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    Looking for some ease after sedulous workdays? Would you travel to a place which offers pastimes for the whole family? Do you love water sports? If you answered ’yes’ to any of these questions, the Island of Martinique is the best choice for you!

    Location of Martinique

    Martinique is an island on the Caribbean Sea with an area of 1100 km2. It’s a part of the Lesser Antilles. In terms of legal status, it’s a transatlantic county of France. The neighboring countries are the Dominican Republic from the north and Saint Lucia form the south. French and Creole are both spoken on the island. Martinique has an airport and two ports. 95% of the residents are roman catholic the other 5% are Hindi or practice other faiths.

    History of Martinique

    It’s most likely that Christopher Columbus discovered the area in 1502. Locals first named it Madinina which transformed throughout time into its present name. In 1635 the French started colonizing the area and imported slaves from Africa. They settled for sugarcane cultivation. Except for the short time of British domination, the island had always been a French colony. On the 19th of March in 1946, it became a transatlantic county of France.

    Beaches in Martinique

    The Island of Martinique is famous for various things: food, culture, art, and naturally, its world-famous rum distillation. Few people know, however, about the beauty of Martinique’s special seacoasts. From the spacious, white, sandy beaches to the isolated gulfs and shelters. It’s worth discovering these on your own by catamaran, boat, or yacht.

    Les Salines:

    One of the most popular beaches of the island is Les Salines. It’s a long, white, sandy shore with beautiful, calm water. Waves are livelier in the evenings, but they aren’t dangerous, thus, ideal for surfing. The nearby St. Lucia island is visible on the horizon. You can find restaurants, snack bars, fresh fruits, and gelaterias, as well as gifts, and swimsuits.

    Grande Terre des Salines:

    After you’ve looked around on Les Salines, find another, a lot calmer beach on the left. This beach with rich greenery around it remained relatively untouched. You should be careful with the water because the Caribbean region and the Atlantic Ocean meet here, which causes dangerous waves. There’s also a small restaurant by the sea.

    Anse Meuniere beach:

    This is a beautiful, long, clean beach in a gulf with tropical water. It’s ideal for swimming and relaxation. You can access it on foot or following the coast from Les Salines or Sainte-Anne. There are no restaurants or bars here, so we advise you to prepare liquid and food.

    Pointe Marin beach:

    The Pointe Marin is a long, well-equipped beach with calm water. These traits make it an ideal place for children. It’s one of the most modern and popular beaches in the island.

    Grande Anse beach:

    This is the beach f a small village on the Island of Martinique. Grande Anse is a beautiful, sandy beach washed by calm waters. It’s suitable for snorkeling and ideal for swimming. Thanks to its quiet water this gulf is a preferred place for mooring boats. Come here with a boat and splash into the refreshing waves after a day on the sea. There are several restaurants, stands, and bars, as well as gift shops facing the seacoast.

    Main sights in Martinique

    From the sparkling beaches around the southern Sainte-Anne, through the hard rocks of Diamond Rock, to the peeked volcanic dome of Mt. Pelee – you’ll find any pastime here. Martinique embodies perfection in the Caribbean region. Deep sea, rainforests, ivory white sand, waterfalls, and pedestrian canyons, as well as other natural wonders are waiting for adventurous travelers. Lovers of history should view the refined French castle on the streets of Fort de France. The ruins of Saint-Pierre are remnants of a volcanic eruption from 1902. Besides all of that, you shouldn’t forget about fantastic museums and verdured botanical gardens. Martinique is one of the few islands that still cultivate sugar cane and bananas. The incomparable refined rum has an exceptional reputation. Tasting it is an inevitable program for tourists.

    Weather in Martinique

    All year warm hot and humid tropical climate shapes the weather of the Caribbean region. From the middle of January to mid-April the weather is rather cool and dry, while from the middle of June to the middle of November it’s hot, wet, and rainy.

    Luxury yacht charter in Martinique

    Recently, Martinique has shown a significant increase in terms of boat trips. This excessive growth is mainly due to the locals’ efforts to make Martinique a boat friendly island. This includes the building of new establishments and creating anchoring points suitable for hosting cruise boats. There are two cruise ports in Fort de France and other anchorages in addition. The most recent establishment is the Pointe Simon Cruise Terminal. It connects with a seacoast promenade which leads directly to the heart of the city. Exhibition spaces and tents offer handcraft items and gifts along the way, along with touristic information. This island welcomes all visitors who have an interest in the wonders of nature, rainforests, crystal clear sea, or local gastronomy. Even if you come with kids, don’t worry! There are plenty of child-friendly beaches, where you can carelessly enjoy the sunshine and the sea. The Island of Martinique is waiting just for you to explore it! Find yacht routes in the Caribbean or choose another luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean

    Weather in Martinique

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Martinique. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Martinique
    Wind speed in Martinique

    The wind rose for Martinique shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Martinique shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Martinique has a stable year-round tropical climate. The average monthly temperatures vary by only about 5 ºC. Average temperatures in coastal areas vary from 20 to 30 ºC, in the inland areas from 20-27 ºC. The dry season lasts from December to May. The rainy season starts in June with showers till November. September is the rainiest month. Hurricanes may occur in Martinique from June through November, most likely during September.

    Rent a luxury yacht in Martinique, and cruise around Martinique

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