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    You do not want to travel far, but you want a holiday on a beach? Are you looking for a place where you can find relaxation and the kids can have a lifetime experience? Podstrana’s Mediterranean city is the ideal place for the whole family. The city is known for its cultural heritage, wines, and olives, but also for the culinary offers and the beautiful beaches. Podstrana has always been important, so ancient villas, Renaissance palaces and cottages are lined up in the city.

    Location of Podstrana

    It is located 9 km from the center of Split, by road 11 km east, extending south-east from the estuary of Žrnovnica to Mutogras which is below the Perun Mountain. The coastline runs along at the seashore for about 6 km.

    History of Podstrana

    The first inhabitants in the area were the Illyrians, which is proved by the mass graves, also on one of the peaks of Primorska Kosa, on Glavica a castle ruin can be found. In the 7th century, in the territory of Podstrana, Croatians settled down, who took up Christianity by the 9th century. From the 13th century, Podstrana was one of the 12 cantons of Poljica Republic. Napoleon’s sovereignty prevailed in the area until the city became Austrians. In 1918 it became part of the new Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian state and later part of the Yugoslav Kingdom. During the Second World War, the town was burned down by the Italian troops. After the war, Podstrana belonged to Socialist Yugoslavia, however, since 1991 it is part of independent Croatia.

    Beaches in Podstrana

    You can spend a whole day on the perfect seashore of Podstrana with beautiful calm sea and crystal clear water, which stretches 9 km long on the coast. You can choose from several places, which are equipped impeccably to make your vacation perfect. The beaches which are near to larger hotels are particularly prominent. The high quality of the beach near to Hotel Split has recently been officially confirmed by the GUWVA international organization and awarded the beach with a white flag. This shows that the beach guarantees a clean natural environment in order to protect the local wildlife.

    Hotel Le Meridien Lav:

    Podstrana’s most beautiful beach is Hotel Le Meridien Lav. With the construction of the Le Meridien Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels was built-in the area, and the beach was completely renovated, and many new features were introduced. Near the beach, there is a playground and a parking lot. On the beach you can rent chairs and umbrellas, there is also a café and a restaurant in the immediate vicinity of the hotel complex. There are various sports activities available: surfing, sailing, water skiing, and many other water sports. Many people rent a boat for the season and end up on this beautiful beach.

    Podstrana beach:

    It is a quiet and clean beach, which is not frequently visited. The water is clean with pebble beaches. Prices are more favourable here than in Split. It is accessible by car, which can be parked for free, or organize an adventurous exploration tour for the smallest members of the family and arrive by boat to the beach.

    Trstenik beach:

    If you want a little more private relaxation, this beach is an ideal choice. It is a beautiful plage, however, it is closer to Split. The beach is ideal for swimmers. The water is clean and shallow, but you have to be careful with the sea urchins. The seabed is very rocky and pebbly, so it is recommended to wear sea shoes.

    Main sights in Podstrana

    Podstrana is very rich insights, so it is worth to organize sightseeing or a weekend getaway here. The downtown has many historic churches, such as St. Martin’s Church, which was built-in 1882 in its present form, or St. Anthony of Padua Church in the 17th century. Thanks to the excellent location of Podstrana (near to Split and Omis) there are numerous possibilities for arranging daily excursions organized by local agencies, and for presenting cultural heritage and the beauty of nature. It is worth to visit the surrounding cities such as Split, Salona, Klis, Trogir and Omis. In Podstrana thanks to the cosy downtown places you can relax in one of the bars, or enjoy a summer cocktail on the beach. If you want a bigger spin, you are guaranteed to find a suitable nightclub in Split.

    Weather of Podstrana

    The Adriatic coast has Mediterranean climatic features, with lots of sunshine, dry, hot summers, mild and rainy winters.

    Rent a boat in Podstrana

    The nearest international port of the city is in Split. The ACI marina Split, thanks to the strategic position of the Mediterranean region, it is one of the most important destinations of Adriatic cruise yachts. Its rich history and many sights attract thousands of tourists every day. From 2011, the port has become the largest one in Croatia and the third-largest port in the Mediterranean.

    Today we can safely say that the port and the city are the inevitable destinations for seagoing yachts and all cruise companies, so it has outstanding importance on the local and international sailing level as well. Discover this beautiful little town through its history and modern sparkling beaches! Sports and recreation lovers can enjoy all the water sports, while those who want more relaxation can enjoy the pleasant sunshine and sea air. If you like Dalmatian cuisine, there is a real gastronomic trip is waiting for you here. Find yacht routes in Dalmatia or choose another yacht charter in Dalmatia.

    Weather in Podstrana

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Podstrana. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Podstrana
    Wind speed in Podstrana

    The wind rose for Podstrana shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Podstrana shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Podstrana, and cruise around Podstrana

    Day 1. Podstrana – Omiš 15, 02 km (9, 33 mi), Day 2. Omiš – Baška Voda 23, 57 km (14, 64 mi), Day 3. Baška Voda – Povlja (Brač-island) 10, 63 km (6, 60 mi), Day 4. Povlja (Brač-island) – Supetar (Brač-island) 24, 33 km (15, 12 mi), Day 5. Supetar (Brač-island) – Rogač (Šolta- island) 21, 23 km (13, 19 mi), Day 6. Rogač (Šolta-island) – Split (ACI Marina) 16, 35 km (10, 16 mi), Day 7. Split (ACI Marina) – Stobreč – Podstrana 10, 26 km (6, 38 mi). Podstrana sailing trip

    Day 1. Podstrana (Marina Lav) – Kaštel Gomilica 17, 31 km (10, 76 mi), Day 2. Kaštel Gomilica – Trogir (ACI Marina) 29, 38 km (18, 26 mi), Day 3. Trogir (ACI Marina) – Rogoznica 31, 04 km (19, 29 mi), Day 4. Rogoznica -Vis (Vis-island) 59, 54 km (37, 00 mi), Day 5. Vis (Vis-island) – Stari Grad (Hvar-island) 40, 14 km (24, 94 mi), Day 6. Stari Grad (Hvar-island) Sumartin (Brač-island 37, 74 km (23, 45 mi), Day 7. Sumartin (Brač-island) – Supetar (Brač-island) – Podstrana 48, 96 km (30, 42 mi). Rent a boat in Podstrana

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