Rabac is a perfect resort town, an excellent starting-off point to explore the Adriatic Sea. Besides, there are breath-taking pebble-stoned beaches in the bay, four of them also possess the “Blue Flag” award. The Istrian region is typical of wild and untouched flora. It is beloved by families as the inhabitants of Rabac await them with entertaining programs all year round.

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    One of the most popular resort towns in Istria, Rabac is in a picturesque environment, a gulf surrounded by olive groves and pine trees. Aside from the lovely scenery, the seashore is what attracts tourists the most. Pebble and rock beaches have deck chairs, boat and other watercraft rental opportunities, playgrounds for the children, and lifeguards for the sake of the visitors’ safety. The town’s vicinity has many interesting sights as well, making it an exciting destination.

    Rabac location”s

    Rabac lies on the eastern side of Istria, in a small sheltered gulf, just 4 km away from Labin. It’s a part of the Istria region but located in the Kvarner Gulf.

    History of Rabac

    According to archaeological findings, the town exists since the Roman age. Medieval Venetian sources say that under Labin there was a village called Rabaz. Until the 19th century it was considered a small fishing village but located in a gulf on the seaside it eventually became a holiday resort. It’s been a part of Croatia since 1991 after belonging to Italy and Yugoslavia. Nowadays, nearly 11 thousand tourists and travellers visit Rabac daily.

    Beaches of Rabac

    There are four white pebble beaches in the town. All of them have a blue flag rating, which means the water is very clean there.


    It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Istria. It has both concrete and rock sections. Thus in addition to sunbathing, it offers diving opportunities as well. It is the most well-equipped beach in the town, where you can try a variety of water sports. It’s also a place for several music festivals in summer.

    St. Andrea beach:

    In front of the old town, there’s a tiny, pebbly rock shore recommended for those who want to relax.


    It’s on the seaside promenade. Thanks to its length and slowly deepening water, it’s popular among families. Young people like to spend the night out, having parties in the bars along the beach.


    South from the old town, there is a 500 m long pebble beach with a section made suitable for disabled people. The beach has a beautiful view of Rabac’s port and old town. If you’d like to see other beaches, visit the gulfs called Duga Luka and Duga Uvala. These are less famous and don’t have many visitors, thus perfect for relaxation. And if you wish for a sand beach, you can find one in Medulin, a 1, 5 km long section of the seashore, that deepens very slowly.

    Main attractions in Rabac

    In addition to the beach, the town itself and its vicinity are worth visiting for plenty of memorable experiences.

    Music festivals:

    Several big music festivals attract tourists in summer. Two of them are the famous Rabac Summer Festival and the “House party back 2 love”, which are most attractive to young people.

    Giavani Park:

    Less than 30 km from Rabac, this adventure park in the forest is an exciting program for both children and adults.


    Only a few kilometres from Rabac, this old town is easily accessible even on foot. It has a number of cultural and historical sights. For example a gothic church from the 15th century, from where you can see the wonderful landscape of Labin and Rabac.


    In case you’d like to get to know a real Istrian village, untouched by tourism, you should visit Ksan. 18 km from Rabac, it has historical sights from the 11th century and even a fortress from the 13th century.

    Weather of Rabac

    The climate of Rabac is the Mediterranean, which means a lot of sunshine, dry and hot summers, and mild, rainy winters.

    Rent a boat in Rabac

    Rabac is a potential starting point of many exciting journeys. A popular one is visiting the nearby Cres islands. Rent a boat to visit the gorgeous Opatija, the Kamenjak Peninsula, and the Brijuni Islands. Rabac is crystal clear water, green nature, and dazzling white pebbles. From the hillside, you can observe the whole Gulf of Kvarner. The town’s port is ideal for sailing and taking good trips with a boat or yacht.

    Port of Rabac

    It is located in a natural bay on the eastern shores of Istria. The port is perfectly protected from the northern and eastern winds. It was rebuilt and developed further recently. Information about sailing in Rabac, or rent a boat in Rabac

    Port of Rijeka

    During the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, it was Hungary’s after it has become Croatia’s largest port. Any type of watercraft and cargo are allowed to enter the port. Today it also plays a significant role in the Far-East and Middle-European markets. The number of available berths is 58 plus 2 oil ports. Of course, it is fully-equipped with diverse services; not to mention its outstanding safety.

    Port of Crikvenica

    However, the Port of Crikvenica is not too large; you can find all the important facilities. It has three parts accepting transit ships up to 24. There is a gas station as well near the port. It provides electricity and water.

    ACI Cres

    The giant bay can accept 458 boats and they offer 120 dry docks here as well. It is perfectly equipped and has everything you may need.

    Marina Mali Losinj

    The bay is protected from northern and eastern winds. There are 80 berths here for transit boats with a length of up to 18 metres. They provide water and electricity, and there are many local restaurants and bars. Yachtcharter in Mali Losinj

    Port Of Medulin

    Medulin has been considered one of the most popular and most modern resorts for the past few decades. It is easily accessible on a boat and can be an ideal starting point for a summer sailing adventure. Its modern port can accept more than 300 boats. Every berth has electricity and a water supply. We can also enjoy the cosy bars and cafés with a wonderful view of the beach.

    Find yacht routes in Istria or choose another rent a boat in Istria.

    Weather in Rabac

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Rabac. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Rabac
    Wind speed in Rabac

    The wind rose for Rabac shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Rabac shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Rabac, and cruise around Rabac

    Day 1. Rabac – Medulin 44, 05 km (27, 37 mi), Day 2. Medulin – Cres 45, 50 km (28, 27 mi), Day 3. Cres – Krk 63, 70 km (39, 58 mi), Day 4. Krk – Glavine (Mala Luka) – Crikvenica 31, 63 km (19, 65 mi) – 19, 76 km (12, 28 mi), Day 5. Crikvenica – Rijeka (Fiume) 26, 24 km (16, 30 mi), Day 6. Rijeka – Opatija (Abbazia) 10, 97 km (6, 82 mi), Day 7. Abbazia – Plomin – Rabac 28, 41 km (17, 65 mi) – 9, 82 km (6, 10 mi). boat rental in Rabac

    Day 1. Rabac – Pula 71, 55 km (44, 46 mi), Day 2. Pula – Martinscica 63, 36 km (39, 37 mi), Day 3. Martinscica – Mali Losinj 38, 87 km (24, 15 mi), Day 4. Mali Losinj – Rab 33, 27 km (20, 67 mi), Day 5. Rab – Baska 44, 35 km (27, 56 mi), Day 6. Baska – Beli 43, 66 km (27, 13 mi), Day 7. Beli – Brseč – Rabac 16, 72 km (10, 39 mi) – 14, 62 km (9, 09 mi)
    Rent a boat in Rabac

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