Compared to other Adriatic regions the distances between islands are smaller and there are more sandy beaches. They lie in the wonderful Mediterranean natural environment on the shores of towns full of historical and cultural treasures. Everyone finds an ideal site in this colourful region. Those who like vivid social life should choose the milling seaside. For those who wish for intimacy and silence, we recommend tiny fisher villages, mountain hiking routes, and lonely gulfs. Families with children will also find well-equipped beaches and playgrounds. The Losinj island and Mali Losinj both offer numerous opportunities for sailors.

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    Don’t know where to go for a holiday, where you can find relaxation and possibilities for active sports? Looking for breath-taking landscapes, but don’t want to travel far? Then Mali Losinj is your place! It is an ideal island that meets all your needs and you only need to travel to the neighbour country.

    Location of Mali Lošinj

    Mali Losinj in the north of the Adriatic, on the western edge of the Kvarner Bay, on the island of Losinj, it lies at the end of a narrow and deep bay. Besides Mali Lošinj, you will find some uninhabited islands that you should explore on the back of the waves, renting a boat became an essential program to families.

    History of Mali Lošinj

    Mali Lošinj is also called Cres-Lošinj and is the largest city on the island. This town, as well as the entire island of Cres and Lošinj, has a long and interesting history dating back to ancient times. Back then historiography mentioned it first by the name Apsyrtides. The appearance of this archipelago is linked to the Greek hero Apsyrytus’s ancient legend, who was a son of a very wealthy king. Apsyrt had a Medea sister who was madly in love with a sailor named Jason. One day, Jason and Medea decided to steal the king’s golden mantle and run away. Apsyrt contacted her sister to return her father’s stolen mantle. Apsyrt was killed, his body was split up and thrown into the sea from which these islands had emerged. During history, Mali Lošinj was a small settlement that gradually developed.

    The favourite place of the rulers

    This town was the favourite resort of the Habsburg Emperors too. Franz Josef built a house for his family in the famous Čikat Bay. Mali Lošinj has always been famous for its climate and the whole island is called as a healing place. The island was in the hands of the Republic of Venice, Napoleon and also the Habsburg Empire. Later it became a part of Yugoslavia, until the formation of the independent Croatian state when it became an integrated part of Croatia.

    Beaches in Mali Lošinj

    There are several beautiful beaches and bays on the island, offering guaranteed quality relaxation for the whole family. Sail on a yacht and explore the surrounding islands! Swim in a secluded bay on one of the shores! If you’re lucky you can see dolphins in the distance.

    Veli Žal

    The island of Lošinj is surrounded by pebble beaches. The most beautiful is Veli Žal in the Sunčana Uvala Bay. The beach has a beautiful entrance to the sea and is great for families with small children. Part of the beach is paved, so you can find lounges here. The beach has a blue flag rating that has been awarded for clean seawater and because of its equipment.

    Borik Beach

    It is a pebble beach that provides easy access to the sea. It is located in the Sunny-Bay (Sunčana Uvala), which is 200 meters from Hotel Bellevue. Beach bars, lounges and parasols can be rented, it is an ideal choice for young people and families.

    Čikat Beach

    For the touristic development in Losinj the beach in Čikat Bay is partly responsible, where a beautiful environment and greenery awaits the visitors. Along the coast, you can find this beautiful, long sandy beach. There are many hotels located above the beach, which are hidden in the thick pine forest. The beaches in the Čikat Bay are the ideal choice for those who like to have fun, who live in a sporty spirit, and who want to enjoy the sunshine in a natural environment. Children can spend a real adventurous day, thanks to the Aquapark built here.

    Main Sights in Mali Lošinj

    Mali Lošinj is a wonderful, graceful, Mediterranean town with small houses. The historic quarter preserved the charm and mood of the city until today. This small town has numerous natural beauty and many historical sites, which testify to the stormy past of the island. Visit the villas of the Austrian aristocracy, the St. Martin’s Church and the St. Nicholas Church. You can admire scented garden islands here, which are enriched by herbs.

    Weather in Mali Losinj

    The Adriatic coast has Mediterranean climatic features, with lots of sunshine, dry, hot summers, mild and rainy winters.

    Yachtcharter Mali Losinj

    Mali Losinj is rich in beautiful beaches and bays ideal for swimming in the sea and relaxing in the shade of pine trees. Sports and active relaxation vacationers can enjoy windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing or scuba diving.Mali Losinj is a very important port of maritime tourism, as it is halfway between Istria and Dalmatia. The port is located on the west coast of Lošinj Island, at the south end of the three-mile deep Lošinj bay. This bay is one of the safest parts of the Adriatic.

