Tips and advice for making the best out of your time, while sailing in Puerto Rico.

Location of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the easternmost member of the archipelago of the Greater Antilles. The island country is an associated state of the United States of America. The main island is Puerto Rico, which has two important neighbouring islands, Vieques and Culebra, as well as other smaller islands. The biggest settlement is the capital, San Juan, which lies on the northern coast of the island of Puerto Rico. The area of the island is 9 104 km2 and has about 3 615 086 residents. Spanish and English are the official languages.

History of Puerto Rico

Christopher Columbo arrived in Puerto Rico in 1493. Originally, he named the island Bautista, but thanks to the gold of the river they soon started calling it “rich port”. The Spanish settlers owned Puerto Rico, and the island became an important military outpost. They brought slaves to the island imported from Africa, who worked on the tobacco and sugar cane plantations. As a result, the bloodline and culture of the islands is a combination of Spanish, African, and indigenous Taíno and Caribbean Indians. Over the years the French and the Dutch have several failed attempts to conquer the country. As protection from such invasions, the Spaniards built many fortresses and castles. According to the treaty of Paris in 1898 Spain let through Puerto Rico to the United States.

From the 20th Century

After the turn of the century, the dominance of the USA functioned in the area, but they established a very stable economy. Cheap labour and favourable taxing laws attracted American companies and soon Puerto Rico’s economy laid the foundations of manufacture and tourism. In 1917 the country was officially part of the Commonwealth of the US, but the question of its political status is still a subject of constant debate. Spanish and English are the official languages. The home currency is the American dollar.

Beaches in Puerto Rico

The island is a perfect site for beach lovers. It has hundreds of beaches with crystal clear water. Each of them has its own, unique characteristics.

San Juan & Metro:

San Juan and Isla Verde are among the most visited beaches on the island. One of the main reasons for this is marketing since the best coastal holiday resorts are in these districts. While the beaches of San Juan and Metro are not the most outstanding in Puerto Rico they are the most popular tourist destinations for several reasons. Those who would like to spend a weekend near San Juan, Isla Verde, Dorado és Rio Grande are in a convenient distance of the airport and can find excellent hotel options. Visitors can get to know the joy of a large tropical seacoast, bustling nightlife, and several water sports.

Condado beach:

Condado is a very popular beach among the tourists of San Juan. It’s ideal either for those who wish to relax in a Caribbean coastal resort and those who’d rather engage in the downtown milling. The city centre is only a few steps from the beach. They often compare Condado to the atmosphere of Miami Beach because of the cultural sights, nearby beaches, and world-class attractions.

La Posita beach:

Spend a great day on the La Posita beach a short drive from San Juan and only a few minutes away from Isla Verde. It’s a long beach on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean with few visitors. The coral-stone wall created a long, shallow pool, sheltered from strong waves. This large beach is truly ideal for families with small children or those who wish to swim in calm waters.

Main sights in Puerto Rico

You can find a wide range of programs on the island of Puerto Rico. Adventurers can explore the underground caves of Río Camuy Cave Park or the 500-year-old walls of the El Morro fortress. Lovers of the beach must visit the western beaches of Rio, where boating and surfing are almost inevitable programs. Lovers of the city will surely enjoy the milling nightlife and bustling entertainment, along with the excellent dining opportunities and the best shopping centres in the Caribbean region. You can easily discover the world-class historical sights from San Juan, or the El Yunque rainforest and its beautiful waterfalls.

Weather in Puerto Rico

The Caribbean region is characterized by the all year long hot and humid tropical climate. The weather is somewhat cool and dry from the middle of January to the middle of April. From the middle of June to the middle of November it’s usually hot, wet, and rainy. The tropical monsoon climate dominates in the country. Thus, the annual average temperature is 28 °C, 22 °C in winter, 32 °C in summer.

Yacht rental in Puerto Rico

There are many excellent free moorings in Puerto Rico, as well as many well-equipped marinas. Here are some of them:

Puerto Del Rey

Puerto Del Rey lies in a beautiful, naturally sheltered gulf. The through of wave of the area offers protection from tropical storms and hurricanes for more than 25 years. A wide variety of services is available in the 50-hectare area. This steady port serves as a perfect shelter. If you spend your holiday in the Caribbean Sea and would like to sail around the islands, Puerto Del Rey could be an excellent starting point for your discoveries. Don’t forget about the wonderful Spanish fortresses from the middle age, and the outlying islands. A vacation on the Caribbean Sea is a vast experience for everyone. Either if you wish for a more passive, relaxing holiday or lively parties, you’ll find all the opportunities here. Besides the coastal wonders of nature, the downtown historical buildings also offer a true time travel. Restaurants, bars, and cafes with local specialties are waiting for you too!

