The Kvarner Bay incorporates numerous unique and awe-inspiring islands with amazing natural beauties. Owing to the indented feature of the bay there are about 200 islands and bays in the vicinity of Zadar. It is a sheer adventure to drive your yacht among the huge cliffs and explore the untouched areas.

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Location of Novalja

Novalja lies in the northwest part of Pag Island in Croatia. Owing to its favourable location its port is in a well-protected natural bay. The boatmen escaped here from the bad weather even in Medieval times.

History of Novalja

The history of Novalja is similar to the history of the most Croatian towns and settlements. According to the opinion of archaeologists it was populated before Christ. In the Bronze Age, the Illyrian settlers founded the predecessor of this settlement. During its long history, it was occupied by many nations. For instance, it had been part of the Venetian Republic for centuries. Later it became under the reign of the Habsburgs, then the French emperor. After the first world war, it was taken over by the Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian Kingdom, and after Yugoslavia. Nevertheless, Croatian as the official language was only accepted at the end of the 19th century. Novalja nowadays has not become famous as a typical Croatian town. It is rather famous for its historic monuments. The main resource of tourism is the modern Zrca beach and the unforgettable festivals and parties held here.


It has a Mediterranean climate like every place in the Adriatic Sea. The port, however, is well-protected from the bora wind in the bay. The summer season starts in April and lasts until September or October. So this is the best sailing period. The average sea temperature is 21 degrees.

Main sights of Novalja

City Museum Novalja

The city museum of Novalja reveals the history of the island from the ancient Romans to the present day. There are old items for everyday use, kitchenware, and nautical tools. One of its curiosities is an exhibition of amphoras, dating from the 1st century BC, from the storehouse of a sunken merchant ship.

Roman aqueduct

The canal that remained from the Roman Age is a more than a kilometre long, narrow, shabby underground passage open to tourists. This huge tunnel system provided water for the city and the surrounding soils.

The Bermuda triangle of Pag

The perfect triangle of Pag stretches on 30 m. It is regarded as a place with paranormal phenomena and unbelievable energy. Not just the triangle but the moon-shaped landscape are well worth a visit.

The famous gastronomy of Pag Island

Travarica, the Croatian brandy

This aromatic brandy can even contain 40 different herbs. It is often used as medicine for different illnesses. The herbs are, for example, rosemary, camomile, lavender, mint or sage. The basic is grappa, then they put herbs into it and let it absorb at least for a month. This fine drink is available in nearly all bars on Pag Island.


Pag is proud of its local cheese. The mouth-watering cheese is made from the milk of a rare sheep. They add local prosciutto and olive oil to the salty hard cheese being ripened for months. Of course, you need to drink from the local Žutica white wine to reach the perfect match of flavours.


The island’s unique sandy land gives an excellent dry aroma to the local grapes. The most well-known white wines are Gegić and Žutica. Although there is a popular red wine too, the Burin. We can find many stores and restaurants where we can buy it.

Best beaches of Novalja

Zrce Beach

This beach is different from the others. Zrce is Croatia’s most famous party beach. This is, actually, a beautiful landscape with clean water and unforgettable festivals.

Simuni Beach

This is the best seashore in the vicinity. It is pebbly-stoned with wonderful trees. Its water is crystal-clear and perfect for diving. There are also pleasant bars here.

Beach by Planjka Trinć

It is very close to Novalja. This is a wonderful sandy beach especially recommended for families with small children. It is a friendly shore with crystal-clear water.

Straško Beach

This is a modern and wonderful seashore. It has several free and payable parts. There is a promenade stretching along the shore. Moreover, you can find lots of catering facilities.

Caska Beach

It is right beside the Zrce beach. It is a calm, pleasant coastline. Mostly families with small children love it.

Rent a boat around Novalja

Pag Island and its vicinity are perfect for sailing. Here silence and tranquillity domineer. You can explore several small islands nearby. The vicinity’s largest port lies on the north from the town of Novalja. There are 100 berths with a water depth of 5 m. The top length of yachts cannot exceed 20 m. Information about sailing in Novalja or boat hire Novalja

Marina Mali Losinj

This marina is located on the West of the Losinj island. The bay is protected by the North and East winds. 80 transit ships have free space here in total with a maximum length of 18 metres. Information about sailing in Mali Losinj or yachtcharter in Mali Losinj

Marina Veli Rat

Marina Veli Rat is on the northwest from the island of Dugi Otok. It lies about 30 km from Zadar, the Dalmatian capital city. There are 207 berths in the marina with a maximum yacht length of 20 m and a maximum draught of 3.5 m. It is beautifully renovated, modern and clean.

Sali Marina

Sali Marina is on the south-east of the Dugi Otok island. It lies 20 km from Zadar. There are 90 berths. The maximum length of yachts is 70 m with a water depth of 4 m. There are emergency services, dentists and even a post office in the town.

Port of Zadar

There are 300 wet and 200 dry berths in the port of Zadar. The maximum yacht length of 50 m and a maximum draught of 12 m. Many neighbouring islands are easily accessible from here. yacht charter in Zadar yacht charter in Zadar

ACI Marina Rab

The marina is on the northern part of Rab Island. There is a gas filling station nearby. But you can also find professionals for yacht repair and maintenance. There are 142 wet berths. The maximum yacht length of 20 m and a maximum draught of 5 m. rent a boat in Rab

Novaljas welcomes you with cosy beaches, spectacular landscape and exciting adventures. Your holiday will be unforgettable, believe me. Find yacht routes in Pag island or choose another boat rental in Pag.

Weather in Novalja

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Novalja. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Novalja
Wind speed in Novalja

The wind rose for Novalja shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Novalja shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Rent a boat in Novalja, and cruise around Novalja

Boat rental in Novalja

Day 1. Novalja – Mali Losinj 34, 78 km (21, 61 mi). Day 2. Mali Losinj – Veli Rat (Dugi Otok) 62, 95 km (39, 12 mi). Day 3. Veli Rat – Sali (Dugi Otok) 43, 42 km (26, 98 mi). Day 4. Sali – Zadar 23, 90 km (14, 85 mi). Day 5. Zadar – Pag 62, 79 km (39, 02 mi). Day 6. Pag – Rab 48, 17 km (29, 93 mi). Day 7. Rab – Lun – Opatija 8.24 km (5.12 mi)

Boat hire in Novalja
Day 1. Novalja – Rab 26, 41 km (16, 41 mi), Day 2. Rab – Krk 38, 64 km (24, 01 mi), Day 3. Krk – Rijeka 43, 85 km (27, 25 mi), Day 4. Rijeka – Rabac 36, 36 km (22, 59 mi), Day 5. Rabac – Pula 65, 13 km (40, 47 mi), Day 6. Pula – Mali Losinj 72, 26 km (44, 90 mi), Day 7. Mali Losinj – Ilovik – Novalja 14, 76 km (9, 17 mi) – 29, 07 km (18, 06 mi)

Read more about sailing in Novalja.

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