want to travel. Every popular region, e.g.Greece, Croatia and Italy, etc. offers this type of sailing. These routes lead you through the most popular spots in the region. You can explore the neighbouring small islands, bays, towns or villages.
Enjoy your freedom and safety on board a really traditional boat model! Start your fantastic journey, where the perfect harmony of elegance and traditional sailing awaits you. You can enjoy the freedom of sailing through really unique routes with your gulet boat. You’ll be surrounded by a professional crew who takes care of all the details. You can spend a very pleasant family or friends’ day on board of such a boat. rent a gulet!

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