San Juan Cruise Port

With two terminals, San Cruise Port is one of the largest and busiest ports in the Caribbean. The two terminals can accommodate up to 9 cruise ships at the same time. Due to its geographical location, the port is safe even during hurricane season. The port offers several services like towing, drinking water access and electricity, telecommunication services and shops. The city’s tourist attractions are easily accessible by public transport.

Marina Puerto Chico ( Fajardo )

The marina of Fajardo is located on the east coast of Puerto Rico. It is a natural, quiet coast, the depth of the water is 5-6 m. Despite its small size, it has a great infrastructure: water, electricity and refuelling are available. You can easily visit Culebra, Vieques and the British Virgin Islands from here.

Port of Mayagüez

The third busiest port on Puerto Rico is northwest of downtown Mayagüez, stretching for 6 km along the coast. The depth of the water is 8-9 m. Despite being one of the smaller ports, it can accommodate boats up to 150 m in length. The communication infrastructure is also outstanding.

Port of Ponce

Founded in the 18th century, the port is located at the southern tip of Ponce. It can accommodate smaller boats with a length of 13 m. It has a total of 26 berths, but it provides free mooring for inflatable boats. If your boat needs cleaning or maintenance, the port of Ponce is the right destination for you. Their eco-friendly attitude is also outstanding in this region.

Port of Arecibo

The port is located 80 km west of San Juan. It is an important fuel and chemical port. However, the crescent-shaped bay is only partly protected, so this destination is only recommended for experienced sailors.

Port of Guanica

Although the port of Guanica is small, the coastline is protected, thanks to its natural features. This is the best port to use during hurricane season. The maximum water depth is 7, 3 m. Technically it is well-equipped, it has a 0/24 port elevator and several fixed cranes. In addition, there is water access, electricity and refuelling.

Port of Jobos Bay

Jobos Bay is located on the east coast of Puerto Rico. It is the second-largest estuary in the country. The port is perfect for sailors looking for calmer waters. Jobos Bay has beautiful natural surroundings. Thanks to the modern equipment, the port is very popular among sailors.

Guayanilla Harbour

Guayanilla Harbour is on the south coast of the island. It is easily accessible for boats with a maximum draft of 12 m. The harbour of Guayanilla is protected by wide reefs at the entrance. The harbourmaster is responsible for maintaining order. Find more Puerto Rico sailing routes or choose from another Caribbean yacht charter

Weather in Puerto Rico

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Puerto Rico. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Puerto Rico
Wind speed in Puerto Rico

The wind rose for Puerto Rico shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Puerto Rico shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Puerto Rico has a tropical climate with little seasonal variation in an average of 26°C – 30°C. Local conditions vary according to elevation and exposure to rain-bearing winds.

It is hot all year round with a hotter slightly season from May to October and a relatively cool season from December to March. Northeast trade winds bring heavy rainfall to the north coast, while the south coast is in a rain shadow. Hurricanes develop in the region between June and November. Tropical storms typically hit the island during this time, though island life goes on as normal for residents. Temperatures throughout the year are warm to hot, averaging near 30°. Rain falls each month of the year, but the heaviest precipitation occurs between after May. The wet season begins in May and lasts usually till October. The weather is hot and humid occasionally with thunderstorms in the afternoon. Late November brings the Dry Season which lasts through late April. Weakening cool fronts from the northern lower temperatures and humidity, and dry and sunny conditions prevail.

If you want more accurate/detailed information about the weather and wind conditions, select a region from the yacht charter in Puerto Rico destinations tab. Please search for the desired holiday destination within the region and you can find the weather tab under the city tab.

Rent a boat in Puerto Rico, and cruise around Puerto Rico

Day 1. San Juan – Loiza 30, 98 km (19, 25 mi), Day 2. Loiza – Fajardo (Isleta Marina) 53, 34 km (33, 15 mi), Day 3. Fajardo – St.Thomas (Yacht Haven Grande) 76, 68 km (47, 65 mi), Day 4. Yacht Haven Grande – Red Hook (St.Thomas) 15, 84 km (9, 84 mi), Day 5. Red Hook – Hull bay (St.Thomas) 15, 12 km (9, 40 mi), Day 6. Hull bay – Culebra (Dewey Harbor) 41, 04 km (25, 50 mi), Day 7. Culebra – Playa Fortuna – San Juan 94, 80 km (58, 91 mi).Sail from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas

Sailing itinerary from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas

Day 1. Fajardo – Ceiba 5.00 km (3.10 mi), Day 2. Ceiba – Vieques (Bahía Icacos) 35.45 km (22.03 mi), Day 3. Bahía Icacos – Cayo Luis Pena 18.35 km (11.40 mi), Day 4. Cayo Luis Pena – Benner Bay (Saint Thomas) 56.25 km (34.95 mi), Day 5. Benner Bay – Saint John (Cruz Bay) 8.90 km (5.53 mi), Day 6. Cruz Bay – Druif Bay (Honeymoon Bay) 20.80 km (12.93 mi), Day 7. Druif Bay – Las Croabas – Fajardo 70.35 km (43.71 mi)

Sailing trip Fajardo to Saint Thomas
More about sailing from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas.