    Marina Mali Losinj

    This marina is located on the West of the Losinj island. The bay is protected by the North and East winds. 80 transit ships have free space here in total with a maximum length of 18 metres. If you want to rent a berth, book it well in advance because this part of the Kvarner bay is quite popular in the summer season. There are water and electricity supply and many local restaurants and bars nearby with astonishing views of the bay. Information about sailing in Mali Losinj

    Novi Marina

    Marina Novi is a well-equipped small port. The maximum length of the boats anchored here is 60 metres, and the depth is 5 metres. You can reach Vinodol Riviera by boat and plane as well. The closest airport is only 30 kilometres away on the island of Krk. Information about sailing in Novi Vinodolski, or rent a boat in Novi Vinodolski.

    Port of Lopar

    Lopar is located in the northern tip of the island of Rab. The port is small, but it has the essential equipment you might need. The port is protected from winds. The depth of the seabed is 5 metres, the maximum length is 60 metres.

    ACI Marina Pomer

    Marina Pomer can be found in Medulin bay. It has a capacity for over 300 ships. It is fairly modern, clean and there is free WiFi access. Moreover, you can book a table in an exclusive spacious restaurant on the shore. Boatmen can find all facilities here. There is also a warehouse for storing equipment like a bicycle or a surfboard. Information about sailing in Medulin, or rent a boat in Medulin

    Port of Rabac

    It lies in a natural bay at the foot of Labin on the Eastern shore of Istria. The Port of Rabac is armed by a 450-metre natural coastal wall that protects it by the northern and eastern winds, unfortunately from the southern winds not. A new shore has been just opened in the port and they constantly improve the infrastructure. Furthermore, the electricity and the water-supply system have also been renewed. Information about sailing in Rabac, or rent a boat in Rabac

    Marina Admiral of Opatija

    The Marina Admiral on the North of the Adriatic Sea is one of the best starting-off points to an unforgettable sailing tour. The Marina Admiral is, actually, a part of the Admiral hotel complex; therefore, all equipment and facilities of the hotel are available for boatmen. There are 160 berths in the marina with a maximum length of 20 m and 40 dry docks. Smaller yachts should go to the Abbazia Port. The hotel received four anchors which by this means is a five-star hotel. Every berth has its own electricity and water supply. Other services are healthcare, 24-hour surveillance and safety, rent a warehouse, welcome service, ecological waste management, laundry. The marina is also accessible to handicapped people. Read more about what to do in Opatija or Opatija sailing. Check our boats: rent a boat in Opatija

    Port of Rijeka

    During the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, it was Hungary’s after it has become Croatia’s largest port. Any type of watercraft and cargo are allowed to enter the port. Today it also plays a significant role in the Far-East and Middle-European markets. The number of available berths is 58 plus 2 oil ports. Of course, it is fully-equipped with diverse services; not to mention its outstanding safety.

    Port of Crikvenica

    However, the Port of Crikvenica is not too large; you can find all the important facilities. It has three parts accepting transit ships up to 24. There is a gas station as well near the port. It provides electricity and water.
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    Weather in Mali Losinj

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Mali Losinj. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Mali Losinj
    Wind speed in Mali Losinj

    The wind rose for Mali Losinj shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Mali Losinj shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Mali Losinj, and cruise around Mali Losinj

    Day 1. Mali Losinj – Unije 25, 43 km (15, 80 mi), Day 2. Unije – Susak 17, 01 km (10, 57 mi), Day 3. Susak – Opatija (Pag), 47, 17 km (29, 31 mi), Day 4. Novalja – Lopar (Rab-island), 44, 00 km (27, 34 mi), Day 5. Lopar – Punat (Krk-island), 23, 03 km (14, 31 mi), Day 6. Punat – Cres (town), 66, 78 km (41, 50 mi), Day 7. Cres – Martinšćica (Cres-island), – Mali Losinj 63, 42 km (39, 41 mi) Mali Losinj sailing itinerary

    Day 1. Mali Losinj – Susak 15, 20 km (9, 44 mi), Day 2. Susak – Unije, Day 3. Unije – Cres town 44, 76 km (27, 81 mi), Day 4. Cres – Rabac 24, 54 km (15, 25 mi), Day 5. Rabac – Trget 32, 92 km (20, 46 mi), Day 6. Trget – Medulin 34, 83 km (21, 64 mi), Day 7. Medulin – Vele Srakane – Mali Losinj 55, 99 km (34, 79 mi).Mali Losinj sailing plan

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