A skipper license — do you need it?

The categories of licenses

Yacht licenses are somewhat similar to car licenses — there is also a gradation into different categories. However, in practice, it’s more important not what category of license you have, but what your practical experience is and how many miles there are in your logbook.In fact, Bareboat Skipper (IYT) / Day Skipper (RYA) license may be enough to charter a yacht anywhere in the world.. You have the right to sail 20 miles offshore in the daytime in fine weather.The next category is the Coastal Skipper / Offshore Skipper. With this category, you can sail at night 60 miles offshore. The highest category of yacht skipper is Yachtmaster / Master of Yacht. Having a license of this category, you can go on difficult sailing expeditions, for example, across the Atlantic. This license is the most honorable among yacht owners.

Below you will find the skipper license types accepted in different countries. Click on your sailing destination and check that you have a license that allows you to rent a boat.

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