Middle Dalmatia’s true gem, Hvar is located on the eastern side of Split Bay. It is bordered by Brač Island from the north, and by Korčula Island and the sea from the south. You can learn about the weather you can expect when yachting on Hvar Island, and we will also help you with useful tips on how to make a one or two weeks long yachting trip.

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The location of Hvar island

The Middle Dalmatian Hvar is the fourth biggest island in Croatia, also the second-longest to Cres. It lays south to Brač Island, parallel to it. Its easternmost part is Sućuraj, which is only divided from the land by a 4-5 kilometres long channel.

The climate of Hvar island

The sunniest island on the Adriatic Sea has a pleasant, Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm and dry, while winters are mild. The average temperature in July is 24.8° Celsius and it is 8.4° Celsius in January. The island’s dominant winds are the Bora and the Jugo. We recommend that you visit Hvar in the spring and autumn months as well due to the favourable weather.

The main sights to see in Hvar

In the city of Hvar, you can find one of Dalmatia’s biggest and most beautiful piazzas (main squares) where you can admire Venetian castles. The famous fortress Fortica is located on the nearby Spanjola Hill. In the island’s oldest town, Stari Grad, you should definitely visit Glavica Hill, from where there is an excellent view of the town as well as Brač Island. The Hektorović Castle, the Church of Saint Rocco and the Dominican Monastery are also must-see sights. Jelsa, located in the middle of the island, has one of Dalmatia’s biggest and most beautiful parks, Perivoj – it is rich in Mediterranean plants.

The gastronomy of Hvar island

The island is mostly famous for its fish dishes the restaurant Dalmatino is a perfect choice. The restaurant offers quality meals and drinks. The place is characterised by a pleasant atmosphere and polite service. Although the restaurant is very popular among tourists, so you should make a reservation in advance. We also recommend Luna Grande with its cosy rooftop terrace. If you are visiting Stari Grad, the Konoba Batana restaurant is a great choice. We mainly recommend trying tuna and truffle pasta here. The restaurant has a cosy atmosphere and a caring staff. The restaurant Antika won’t disappoint you either – their frutti di mare pasta is a must-try. If you are looking for a refreshing cocktail, you should visit the Lampedusa bar.

Beaches in Hvar island

Pokonji dol Beach

It is one of Hvar’s best and most easily accessible beaches, only a 25-minute walk from the town. The pebble beach has crystal clear water, glittering in all shades of turquoise. There are two restaurants nearby, offer quality food.

Dubovica Beach

The secluded pebble beach, Dubovica is the most beautiful beach on the island of Hvar. It has a gorgeous shore and crystal clear water. In addition, it is less crowded than other beaches in the town. If you get hungry, there is a restaurant near the beach.

Banj Beach

The pebbly concrete beach is located in a small bay, 1 kilometre to the northwest from Stari Grad centre. Due to its shallow water, we particularly recommend it to families. They provide changing rooms, and showers, and you can also rent lounges. If you are hungry, there is a restaurant with a beautiful terrace nearby. The beach is ideal for snorkelling as well as playing water polo.

Maslinica Beach

The sandy beach is located 2.5 kilometres to the southwest from the town centre. The water is shallow here, so families with small children often come to visit. If you choose this beach, we recommend that you pack food and drink, and you should take your sunshades too.

Boat rental in Hvar island

Beside the popular ports, you can also find idyllic and quiet areas to dock on this beautiful Middle-Dalmatian island and its neighbourhood.

Port of Hvar

This popular docking place of Hvar Island provides protection against the northern wind. However, southern and northwestern winds can cause significant waves. They offer several high-quality services including fuelling. Hvar island sailing,Hvar boat rental

Marina Sveti Klement, Hvar

ACI Marina Palmižana is one of the safest harbours on the Adriatic Sea. It is located on the northeastern part of Saint Klement Island, which belongs to the Pakleni archipelago. It is open seasonally, from the 1st of April until the 31st of October. There are 180 permanent berths for boats with a maximum length of 30 metres. The maximum depth of the water is 3–8 metres. They provide showers, Wi-Fi, cafés, and restaurants and you can even find a grocery store here.

The port of Brusje, Hvar

The Stiniva Marina can accommodate a total of 8 boats. The depth of the water is 2–4.5 metres. If you are hungry, you can find a small restaurant in the bay.

Marina Stari Grad, Hvar

The port of this cosy town can accept a total of 150 boats. The depth of the water is 13 metres near the entrance and 4–5 metres at the town pier. They offer cafés, restaurants and an information office as well. Stari Grad sailing

The port of Vrboska, Hvar

ACI Marina Vrboska is located in a breathtaking natural environment. You can admire lavender fields, olive trees and vineyards nearby. They have 119 berths for ships as long as 20 metres. The depth of the water is 5 metres. The port has every service you might need, including a fuel station.

Port of Jelsa, Hvar

The port offers 54 berths for ships as long as 40 metres. The depth of the water is 2.70–4 metres at the northern shores, and varies between 1.50–3.70 metres at the southern shores. They offer water, electricity and showers.

