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The climate of Slovenia can be described as typical European continental weather. It has warm, dry summers and fairly cold winters. The coastal areas and the lowlands in the south have a Mediterranean influenced climate. Not far from the coast there is a mountain range that separates the interior from the sea. In the interior, there is a moderately continental climate. In high mountains, the climate is naturally colder.

Central and northern Slovenia has a continental “cool summer” climate. Eastern parts have a continental category but have warm summers. In the coastal areas, long-lasting frost periods and snow are quite seldom because of the influence of the warm water temperatures of the mediterranean sea. The western plains of Slovenia that are influenced by the sea are not vast. In cities which are not located right on the coast, the summer and winter are a bit colder. In summer daytime temperatures reach 20-25°C, but sometimes higher than 30°C. Thunderstorms can occur especially in the mountainous regions.

Along the Adriatic Coast, the sun does not shine very often in winter, the summer is sunny. Snowfall in this area is rare and usually not abundant. The Bora comes from the dry plains of Eastern Europe, therefore the area is usually dry. The sea temperature is high enough for swimming in July and August, but all in all even in September. Cold spells in winter can bring about the north winds from central Europe.

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