Faliraki offers a wonderful, 4-kilometre-long shore segment, one of the largest waterparks in Europe and a charming little port for boaters. Leaving from here, we can easily sail around Rhodes, and the other islands of the Dodecanese are also within a fairly short distance.

Faliraki yacht week

The weather of Faliraki

The climate of Faliraki and Rhodes is the Mediterranean. Summers are longer and warmer here than on the western part of the Aegean Sea. Winters are particularly mild: temperatures hardly ever drop below freezing with an average minimum of 3-5° Celsius. It might only snow in the mountainous areas, but it does not persist longer than a few hours. The temperature of the sea in the winter is around 17° Celsius. The warmest period is in August and September with a maximum temperature of 35° Celsius in the afternoons. The sea might get as warm as 25 °Celsius. The Meltemi, which is present on the entire Aegean Sea, blows here as well, but the location of Faliraki lessens its effect.
Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Faliraki.

Ports around Faliraki

Faliraki Harbour

The small harbour is located on the southern shores of Faliraki. It is mostly used by the local fishermen, but some tourists also dock here. As the harbour is designed for small fishing boats, it can only accommodate short tourist boats.

Rhodes Marina

This giant marina on the northern part of Rhodes Town has become world-famous for a reason. It excels all the other marinas on the Aegean Sea in all respects. They can accommodate 382 boats with a length of up to 120 metres and a maximum draught of 6.5 metres. Regardless of what service you need for your boat, you will definitely find it here: fuel, service, maintenance, water supply – they have it all! They even provide convenient features – for instance, Wi-Fi access – which is a rare commodity in Greek marinas.

Panormittis Marina

This is a smaller marina in one of the southwestern bays of Symi, near Panormittis. Thanks to its location, it is protected well from the Meltemi. They accommodate boats up to 60 metres in length. However, they offer no significant services here. There are restaurants, bars and a mall next to the marina.

Agios Stefanos Marina, Tilos

The main marina of Tilos accommodates boats with a length of up to 60 metres and a draught of 6 metres. We can replenish our water supplies, take care of smaller maintenance tasks and go shopping here.

Palon Marina, Nisyros

This is the larger, eastern marina of Nisyros. They accommodate boats that are up to 60 metres in length and have a draught of up to 4 metres. You can choose from all the main services here, including shopping and access to water. There are several interesting sights to explore near the port, including the Zagoras Museum, which is only a few blocks away.

Limin Kalímnou, Kalymnos

This marina is located in a wonderful environment and is equipped very well. You will find all amenities required for boating: fuel, maintenance and inspection, as well as water supply. If you get hungry, there are several taverns, restaurants and bars to choose from near the port. They accommodate boats with a length of up to 20 metres and a draught of 5 metres. If you have a longer boat, you should go to the marina of Vathi a bit further to the north.

Kamares Marina, Kos

This large port is located on the western side of Kos, on Kamari. They accept boats with a length of up to 60 metres and a maximum draught of 6 metres. This well-equipped marina offers access to water, shops and the opportunity to take care of small maintenance tasks. There are many great beaches and attractions nearby.

Kos Marina, Kos

The giant marina of the capital of Kos accommodates 250 vessels. Boats with a length of up to 80 metres and a draught of 5 metres can be docked here. The marina, which has its own security guard service, provides you with the opportunity to take care of boat service, fuel your boat replenish your water supplies. There are restaurants, bars and hotels in the near vicinity. The marina even has a Blue Flag certificate, which proves its excellence.

Sail in Faliraki! Faliraki sailing trips

1-week sailing in Faliraki

You will sail to the capital of the island of Kos from the tiny marina of Faliraki. During your trip, you can visit the smaller islands of the Dodecanese. The trip can be more challenging in the summer when you have to sail windward almost the entire time.
Faliraki Sailing Plan

Day 1: Faliraki – Rhodes

14.70 km (9.13 mi)
Sailing out from the marina of Faliraki, you should follow the coastline of Rhodes towards the north all the way to Rhodes Town. Leaving the giant marina of the capital, you can dive right into the whirl of activities. There are several great restaurants and bars to choose from. If you like the buzzing nightlife, you must definitely visit Orfanidou Street which offers world-famous clubs such as Colorado! If you prefer a quieter environment, we recommend that you explore the cosy little taverns and bars of the old town.

Day 2: Rhodes – Panormittis (Symi)

41.86 km (26.01 mi)
After leaving Rhodes Town, you should navigate towards the northwest, keeping a distance from the Turkish shores. Today’s destination is the island of Symi and the town of Parnomittis. The most important sight that you must definitely visit is The Holy Monastery of Archangel Michael. There are two religious museums and beautiful frescoes inside. If you want to relax on the beach, you will find it near the marina. Take a short trip to Ano Symi in the northern part of the island and visit the local sailing museum there!

