Faliraki offers a wonderful, 4-kilometre-long shore segment, one of the largest waterparks in Europe and a charming little port to boaters. Leaving from here, we can easily sail around Rhodes, and the other islands of the Dodecanese are also in a fairly short distance.
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Location of Faliraki

Faliraki is located in the northeastern corner of the island of Rhodes. The town, specialising in tourism, lies right next to the shores.

History of Faliraki

Faliraki administratively belongs to the town of Kalithies, located a bit further on the land from the sea. Italian conquerors left the town in 1912 to invade Rhodes. They had a key role in the establishment of Kalithies. In 1947, the Dodecanese were liberated from the Italian dominion, and the islands joined Greece. Faliraki was known as “Pachyamos” at the time. A local man called Panagiotis Statiou visited Athens and took a liking to the Faliro shore segment. When he returned home, he opened a café and named it Faliraki, which means “Little Faliro”. As this was the only popular place at the time, people soon started to call the whole area Faliraki. They officially recognised the name in the 1950s, and several other bars and restaurants opened.

The first tourists appeared, and 10 years later, there were already large hotels accommodating the guests of the town. The shore segment became world-famous and the resort town was established around it.

Climate of Rhodes and Faliraki

It is usually warmer in the eastern parts of the Aegean Sea than in other areas of the Cyclades. Winters are particularly mild: temperatures hardly ever drop below freezing point. The average minimum temperature is 3-5° Celsius, and it may only be freezing in the mountainous areas. Most of the precipitation comes in the form of rain or snow that melts immediately. On sunny days, the temperature might be 15° Celsius, with a water temperature of 17° Celsius. The hottest period is between July and September, sometimes with a scorching temperature of 35° Celsius. In July and August, the average maximum temperature is around 15° Celsius. The sea is the warmest in August and July at 25° Celsius. Similarly to other areas of the Aegean Sea, the Meltemi coming from the northwest reaches Rhodes as well. Thanks to its favourable location, Faliraki is fairly protected from it.

Main sights around Faliraki

There are many interesting sights to see in the towns of Faliraki and Kalithies. Of course, we shouldn’t miss the many different churches and monasteries located in the area. The administrational centre of Faliraki is in Kalithies; the town hall built during the Italian occupation is still intact. You must definitely visit the thermal source in Kalithea Bay, too. They built a spa complex around the water, the medicinal effect of which has been known since ancient times; the complex reopened in 2007. You will find the Chapel of St. George at the foot of Psalidi; there is a moderately challenging hiking trail leading up to a stalactite cave nearby.

The gastronomy of Faliraki

As it is an internationally recognised and popular resort town, Faliraki offers all types of restaurants. Most of these places are located along the main road connecting Rhodes Town to Lindos. If you want to try the local specialties, we recommend visiting the smaller taverns on the back streets. If you like to fish, you will love this place! Fishermen return with fresh catch every evening, which is processed in the taverns nearby. You can try the most authentic Greek dishes in the Musikorama or the Golden Beach near the sea. The Desert Rose Restaurant is among the best places serving seafood.

Beaches around Faliraki

Faliraki beach

This is an organised fine sandy beach, stretching 4 kilometres long right next to Faliraki. It is quite crowded in the main season, but there aren’t as many people in the southern end. The different restaurants and bars are all within reach. You can try many watersports on the waterfront, and you can also go diving.

Kathara beach

This section starts a few hundreds of metres to the south of Faliraki Beach. It is an ideal choice if you want to avoid large crowds during the main season, as there aren’t as many tourists here. It is a clean and well-organised beach. The water deepens slowly, so we encourage families with children to visit the place.

Akti Miaouli beach

This fairly narrow sandy-pebbly beach can be found north of Faliraki. Guests can rent sunshades and loungers. The slowly-deepening water makes it ideal for families.

Yacht charter Faliraki

Leaving Faliraki, you can easily get to all the important towns of Rhodes. The southeastern side, which is protected fairly well from the Meltemi, is suitable even for beginner boaters.

Rhodes Marina

This world-famous marina offers everything that you might need as a sailor. They accommodate 382 boats with a maximum length of 120 metres and a draught of up to 6.5 metres. The marina is particularly well-accessible. Since it is located close to the airport, you can get here quickly on a bus or by taxi. As for services, the marina stands out among all the Greek marinas on the Aegean Sea: they provide boat maintenance, fuel, laundry, water supply as well as many other useful services. There is even free Wi-Fi, which is not at all common in Greek marinas.

Faliraki Harbour

This is a small harbour on the southern side of Faliraki, mostly used by fishermen returning home in the evenings. As it was designed particularly for fishing boats, they only accommodate smaller tourist vessels.

Faliraki became an incredibly popular town resort during the ten years that followed the opening of their very first café. Many people visit the town today – they even have a tiny harbour of their own.

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Weather in Faliraki

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Faliraki. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Faliraki
Wind speed in Faliraki

The wind rose for Faliraki shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Faliraki shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Rent a boat in Faliraki, and cruise around Faliraki

Day 1: Faliraki – Rhodesváros 14, 70 km (9, 13 mi), Day 2: Rhodesváros – Panormittis (Symi) 41, 86 km (26, 01 mi), Day 3: Panormittis (Symi) – Livadia (Tilos) 43, 86 km (27, 26 mi), Day 4: Livadia (Tilos) – Palon (Nisyros) 32, 52 km (20, 21 mi), Day 5: Palon (Nisyros) – Kamari (Kos) 22, 32 km (13, 87 mi), Day 6: Kamari (Kos) – Kalimnos (Kalimnos) 43, 40 km (26, 97 mi), Day 7: Kalimnos (Kalimnos) – Pserimos – Kos (Kos) 30, 33 km (18, 85 mi)
yacht charter in Faliraki

Day 1: Faliraki (Rhodes) – Rhodesváros (Rhodes) 14, 70 km (9, 13 mi), Day 2: Rhodesváros (Rhodes) – Panormittis (Symi) 41, 86 km (26, 01 mi), Day 3: Panormittis (Symi) – Kos (Kos) 76, 90 km (47, 78 mi), Day 4: Kos (Kos) – Kamari (Kos) 60, 52 km (37, 61 mi), Day 5: Kamari (Kos) – Livadia (Tilos) – Chalki 89, 02 km (55, 31 mi), Day 6: Chalki – Plimiri (Rhodes) 52, 70 km (32, 75 mi), Day 7: Plimiri (Rhodes) – Kolympia (Rhodes) – Faliraki (Rhodes) 62, 75 km (38, 99 mi)
Rent a boat in Faliraki

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