Sailing cruise to Puerto Rico

Day 1. Providenciales (Turks- és Caicos islands) Turtle Cove Marina – Mangrove Cay 10, 80 km (6, 71 mi) Day 2. Mangrove Cay – Cockburn Harbor 70, 10 km (43, 56 mi) Day 3. Cockburn Harbor – Big Sand Cay 45, 00 km (27, 96 mi) Day 4. Big Sand Cay – Luperón Harbor (Dominican Republic) 148, 30 km (92, 15 mi) Day 5. Luperón – Puerto Plata 30, 20 km (18, 77 mi) Day 6. Puerto Plata – Sosúa 20, 15 km (12, 52 mi) Day 7. Sosúa – Playa el Valle 142, 95 km (88, 82 mi) Day 8. Playa el Valle – Puerto Bahia Samaná 62, 70 km (38, 96 mi) Day 9. Samaná – Miches 35, 05 km (21, 78 mi) Day 10. Miches – Cap Cana (Punta Cana) 102, 30 km (63, 57 mi) Day 11. Cap Cana – Isla Mona (Puerto Rico) 65, 00 km (40, 39 mi) Day 12. Isla Mona – Mayagüez 71, 70 km (44, 55 mi) Day 13. Mayagüez – Boquerón 26, 90 km (16, 72 mi) Day 14. Boquerón – Isla Giligan – Guanica 48, 40 km (30, 07 mi)

Sailing itinerary from the Bahamas to Puerto Rico

Day 1. Nanny Cay, Tortola – Frenchman’s Cay, Soper’s Hole 8, 60 km (5, 35 mi) Day 2. Frenchman’s Cay – Hans Lollik Island 21, 00 km (13, 05 mi) Day 3. Hans Lollik Island – Santa Maria Bay, Saint Thomas 10, 10 km (6, 27 mi) Day 4. Santa Maria Bay – Culebrita – Dewey, Culebra 32, 10 km (19, 95 mi) Day 5. Culebra – Sun Bay Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico 46, 40 km (28, 83 mi) Day 6. Fajardo – Cayo Icacos 6, 70 km (4, 16 mi) Day 7. Cayo Icacos – Loíza – San Juan 56, 30 km (34, 98 mi)

Sailing trip from the BVI to Puerto Rico

Day 1. Antigua, English Harbor – Nonsuch Bay 18, 30 km (11, 37 mi) Day 2. Nonsuch Bay – Barbuda, Low Bay 69, 00 km (42, 88 mi) Day 3. Low Bay – Saint Barthélemy, Gustavia 102, 05 km (63, 41 mi) Day 4. Gustavia – Saint Martin, Philipsburg 26, 15 km (16, 25 mi) Day 5. Philipsburg – Marigot 26, 10 km (16, 22 mi) Day 6. Marigot – Peter Island, Sprat Bay 158, 60 km (98, 55 mi) Day 7. Sprat Bay – Norman Island, Bight Bay 8, 70 km (5, 40 mi) Day 8. Bight Bay – Saint John, Coral Bay 10, 95 km (6, 81 mi) Day 9. Coral Bay – Cruz Bay 20, 15 km (12, 52 mi) Day 10. Cruz Bay – Saint Thomas, Long Bay 17, 55 km (10, 91 mi) Day 11. Long Bay – Saba Island 10, 35 km (6, 43 mi) Day 12. Saba Island – Culebra, Ensanada Honda 30, 65 km (19, 05 mi) Day 13. Ensenada Honda – Isla Palominos 34, 70 km (21, 56 mi) Day 14. Isla Palominos – Puerto Rico, Fajardo Puerto, del Ray Marina 10, 00 km (6, 22 mi)

Sailing tour from Antigua to Puerto Rico

Day 1. Punta Cana, Marina Cap Cana – Isla Mona 63, 75 km (39, 61 mi) Day 2. Isla Mona – Bahía Salinas, Cabo Rojo 75, 05 km (46, 63 mi) Day 3. Bahía Salinas – Isla Caya de Muertos – Ponce 75, 15 km (46, 70 mi) Day 4. Ponce – Isla de Gilligan 26, 95 km (16, 74 mi) Day 5. Isla de Gilligan – Boquerón 51, 65 km (32, 10 mi) Day 6. Boquerón – Isla Mona 71, 60 km (44, 49 mi) Day 7. Isla Mona – Punta Cana 63, 75 km (39, 61 mi)

Sailing itinerary from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico

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