Day 3: Panormittis (Symi) – Livadia (Tilos)

43.86 km (27.26 mi)
Prepare for a longer sailing trip towards the southwest! You can relax in a peaceful environment on the island of Tilos, as it is not affected by mass tourism. If you dock in the town of Livadia, you might encounter other tourists, but there aren’t as many of them here as on Rhodes, for instance. The only organised beach on the island is located next to the marina of Livadia. If you want to enjoy the beach in a quiet environment, sail around the island and explore the hidden shore segments! The town of Megalo Chorio offers dozens of interesting sights, such as the local archaeological museum and the monastery dedicated to the patron saint of the island. You will find the remains of a medieval castle that belonged to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta on the hill behind the town.

Day 4: Livadia (Tilos) – Palon (Nisyros)

32.52 km (20.21 mi)
Navigating towards the northwest, you will encounter the island of Nisyros. You can dock in the marina of Palon. The island is famous for its volcano which is still active today, so you can hike in a very unique environment. If you are interested in volcanoes, you shouldn’t miss the village of Nikia either! You can walk up to the volcano from here and also visit the local museum. There are several smaller museums, Venetian buildings, and other interesting sights to see in the town of Mandraki.

Day 5: Palon (Nisyros) – Kamari (Kos)

22.32 km (13.87 mi)
You should dock on the western end of the island of Kos, in the town of Kamari. Before you arrive at the port, dock at the tiny island of Kastri opposite the beach! You can admire the ruins of an old military outpost on one side and the blue-white chapel of St. Nicholas on the other. Continuing your trip towards Kamari, you will find yourself on the most popular shore segment of the island where you can enjoy the sunshine on an organised beach. The nearby town of Kefalos has an ethnographic museum that you should visit if you are interested in local history. The western part of Kos offers several natural sights as well, including the Aspri Petra cave.

Day 6: Kamari (Kos) – Kalimnos (Kalimnos)

43.40 km (26.97 mi)
You can find the island of Kalimnos north of Kos; it is popular among active tourists – skilful and even professional hikers love visiting the island. The sport has become so popular around here that they even organize a festival dedicated to this activity. They offer courses for beginners. Many street vendors in the capital, Porthia, sell sea sponges. There are ethnographic and archaeological museums in Kalimnos as well.

Day 7: Kalimnos (Kalimnos) – Pserimos – Kos (Kos)

30.33 km (18.85 mi)
On the last day of your trip, head towards the east – your destination will be the capital of Kos! About halfway, dock at the tiny island of Presimos. On the island, which has a population of only 50 people, locals earn their living mainly from fishing and tourism. Not many people visit this place without a particular reason – it is mostly boaters like yourself who spend 1-2 days here. As a result, you can enjoy the beach in a very unique environment. We recommend that you explore the island by sailing around as there are practically no roads.
Leaving from Pserimos, your final destination will be the capital of Kos on the eastern side of the island. After you have returned your ship, you can start exploring the neighbourhood; the Tree of Hippocrates, for example, can be found near the port. The fact that you can still see the remains of Greek and Roman architecture represents the colourful history of the town. If you are a fan of movies, you will love the Cine Orfeas open-air cinema, showing new movies on summer nights.

7 Days Faliraki sailing trip

Many boaters prefer two-way routes, and that is what we will recommend now. Starting your trip in Faliraki, you will sail to the island of Kos, then return alongside the southern coastline of Rhodes.
Faliraki Sailing Itinerary
Day 1. Faliraki (Rhodes) – Rhodes (Rhodes) 14.70 km (9.13 mi), Day 2. Rhodes(Rhodes) – Panormittis (Symi) 41.86 km (26.01 mi), Day 3. Panormittis (Symi) – Kos (Kos) 76.90 km (47.78 mi), Day 4. Kos (Kos) – Kamari (Kos) 60.52 km (37.61 mi), Day 5. Kamari (Kos) – Livadia (Tilos) – Chalki 89.02 km (55.31 mi), Day 6. Chalki – Plimiri (Rhodes) 52.70 km (32.75 mi), Day 7. Plimiri (Rhodes) – Kolympia (Rhodes) – Faliraki (Rhodes) 62.75 km (38.99 mi)

Marine gas near Faliraki, boat gas stations around the Dodecanese

  • Rhodes, Rhodes: , Depth: 6.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.447443, 28.231390
  • Kalimnos, Kalimnos: , Depth: 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.948315, 28.986232
  • Kos, Kos: , Depth: 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.896780, 27.288671

Faliraki on the island of Rhodes offers great entertainment opportunities, a giant waterpark and other interesting sights to see. Don’t miss out on one of the most dynamically developing resort towns of today!

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