Are you planning a sailing trip in Rhodes? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Rhodes lies in the southeastern region of the Aegean Sea. It is, by the way, a few kilometres from the shores of Anatolia. Its territory is 1401 km2, its population is 120, 000. The Romans named the island for its indigenous pomegranate flower. Its diverse terrain and rich flora and fauna make it the most popular destination in Europe. Tiny coves and wide sandy beaches rotate on the shore. There are ancient ruins and medieval fortresses erecting above the town. If you are looking for an action-packed holiday, then sail in Rhodes!Rhodes sailing tours

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When is the best time for sailing in Rhodes?

Rhodes lies in the Mediterranean climate zone. This means that winters are mild and rainy, summers are hot and dry. It can rain about 600 mm between November and February, the temperature reaches 10-15ºC. After the wet winter period, the plants of the island start to blossom. At this time the sirocco coming from the South brings hot air mass to the area. Thus, the best sailing period in Rhodes is between May and September.

At the beginning of summer, the daily temperature goes beyond 30ºC. The sea also gets warm about 21ºC. June brings the real hot Mediterranean summer. The water’s temperature by the shore is 25ºC with lots of sunshine. Meltemi blowing the North brings a bit colder air from June to September. Therefore, you need to plan your cruise from North to South due to the Meltemi. Of course, experienced boatmen can sail into the wind. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Rhodes.

Ports and islands in Rhodes

There are more ports in Rhodes. The other ports on the island are dedicated to fishing purposes. Now let’s see the important ports and islands in Rhodes.
ports and islands in Rhodes

Mandraki Port

Mandraki is the historical Port of Rhodes. Based on old documents the Colossus of Rhodes, the world’s sixth wonder was erected here. Nowadays you can only see the pedestal. Fort Nicholas built by the templars stands at the end of the pier. On the shore, there are also three windmills from the 16th century. The port has a unique atmosphere with shops, taverns, and bars. It is a busy port, so it is advisable to book before your cruise. The port is quite shallow accepting smaller yachts – always check it beforehand! Mandraki is rather interesting from a historical aspect; if you want to cast anchor, head to the new port.

New Marina of Rhodes

The ‘new’ port of Rhodes was built for touristic purposes. This complex is state-of-the-art and innovative technology. There is a yacht repair garage and a dry dock. Moreover, this is the only port in Greece which accepts yachts of 120 m. It possesses about 400 berths. There are electricity, tap water, and wastewater tanks at every anchor point. Furthermore, you can find a car rental company, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Not to mention laundry and surgeries. yacht charter Rhodes

Faliraki Harbour

This is a small harbour on the southern side of Faliraki, mostly used by fishermen returning home in the evenings. As it was designed particularly for fishing boats, they only accommodate smaller tourist vessels. sailing in Faliraki

Kolymbia Harbour

This is a tiny and stranded harbour in Kolymbia. It is designed for smaller pleasure boats due to the shallow water. Kolymbia sailing, rent a boat Kolymbia

Lindos Harbour

The marina of Lindos is located near the southern shores. Similarly to the other resort towns, it accommodates only smaller pleasure boats due to the shallow waters. The southern beach can be found right next to the marina; you can choose from some snack bars and beach bars there. If you need groceries, you will have to walk for a few minutes to the centre. sailing in Lindos

Kos Marina, Kos

The giant marina of the capital of Kos accommodates 250 vessels. Boats with a length of up to 80 metres and a draught of 5 metres can be docked here. The marina, which has its security guard service, provides you with the opportunity to take care of boat service, fuel your boat replenish your water supplies. There are restaurants, bars and hotels in the near vicinity. The marina even has a Blue Flag certificate, which proves its excellence. a memorable program. Not to mention sea sports, which will boost your adrenaline levels for sure. sailing in Kos, yacht charter Kos, catamaran charter Kos, rent a motorboat Kos, rent a sailboat Kos, bareboat yacht charter Kos

Panormittis Marina

This is a smaller marina in one of the southwestern bays of Symi, near Panormittis. Thanks to its location, it is protected well from the Meltemi. They accommodate boats up to 60 metres in length. However, they offer no significant services here. There are restaurants, bars and a mall next to the marina.

Agios Stefanos Marina, Tilos

The main marina of Tilos accommodates boats with a length of up to 60 metres and a draught of 6 metres. We can replenish our water supplies, take care of smaller maintenance tasks and go shopping here.

Palon Marina, Nisyros

This is the larger, eastern marina of Nisyros. They accommodate boats that are up to 60 metres in length and have a draught of up to 4 metres. You can choose from all the main services here, including shopping and access to water. There are several interesting sights to explore near the port, including the Zagoras Museum, which is only a few blocks away.

Limin Kalímnou, Kalymnos

This marina is located in a wonderful environment and is equipped very well. You will find all amenities required for boating: fuel, maintenance and inspection, as well as water supply. If you get hungry, there are several taverns, restaurants and bars to choose from near the port. They accommodate boats with a length of up to 20 metres and a draught of 5 metres. If you have a longer boat, you should go to the marina of Vathi a bit further to the north.