The port of Sućuraj, Hvar

Sućuraj is located in the eastern part of Hvar Island, in a bay that bears the same name. West from the ferry port, you can find 9 berths for yachts. The depth of the water is 2-3 metres.

The port of Sveta Nedjelja, Hvar

Marina Zlatan Otok, a port run by a family, is located in a small village called Sveta Nedjelja. It can accept ships up to 18 metres long, and the depth of the water is 4 metres. Ships up to 40 metres long can dock on the outer side of the mole. The port opens at the end of May or the beginning of June and closes in October.

The port of Zavala, Hvar

The little port is located on the southern shore of Hvar Island, near Šćedro Island. Smaller yachts can dock at the mole – the depth of the water is 2-3 metres here. Bigger vessels can dock at the mole where the depth is 6–16 metres.

Marina Vis

The centre of the Island of Vis is the town of the same name, located in a large, protected bay. The marina can accommodate 70 boats, up to 20 metres in length. As for winds, the Bora and the Jugo can make berthing more difficult. When they are blowing stronger, it is better berthing at the southeastern side of the bay, at the nearby town of Kut. The depth of the seabed here is 2, 5-4, 5 metres. If you have to refuel, there is a refuelling station at Marina Vis. sailing in Vis, rent a boat Vis

Komiža Town Harbour

The harbour of Komiža is on the northeastern side of a wide bay. It has 30 berths for boats up to 20 metres in length. The seabed is 6 metres deep. The harbour offers excellent protection from northern and eastern winds, but the southern Jugo can cause some waves. Komiža sailing

Marina Bol, Brač

The port of Bol is located on the southern coast of Brač Island, about halfway between Milna and Sumartin. Because of its small size, it can be hard to find a free berth during the main season. The depth of the water is 6–7 metres near the entrance and 2 metres at the pier. They provide drinking water, electricity, laundry as well as cafés and restaurants. Information about Bol sailing, or rent a boat in Bol

Marina Vela Luka, Korčula

The marina on the Island of Korčula has 45 berths for boats up to 17 metres in length. The depth of the seabed is 4 metres. The yacht pier is right next to the refuelling station. Vela Luka sailing.
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Weather in Hvar

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Hvar. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Hvar
Wind speed in Hvar

The wind rose for Hvar shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Hvar shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Yacht charter Hvar island : rent a boat in Hvar island.

Day 1. Stari Grad (Mooring Bouys) – Bol 15, 59 km (9, 69 mi), Day 2. Bol – Sućuraj 47, 28 km (29, 38 mi), Day 3. Sućuraj – Lovište 22, 07 km (13, 72 mi), Day 4. Lovište – Vela Luka 42, 09 km (26, 15 mi), Day 5. Vela Luka – Komiža 57, 84 km (35, 94 mi), Day 6. Komiža – St. Klement-island (ACI Marina Palmižana) 37, 11 km (23, 06 mi), Day 7. St Klement-island (ACI Marina Palmižana) – HvarStari Grad (Mooring Bouys) 26, 96 km (16, 75 mi)
Rent a boat Hvar island

Day 1. Stari Grad (Mooring Bouys) – Bol 15, 59 km (9, 69 mi), Day 2. Bol – Sumartin 18, 33 km (11, 39 mi), Day 3. Sumartin – Povlja 13, 54 km (8, 42 mi), Day 4. Povlja – Pučišća 11, 06 km (6, 87 mi), Day 5. Pučišća – Supetar 17, 50 10, 87, Day 6. Supetar – Sutivan 6, 30 km (3, 91 mi), Day 7. Sutivan – Milna (Brač-island, Marina Vlaska) – Stari Grad (Mooring Bouys) 33, 96 km (21, 10 mi). Stari Grad sailing tour

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Day 1. Hvar – St. Klement-island (ACI Marina Palmižana) 4, 25 km (2, 64 mi), Day 2. St Klement-island (ACI Marina Palmižana) – Zavala 26, 04 km (16, 18 mi), Day 3. Zavala – Sućuraj 40, 75 km (25, 32 mi), Day 4. Sućuraj – Lovište 22, 07 km (13, 72 mi), Day 5. Lovište – Vela Luka 42, 09 km (26, 15 mi), Day 6. Vela Luka – Komiža 57, 84 km (35, 94 mi), Day 7. Komiža – VisHvar 47, 18 km (29, 32 mi)Boat rental Hvar island

Day 1. Hvar – Vinogradišće-bay 5, 58 km (3, 47 mi), Day 2. Vinogradišće-bay – Vis (Marina Vis) 20, 00 km (12, 43 mi), Day 3. Vis (Marina Vis) – Vela Luka 44, 90 km (27, 90 mi), Day 4. Vela Luka – Lovište 42, 09 km (26, 15 mi), Day 5. Lovište – Sućuraj 22, 07 km (13, 72 mi), Day 6. Sućuraj – Zavala 40, 75 km (25, 32 mi), Day 7. Zavala – St. Klement-island (ACI Marina Palmižana) – Hvar 30, 29 km (18, 82 mi).
Boat hire Hvar

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