Genoa is an enchanting pearl of the Ligurian Sea. Those arriving from the sea will definitely be stunned by the city, nestled amongst mountains. Some 500, 000 inhabitants live their lives driven by that pure Italian passion. If you’d like to experience the real Italian buzz, moor up in Genoa.

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    Loaction of Genova

    Genoa is the capital of Liguria province and the meeting point of the Eastern Riviera and the Western Riviera, as well as the most significant port city in Italy, lined by the Mediterranean Sea and encircled by the Ligurian Apennines. The city is also a significant transport hub on land, easily accessible on the motorway from Torino, Florence, Rome, Milan and Pisa.

    History of Genova

    The territory of Genoa was already used by sailors B.C., but researches have shown that it had probably been inhabited before that. Owing to its location, Genoa was bound to become a booming area.

    After the fall of the Roman Empire, the city only became an important trading centre again around 1100. The Middle Ages brought glory and pride to Genoa: the port city became the cradle of the Renaissance, the shining star of the Republic of Genoa. The once striking dazzle still infiltrates the city; Genoa stuns visitors with its far-famed narrow alleyways and centuries-old palaces.

    Weather in Genova

    Genoa is situated at latitude 44° N and longitude 8° E, on the southern part of the Alps where the climate is characteristically Mediterranean.
    The summer is long, dry and humid and the winter in the coastal areas is mild, temperatures rarely drop below 0°C. The prevailing winds are the north-westerly and south-westerly winds. From May to October, the winds rarely exceed Grade 4 on the Beaufort scale and periods of dead calm are also very usual.

    Beaches in Genoa

    The city offers a wealth of various beaches. These are mostly well developed, spacious stretches of coast with great infrastructure but there’re also some unique beaches, all in the close vicinity of Genoa. We’ll list some splendid spots where it’s a real pleasure to take a dip!

    Bagni Nuovo Lido

    This historical lido has been awaiting visitors for over a century. It offers private changing rooms, a restaurant and many entertainment facilities; you’re granted a splendid time regardless of whether you arrive with children or friends.


    This picturesque fishing village is now a part of Genoa. Enclosed by the colourful, multi-storey houses lies a tiny, cosy beach that is easily accessible by boat or cycling.


    Nervi is also a suburb of Genoa. Its beach is rocky, yet rather alluring with crystalline waters and a string of atmospheric restaurants; everything is granted for careless relaxation.

    Main sights in Genova

    You could spend months exploring Genoa. However, we’ll help you with what you must add on your to-do list if you only have a few days.

    Porto Antico

    Porto Antico is practically the heart of Genoa with the winding alleyways of the Old Town all meeting here, with the famous Aquarium and the 800 years old lighthouse La Lanterna graciously embellishing this old port. If you’d like to get a taste of the true Genoese spirit, have a stroll down alongside the piers. The coast is lined with tiny bars and restaurants alluring weary travellers. There’re many other fascinating spots around such as concert venues, the farmers’ market and numerous historical monuments. If you feel like catching a bird’s eye view over the city, take the Il Bigo panoramic lift. The multi-armed crane serves as a fantastic viewpoint, on top of which you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery from a height of 40 metres.

    The Aquarium of Genoa

    The Aquarium of Genoa is Europe’s largest attraction showcasing marine life. You can admire some 600 animal species over 12 140 square metres. You’ll be fascinated by the diverse ocean life as well as terrestrial species.
    La Biosfera is a huge ‘Glass Bubble’ next to the Aquarium, giving a home to some unique tropical plant and animal species.

    The Old Town of Genoa

    The historical centre of Genoa is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It boasts a wealth of architectural masterpieces from the 12th to the 20th century; Late Renaissance and Baroque palaces, mannerist houses and 19th-century buildings lining the streets of the Old Town. ‘Le Strade Nuove’ (‘new streets’) are crammed with these majestic buildings; it’s definitely worth taking a stroll down these streets.

    Rent a boat in Genova

    Genoa is the busiest port city in the region. If you’re planning to explore Liguria, it’s best to start your big adventure in Genoa.

    Porto Antico Genoa

    Porto Antico is Genoa’s touristic port. Apart from the many entertainment facilities, Porto Antico is also an important naval centre. Yachts and sailing boats can access the pier through the eastern entrance. The port can accommodate 280 boats up to 60 metres. A fully equipped port with a yacht yard and 24/7 security services.

    Port of Genoa Aeroport

    The Christopher Columbus Airport is situated right next to one of the port’s terminals, mostly used by larger yachts, whereas the rest of the terminals are reserved for cruise and cargo yachts.

    If you’d like to set sail, rent a boat in Genoa and start your voyage to the unknown from the oldest port of Europe. Genoa is a perfect base as both the Western and Eastern Rivieras are easily accessible from here. Wait no longer, the sea is calling! Find yacht routes in Italian Riviera or choose another yacht charter in Italian Riviera.

    Weather in Genova

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Genova. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Genova
    Wind speed in Genova

    The wind rose for Genova shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Genova shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Genova, and cruise around Genova

    Day 1. Genoa – Nervi 10.86 km (6.75 mi), Day 2. Nervi – Camogli 9.77 km (6.07 mi) Day 3. Camogli – Portofino 21.42 km (13.31 mi) Day 4. Portofino – Santa Margherita Ligure 3.99 km (2.48 mi) Day 5. Santa Margherita Ligure – Sestri Levante 16.76 km (10.41 mi) Day 6. Sestri Levante – Riomaggiore 35.39 km (21.99 mi) Day 7. Riomaggiore – Bogliasco – Genova 78.20 km (48.59 mi). boat rental Genova

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    Day 1. Genova – Arenzano 21.39 km (13.29 mi), Day 2. Arenzano – Varazze 11.54 km (7.17 mi), Day 3. Varazze – Savona 9.61 km (5.97 mi), Day 4. Savona – Albenga 34.69 km (21.55 mi), Day 5. Albenga – Imperia 25.67 km (15.95 mi), Day 6. Imperia – Vado Ligure 60.45 km (37.56 mi), Day 7. Vado Ligure – Cogoleto – Genoa 46.87 km (29.12 mi)Rent a boat Genova

    More Liguria sailing itineraries

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