Are you looking for a holiday at sea but you want something different from an average vacation? Are you bored with busy beaches and look for some privacy, but you’d also make friends with other people? Fleet boats can become venues of „boat parties”. A fleet holiday can be an excellent bonus trip and team building holiday for companies. If you plan a bigger wedding, you can organise the most special event for the big day. Flotilla holidays are informal, thus they are very far from strict, official business environments. They offer a peaceful and unique experience for families, couples and groups. If you were more relaxed with a professional crew taking care of all mechanical details of sailing, then this kind of sailing is a superb choice for you. Fleet charter is the perfect choice if you want a professional crew to take care of the operation of the yacht.

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

  • What is flotilla sailing?
  • How does a flotilla sailing holiday work?
  • The advantages of flotilla sailing
  • Who can we recommend flotilla sailing to?
  • Flotilla types
  • How to make a reservation?

What is flotilla sailing?

The definition of the word flotilla is „boat fleet”, but this means much more than what comes to your mind first. You and your family have privacy, but you can travel with other boats in a group. You can enjoy the freedom of sailing with a flotilla through a certain pre-determined route. During the trip, the trained crew will surround you and take care of all the details and you can be part of a very pleasant social atmosphere. You can even make great friends with the other sea explorers in the group.

How does a flotilla sailing holiday work?

Many people think that this kind of sailing means that several boats follow each other in the water in a line. But this is a wrong concept, as the independence of boats is much bigger in reality.

The flotilla sailing holiday

After managing technical difficulties the crew will leave you alone, and you can enjoy the open sea or the inner city on your own. You can start an exciting sailing adventure, but you can also explore the beach or bay that is most ideal for you. If you decide to leave your fellow passengers behind for a short while and set out for the sea alone, it can be reassuring to know that you can ask for the help of the crew any time, you just have to make a phone call. Fleet boats moor in smaller ports in most cases, but this is mostly influenced by your own preference. You can choose a separate village, city or island, or you can enjoy dinner and programs together with your other fleet fellows.

About the flotilla crew

The skipper

The crew will inform passengers every day of target destinations and will provide you with the weather forecast. They always concentrate on the forecast and it may happen that they must change the route for safety reasons. The crew can also make recommendations to visit sights in ports and cities. They will help you with departure in the morning and navigation and they’ll also play an important role in mooring.
The crew often organizes social events, for example, beach barbecues, parties or a regatta contest.

Crew members

The crew includes engineers, hostesses, coordinators and technicians in addition to the captain. They offer the full range of services on board, let it be sailing or technical issues. Flotilla charters must have at least one person on board who has an international captain’s license. The crew must have at least one trained member. If the co-captain has no certifications, he/she has the opportunity to sign a statement of previous experiences. As an alternative solution, the co-captain may request sailing advice and instructions for a fee.

The advantages of flotilla sailing

No matter if you are a people person or an independent adventurer, the important thing is to love the sunshine and sea. On board of a flotilla real freedom awaits you. Are you looking for loud beach parties or you just want to have a wonderful conversation and have dinner? You can find the perfect balance of individual adventures and social sailing on board as the member of a fleet.

The perfect service

Fleet sailing is an ideal choice for anyone, who wants to sail in the company of others, yet wants to have some privacy. In this case, the private space is provided by separate boats and yachts. You can find the fleet captain on the leading yacht. They call regular meetings for all captains. They inform you of the weather conditions, the route, and the potential lunchtimes. Should you forget something you can always ask for experienced, professional assistance. When you arrive at the meeting point the crew will help you find a safe place to moor the boat. The crew will also inform you about the city, the shopping options, and recommend some pleasant restaurants. The captain is not only responsible for the proper operation of the yacht. They also care about the quality of your holiday.

Social life on board

Many events are organised for fleet members. The first breakfast has a special role because it gives you a chance to get to know the crew and the other sailors. Here you can lay the foundations of new connections and friends. A few days later, when you have more or less got to know the other sailors, other programs will be organized too. This is when you can share stories, tips or tricks with each other and all that is spiced with delicious food and drinks. At the end of the fleet vacation, you get the chance to compare your knowledge with your friends and show your sailing skills in a regatta contest. Challenge the other sailors and show what you can do! Of course, such events are optional. You can organise individual programs, you can go with your partner for a romantic dinner, you can enjoy the silence and peace or you can visit local clubs.

Important events and programs for kids

This type of sailing is enjoyable for children, too. Some flotillas organize special programs for kids during school breaks and for a short while they can also be part of the crew. Besides many games and activities, the young captains will take over the navigation of the boat. This journey is ideal if you want to make an important family, friendly or corporate event unforgettable. It is becoming more and more popular to host birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, family events or team building programs on a fleet boat.

Who can we recommend flotilla sailing to?

A holiday with a flotilla sailing is an ideal choice for individual sailors, groups, young couples and families. Fleet journeys are the representatives of social sailing. You can have wonderful adventures through the exploration of the sea. You can gain life-long experiences with a program or by visiting the sights of a city. Fleet sailing is an ideal choice for everyone, who wants quality holidays. But those are also encouraged to embark on this journey who are just now getting familiar with the world of sailing because the presence of the crew and their immediate help in any problem will make you feel safe. If you want to make an event that is important for you really special, then fleet sailing is the perfect opportunity. Your wedding can take place on such a journey when the family travels together, but still everyone has their privacy on the boats. If you want to reward your colleagues with team building training, don’t hesitate to start this adventure! Boat parties are organised for travellers, but you can organise such on your own with your friends. The boats get moored in a certain area and a party and fun will expect you until the morning breaks.

Flotilla types

There are different kinds of yachts to rent for fleet sailing. Each yacht is in excellent condition, they are well-equipped and the crew takes care of refuelling and other technical details. Each boat is in harmony with the safety regulations of the local area or region.

 By programs

Fleet types are differentiated by programs and events. There are some more special boat fleets, for example, wine tasting fleets are often organised during holidays in Croatia , and Greece . But you can find more passive or active fleet programs>

  By duration

The average fleet holiday takes approximately a week. But the real decision depends only on you. If you want to spend more time on the crystal clear sea, you can make a reservation for a longer period. You can leave the weary work days behind for even three weeks enjoying your sailing holiday.

  By region

A good starting point to organise your holidays is choosing the region, country or city. Each region offers a wide range of boat rental opportunities. No matter which area you choose, you’ll get unforgettable experiences. The average daily 15-20mile sailing gives you enough time to swim, snorkel, and explore faraway bays or simply spend more time at target destinations or the ports.

How to make a reservation?

Chartering a boat is not as complicated as it may sound at first. There are always some basic questions to discuss when you start the process. When you have decided to start a fleet journey, but you have no idea how to get started, the easiest way is to determine the region where you want to travel. All popular regions, e.g. the Caribbean, Greece, Croatia, Italy, etc. offer fleet sailing. These routes will lead you through the most popular spots in the region but don’t forget that you can discover the neighbouring smaller islands, bays, cities or villages on your own too.
Enjoy your freedom and safety on a boat! Be the member of a fantastic team and a fleet! Share your own stories or listen to those of others! Make contacts without having to worry about anything.

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