Chalki island

The Island can be found 10 kilometres from the southern shore of Rhodes. Chalki, the island’s only town, has a port. The natural bay can welcome yachts up to 25 meters. Besides, the beaches of the island are fairly cosy. Its main sight is the old village, Chorio, which has been unpopulated since the 16th century. You can take a pleasant stroll among the houses on the mountainside.

45 %oceanis-48-5-cab-2015-8Rhodes
14.6 m / 48 ft5 Cabins /10 Berths
25 %lagoon-380-4-2-cab-2016-1Rhodes
11.6 m / 38 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths

Sail in Rhodes! Rhodes sailing tours:

Sailing in Rhodes: A one-week Rhodes boat tour

The perimeter of Rhodes is about 150 km; therefore, a 7-day circle cruise is the best choice. Get ready for this breath-taking adventure!Sailing itinerary Rhodes

Day 1: Rhodes – Faliraki

14, 76 km (9, 17 mi)
Leave the port of the capital city on the East to South. Drop anchor by Faliraki. You can do this in the port of the town or a nearby bay. Don’t miss the Anthony Quinn bay, it is unbelievably beautiful. On the wild beach, the best restaurants and coffee bars are awaiting you. Snorkel by the offshore rocks and marvel at the wonderful sea sponges.

Day 2: Faliraki – Lindos

30, 29 km (18, 82 mi)
Visit the popular bays of Lindos! Spend the night in Saint Paul’s bay to watch the illuminated acropolis. Life is never dull on Lindos Beach. You can try several water sports or diving. The night on the beach is about parties, parties, parties. Bars with swimming pool and dance floor expect the tourists.

Day 3: Lindos – Prasonisi

46, 69 km (29, 01 mi)
Get around the small island of Lindos and visit Prasonisi Beach! The cosy beach can be found on a sandbank that connects a small reef to the island. Windsurfing and kite lovers are fond of this place. Do not miss to stay here and check out this marvellous beach. Plenty of restaurants, shops, and apartments stand next to each other on the wide sandy shore. Do the shopping here, because you will spend the next day in the wilderness!Sailing in Rhodes

Day 4: Prasonisi – Ákra Karávolas

7, 75 km (4, 81 mi)
Go around the island and head towards West! In about 10 km you reach Ákra Karávolas cape. This is the westernmost point of Rhodes. Many tiny coves make the shore more various. There are gold soft sand and crystal-clear water. Drop anchor on a natural beach and enjoy nature!

Day 5: Ákra Karávolas – Fourni Beach

On this day you need to cover a long distance by the western shore of the island. Search for Fourni Beach during heading to North! A nice restaurant and many sunbeds are waiting for the tourists. The rocky reef hides ancient caves near the beach. Explore these secret grooves here!

Day 6: Fourni Beach – Krevatia (Chalki)

32, 82 km (20, 39 mi)

After the hustle and bustle of the first five days, on the sixth day you will sail to one of the uninhabited settlements of Greece, to Krevatia. Since you will not find a port here, it is worth anchoring further and approaching the shore by dinghy. You should have sun milk , enough food and drink for the whole day with you because there are no restaurants or shops on the island, in return, the whole beach can be yours for 1 day.

Day 7: Krevatia – Kamiros – Rhodes

62, 45 km (38, 80 mi)
Head towards North-East and look for Kamiros. A fabulous ruined town lies beside the settlement. The ancient town structure has three levels. The acropolis with the temples and stores was on the upper level. A huge water reservoir was also constructed to supply fresh water to nearby households. The houses and markets were on the middle level. And several temples dedicated to different gods were on the lower level. This is a must-see sight. The town’s beach is quite modern and well-organised. You can find restaurants and bars on the shore and at the centre of the settlement. Rhodes is about 18 kilometres from here. Return to your starting-off point. If you have some time, devote some days to explore the capital city.

7 days Rhodes sailing trip (longer)

Day 1. Rhodes – Ano Symi 45.66 km (28.37 mi), Day 2. Ano Symi – Mandraki 72.02 km (44.75 mi), Day 3. Mandraki – Livadia (Tilos Island)36.33 km (22.57 mi) , Day 4. Livadia – Chalki (Chalki island) 34.47 km (21.42 mi) Day 5. Chalki – Lindos 83.93 km (52.15 mi), Day 6. Lindos – Antony Quinn Beach 28.24 km (17.55 mi) Day 7. Antony Quinn Beach – Faliraki – Rhodes 17.14 km (10.65 mi).Rhodes boat tours

Marine gas near Rhodes, boat gas stations around the Dodecanese

  • Rhodes, Rhodes: Depth: 6, 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.447443, 28.231390
  • Kalimnos, Kalimnos: Depth: 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.948315, 28.986232
  • Kos, Kos: Depth: 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.896780, 27.288671

In this article, you have seen why sailing in Rhodes is an excellent choice. The island is extremely diverse. If you are keen on silent coves, ancient ruins, and buzzing life, you must come here. Grab your suitcase and get ready for the adventure!
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