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Novi Vinodolski sailing itineraries: 7-days round trips in Kvarner Bay

Novi Vinodolski is in the middle of Krk Canal. It is the perfect starting point for an unforgettable trip around the island or the entire Kvarner Bay. In this article, you can find out what the weather will be like when you are travelling to Novi Vinodolski, and we will present two possible trip plans. […]

Novalja sailing itineraries
Explore the fabulous Kvarner Bay!

The Kvarner Bay incorporates numerous unique and awe-inspiring islands with amazing natural beauties. Owing to the indented feature of the bay there are about 200 islands and bays in the vicinity of Zadar. It is a sheer adventure to drive your yacht among the huge cliffs and explore the untouched areas. This article gives you […]

Sailing in Opatija, the paradise of calmness
7, 14 days Opatija sailing itinearies

Opatija is built on a mountainside. There’s an amazing view of the sea. Due to its special climate, the particular vegetation otherwise unusual to Kvarner is spiced with the unpaired beauties of 19th-century architecture. The beautiful parks have charming Art Nouveau-style buildings all around. There’s an all-pervading sense of elegance. Order, and cleanliness wherever you […]

Sailing in Punat
7, 14 days Punat sailing itinearies

The Gulf of Kvarner, thanks to its unique location, is a pleasant area for sailing. It’s the largest inland sea water area in Croatia. The ports provide safe mooring and shelter. One of them is Marina Punat which lies in a wonderful Mediterranean environment. Lovers of silence and intimacy will find tiny fisher villages, mountain hiking routes, lonely gulfs. Families with small children can enjoy well-equipped beaches and playgrounds as they like. Visitors sailing to Punat and its vicinity have countless pastime opportunities.

Mali Losinj sailing itineraries

The Kvarner region of the Adriatic Sea is a pleasant area for sailing due to its location. It’s the largest inner water area in Croatia. Surrounded by mountains from three sides it involves the most popular islands. Ports here offer the safest mooring and shelter. Compared to other Adriatic regions the distances between islands are smaller and there are more sandy beaches. They lie in the wonderful Mediterranean natural environment on the shores of towns full of historical and cultural treasures. Everyone finds an ideal site in this colourful region. Those who like vivid social life should choose the milling seaside. For those who wish for intimacy and silence, we recommend tiny fisher villages, mountain hiking routes, and lonely gulfs. Families with children will also find well-equipped beaches and playgrounds. The Losinj island and Mali Losinj both offer numerous opportunities for sailors.

Sailing in Kvarner bay. Kvarner bay sailing itineraries

The coast of the Adriatic Sea ranging from the western point of the Istrian peninsula to the southernmost point of Dalmatia hides many miracles s of nature due to its specific location. This beauty with a thousand faces is a favourite destination for lovers of the sea. The 54 marinas offer you the safest mooring and protection.