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    You don’t have to travel far for a quality beach experience! The city of Trogir is a superb choice, as you simply have to jump over to the neighbours by car, but you also find an international airport directly next to the island. The word Trogir explicitly means „museum”. This is not by chance, as the city’s historic centre has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1997.  Besides the historic sights, you can also find many beaches here for those who wish to have a more passive holiday.

    Location of Trogir

    Trogir has situated 27 km from Split on the Adriatic Coast, at the end of Kastelanski-bay. The city lies on a tiny island between the island Čiovo and the mainland. Its environment has many beautiful bays including the exceptionally beautiful Seget and Saldun bays.

    History of Trogir

    Trogir’s history dates back to Illyrian times. This ethnic group settled here first, but the colonizers were the Greeks who established the city of Tragurion on the island in the third century b.C. As part of the Roman Empire, it used to be an important port, but when the empire got divided into two, Trogir and Dalmatia became part of the Byzantine Empire. Afterwards, the territory became part of the Kingdom of Hungary and in 1105 the city opened its gates in front of the army of Kálmán, king of Hungary In 1108 the king awarded the city with special rights. The power of Venice and Hungary alternated in this area in the coming centuries.

    During the period of the Mongol invasion, King Béla IV found refuge from the Mongols on this island in 1242. When the Republic of Venice seized to exist, the city got under French rule, then became part of the Hapsburg Empire. When the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy collapsed, it became part of the Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian Kingdom, then Italy and Yugoslavia. In 1990 locals voted in a referendum that is should join Croatia.

    The weather of Trogir

    The coast of the Adriatic Sea is characterised by Mediterranean climate with much sunshine, dry and hot summers and a mild and humid winter.

    Beaches in Trogir

    If you look for the best beaches of the Trogir Riviera, then you’ll be spoilt for choice finding better and more beautiful ones. The beaches near Trogir please everyone, those who are families with kids, those who want a refreshment drink on the beach, the lovers of nightlife or naturist fans.

    Pantan beach

    This beautiful beach lies 1.5 km from the centre of Trogir at the mouth of the river Pantan. This is a 500-metres long beach with pebbles and sand with pine trees on the Eastern side, which provides a pleasant shadow on hot summer days. There is a popular Beach Bar, the “Mosquito” that is directly at the beach and it serves cold drinks, ice cream and light food. The neighbourhood is a protected natural resort with the wonderful Pantan Mills on the northern side of the beach.

    Okrug beach

    Okrug beach is the most popular beach in Trogir Riviera. It is 5 km from the centre of Trogir and it is easily accessible from the southern side of island Ciovo to Okrug Gornji. Okrug beach is a 1-2 km long beach with pebbles that are also called “Trogir Copacabana” due to its beauty and popularity. Beach bars and some restaurants make the place livelier and that attracts also those who want busy nightlife. You can find a water sports centre “MAX” here, where you can enjoy water sports on active summer days.

    Kava beach

    Kava beach is located on the further edge of island Ciovo along a beautiful channel and near the old fishermen’s village of Slatine. The beach, which is only 12 km from the centre of Trogir is one of the natural beauties that we can rarely witness since it is not disturbed by the sight of buildings, hotels or houses in the neighbourhood. In order to reach the beach, you must cross the village of Slatine and head further east 4 km long. The road leading to Kava beach is usually with pebbles and sometimes very rough, but it’s worth visiting it. However, there is no beach bar, so you’d better prepare with food and drinks if you plan to stay longer here.

    Medena beach

    Medena beach lies at the Seget Riviera, in the southern part of Trogir, 4 km from the centre. This beach with pebbles that is 3 km long is surrounded by old pine forests. It is also offers various sports facilities: a water sports centre, tennis courts, football and basketball courts, beach volleyball, and water slide. Medena Hotel Resort is also part of Medena beach and it provides superb accommodation for travellers. Many tourists arrive here on the sea by yacht or boat.

