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Bol sailing itineraries: the oldest city on Brač Island

Bol is the largest town on the southern coast of Brač Island. It is a perfect starting point from where we can visit the island of Hvar, which is regarded as the sunniest island on the Adriatic. From this article, you can learn what weather you should expect when sailing in Bol, and we also […]

Sailing from Florida to Bahamas, Sailing from Miami to Bahamas

Sailing the Bahamas is one of the best experiences that someone could imagine, but there are some important things you need to know about before you sail away to this dreamy destination. Check out our tricks and tips below: Important information if you would like to sailing from Florida to the Bahamas Avoid Holiday season […]

Sailing in the Caribbean: an unforgettable experience for you.
Caribbean sailing trips

Sailing in the Caribbean is a dream of many sailors. The beautiful sea, the trade wind and the pleasant waters are ideal for a sailing vacation, not to mention the fact that navigating amongst the many islands here is quite exciting. The ports and islands in the Caribbean are ideal for those who love adventures, beautiful sights and hot.

Sailing in the Bahamas
Bahamas sailing routes and catamaran tours

They are really meant to be the islands of sailors with a pleasant temperature, extensive lands and adequate yachtping infrastructure. It is worth devoting time for a longer visit. That’s why two one-week trips are recommended by us. Furthermore, useful tips, advice and information on how to spend your time the best while sailing in the Bahamas.

Antigua sailing holidays, tours and itineraries
Sailing around Antigua

Explore the romantic bays and hidden beaches covered by blinding white sand. Don’t hesitate to begin your unforgettable journey! Tips and advice on how to make the best of your time while sailing in Antigua.

Sailing in Puerto Rico: there is so much to explore
Puerto Rico catamaran sailing itineraries

Let’s start our journey from the largest port in the Caribbean. And if we are here, let’s have a look around. The environment is impressive, the port can accommodate up to a thousand yachts, under excellent conditions. If you feel hungry before departure, you can find here a restaurant with great views of the bay.

Sailing in Mexico: Explore the wonders of Mexico
Mexico sailing itineraries

Tips and advice for making the best out of your time, while sailing in Mexico. This article summarizes the following: When should you get started? Coasts and Islands in Mexico: Wonderful islands, where it is good to get ashore Ports in Mexico: Seven great places where it is worth to dock Sail in Mexico! Mexico […]