    Krknjasi lagoon

    Krknjasi bay lies on island Drvenik Veliki and it is only seven miles from the old town of Trogir. The sea with its wonderful turquoise colour and wild nature makes this place a fantastic tropical paradise. Krknjaši bay is protected by two islands, a smaller and a larger one. This wonderful beach with pebbles is a real tropical paradise with its shallow sandy sea bed. There are many smaller sandy beaches along the coast here, providing calm holidays and ideal relaxation for families with small kids. You can also find a cultic Dalmatian castle in Krknjasi, but excellent fresh seafood and authentic Dalmatian cuisine are also worth trying. The beach is easily accessible by boat; therefore many people decide to rent boats or yachts in Trogir.

    Main sights in Trogir

    There are many historic buildings on the island; lovers of history will surely not be disappointed. It would be rather complicated to list all the wonderful sights of the city from the Middle Ages that was established between the 13th and 15th centuries. The most famous pride of Trogir is the Saint Lawrence cathedral on the city’s main square. It was built-in Roman and Gothic style featuring the main gate of master Radovan, which is the most valuable building sculpture masterpiece of Dalmatia from around 1240. The most ancient symbol of Trogir is Kairos, the antique Greek god.

    The old town was created between the city walls that date back to the 13th and 15th centuries. The citadel Kamerlengo and the Saint Mark tower belong to its defence system. The citadel Kamerlengo can be found on the southwestern side of the island and gained its present shape in the 15th century. Another 15th-century building, the Saint Mark tower can be found to the south of it. A neoclassical gloriette stands between the two buildings; it was built during the French occupation. The church Saint John the Baptist with its frescos from the 13th century is at the beach. Visitors are also advised to have a look at the Čipiko palace from 1457 besides the churches and chapels.

    Yachtcharter in Trogir

    The island of Čiovo and the city of Trogir are connected by a bridge, where you also find ACI Marina Trogir port. The bridge that runs 2.8 metres above the sea makes it possible for yachts, sailing boats and yachts to pass. The yachts that can’t pass here must turn west from Kaštela bay and can reach the port between Čiovo and rock Čelica. The ACI Marina Trogir is open all year round and offers a wonderful view to the pleasant promenade of Trogir and the bell tower of the Saint Lawrence cathedral.

    Trogir is very well connected to the mainland road network and the international airport of Split also lies very close to the city. The island of Trogir is an ideal choice, if you look for busy and lively days, but also if you want to be swallowed by history. The boating opportunities offer you a fantastic holiday and may become an unforgettable experience also for the young members of the family. You’ll surely be amazed by the island’s breathtaking a view through its natural wonders. Don’t hesitate to start your adventure and visit the island of Trogir! Find yacht routes in Dalmatia or choose another yacht charter in Dalmatia.

    Weather in Trogir

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Trogir. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Trogir
    Wind speed in Trogir

    The wind rose for Trogir shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Trogir shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Trogir, and cruise around Trogir

    Day 1. Trogir (ACI Marina) – Drvenik Veli 13, 59 km (8, 44 mi), Day 2. Drvenik Veli-island – Primosten 27, 80 km (17, 27 mi), Day 3. Primosten – Murter-island (Marina Hramina) 43, 78 km (27, 20 mi), Day 4. Murter-island (Marina Hramina) – Žirje-island 25, 32 km (15, 73 mi), Day 5. Žirje-island – Rogač (Šolta-island) 63, 39 km (39, 39 mi), Day 6. Rogač (Šolta-island) – Pučišća (Catering Pipo) 38, 09 km (23, 67 mi) Day 7. Pučišća (Catering Pipo) – Split (ACI Marina) – Trogir (ACI Marina) 58, 54 km (36, 37 mi). Sailing itinerary Trogir

    Day 1 . Trogir (ACI Marina) – Drvenik Veli 13, 59 km (8, 44 mi), Day 2. Drvenik Veli-island – Rogač (Šolta-island) 18, 35 km (11, 40 mi), Day 3. Rogač (Šolta-island) – Sutivan (Brač-island) 15, 38 km (9, 56 mi), Day 4. Sutivan (Brač-island) – Supetar (Brač-island) 6, 30 km (3, 91 mi), Day 5. Supetar (Brač-island) – Omiš 13, 10 km (8, 14 mi), Day 6. Omiš – Podstrana (Marina Lav) 15, 02 km (9, 33 mi), Day 7. Podstrana (Marina Lav) – Split (ACI Marina) – Trogir (ACI Marina) 36, 03 km (22, 39 mi). Trogir sailing trip

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