Mykonos is a paradise for sailors. You can make fantastic boat trips in the Greek archipelago. The islands are located next to each other, and the terrain is very diverse. Mykonos and its neighbourhood are breathtakingly beautiful. Visitors can admire mountains, streams, ancient ruin cities and bays with crystal clear water. They can also expect a rich list of programmes and exciting adventures in these parts. Come with us, if you are interested in why it is worth yachting in Mykonos!

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    Do you want an unforgettable journey to the Greek shores? Milling is important, but you’re interested in culture as well? The island of Mykonos is an ideal choice, that has more surprises than you’d think! Mediterranean beaches, fresh sea air, and water sports are waiting just for you.

    Location of Mykonos

    Mykonos is an island of the Cyclades in Greece. It lies between Tinos, Syros, Paros, and Naxos. It has an area of 86 km2. Its highest point is 364 m. According to the census, 9320 residents lived there in 2001.

    History of Mykonos

    The Ionians established the town. From ancient times, its history is strongly connected to its neighbour, the island of Delos 2 km away. According to the legend, its name comes from a local hero, who was a descendant of Apollon. In mythology, Hercules fought against the giants, and when he killed them, he threw their body into the sea. Under the water they turned into huge rocks, that’s how the island of Mykonos emerged. Its first residents were the Caresis. The ancient island was a cultural center. Since the residents were skilled sailors they helped a lot in the war for independence. They offered 22 boats and 500 people to fight against the Turkish.For most families, the main income came from the textile industry. The textile from Mykonos was very good quality, thus, locals could engage in international trade as well. The tourism flourished in the early 1960s when the island became a favoured shelter for artists. Later it gave a home to hippies. Nowadays Mykonos is one of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations. Different classical ruins, ancient sites, and other findings represent the island’s rich history.

    Beaches in Mykonos

    You’ll find great beaches in the shores of Mykonos. It’s a true seaside paradise. On most beaches, you can swim, sunbathe, or try watersports like diving or boating.

    Platys Gialos Beach:

    Only 5 km southeastward from the town of Mykonos, it’s said to be the best beach on the island. Several restaurants attract visitors on its wide and beautiful shore. There’s even a tiny market if you’re in the mood for shopping.

    Ornos beach:

    Ornos is near Mykonos, only 3 km southward. It’s a beautiful beach in a stunning environment and many tavernas. Also, it’s the most family-friendly beach on the island. Shallow, crystal clear water is waiting for you and the kids.

    Elia beach:

    The so-called Elia beach is 11 km southeastward from Mykonos and it’s the longest beach around. In case you wouldn’t come on land, boats are accessible. From the Platis Gialos to Elia there’s boat connection. If you’d rather visit this magical place by yourself, rent a yacht to easily discover the shore.

    Main sights in Mykonos

    They also call the central part of the town of Mykonos Chora. It enchants tourists with its traditional, blue and white houses and tiny streets. Besides that, it’s full of shops, churches, and windmills. You can take an artsy photo on every corner. The town of Mykonos offers many programs. Here you have the chance to buy some typical Greek souvenirs, spices, olive oil products, leather sandals, and postcards. The 19 m tall Armenistis lighthouse is on the northwestern edge of the island. From here there’s a beautiful sight of the Aegean Sea, on which you can spot the neighbouring Tinos island and the boats running between the two islands. The lighthouse is about 7 km from the town of Mykonos, it’s easily accessible by the northwestern road along the shore.

    Weather in Mykonos

    The Greek coast has a Mediterranean climate. The air of the country is very clean and dry from spring to early autumn. There’s a lot of sunshine, while the amount of rain usually decreases from the west to the east. In summer, we almost never see any clouds in the sky. Rain is practically an unknown guest in the summer months. The sea can heat up to 23-25 °C from June to August. Even in October, it’s still 23 °C. The area of Greece is constantly windy, these winds, however, are always changing. The wind that dominates summer months is called Meltemi. From June, it blows from the northwest and the northeast. It reaches its full strength, 5 to 8 on the Beaufort scale, in July and August. The sea-wind comes in late September or early October, which blows from the southeast and the southwest.It’s a specifically southern wind, that dominates mostly in spring and fall with a strength of 2 to 4. Due to Greece’s typical winds, its most rewarding to plan a sailing route from the south to the north in spring and autumn, and from the north to the south in summer. The waving is more preferable compared to the Croatian archipelago since there’s a greater distance between the Greek islands. The current flows counterclockwise in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin, and northward along the Turkish coast. The water flows southward on the Eastern Greek coasts, but from the west side of Peloponnese Peninsula northern current dominates.

    Bareboat charter in Mykonos

    Mykonos has two main ports: the new and the old port. The old port is only used for tours to the ancient neighbouring island of Delos. More and more people take a boat to discover the ea and its vicinity. Don’t hesitate to be one of them! The new port is only a few meters from the city centre. The number of ferries going to the port of Mykonos has drastically increased in the past few years. In the main season 10 to 12 ferryboats anchor here daily. 2 or 3 seafarers arrive per day and 6 to 7 cruisers anchor here on summer weekends. The port is extremely well equipped, you will find everything you need for boating. It also offers extra comfort services.The town of Mykonos is famous for romantic beaches and great nightlife. It’s the most popular party island among the Greek islands. However, Mykonos doesn’t only provide parties. It’s an island of gourmet food, cultural pastimes, and breathtaking sunsets. It’s an amazing place for lively young tourists, individual travelers, couples, and families. Find yacht routes in Greece or choose another bareboat charter in Greece.

    Weather in Mykonos

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Mykonos. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Mykonos
    Wind speed in Mykonos

    The wind rose for Mykonos shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Mykonos shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Mykonos, and cruise around Mykonos

    Day 1. Mykonos – Delos (Psarou Beach) 9, 38 km (5, 83 mi), Day 2. Psarou Beach – Paradise Beach 10, 24 km (6, 36 mi), Day 3. Paradise Beach – Kalafati 0, 61 km (6, 59 mi), Day 4. Kalafati – Fokos 12, 42 km (7, 72 mi), Day 5. Fokos – Ftelia 8, 07 km (5, 01 mi), Day 6. Ftelia – Tinos 23, 71 km (14, 73 mi), Day 7. Tinos – Ermoupoli (Siros island) – Mykonos 56, 06 km (34, 83 mi). Yachting itinerary MykonosDay 1. Mykonos – Tinos (Tinos island) 17, 58 km (10, 92 mi), Day 2. Tinos – Gavrio 54, 30 km (33, 74 mi), Day 3. Gavrio – Vourkari (Kea island) 46, 33 km (28, 79 mi), Day 4. Vourkari – Merihas (Kithnos Island) 37, 98 km (23, 60 mi), Day 5. Merihas – Livadi (Serifos island) 46, 54 km (28, 92 mi), Day 6. Livadi – Kamares (Sifnos Island) 23, 25 km (14, 45 mi), Day 7. Kamares – Ermúpoli – Mykonos 98, 13 km (60, 97 mi)Yachting plan Mykonos

    Yachting itinerary from Mykonos to Santorini

    Day 1. Mykonos – Siros 33, 79 km (20, 99 mi), Day 2. Siros – Naxos 53, 34 km (33, 14 mi), Day 3. Naxos – Paros 28, 53 km (17, 73 mi), Day 4. Paros – Sifnos 53, 46 km (33, 22 mi), Day 5. Sifnos – Milos 43, 65 km (27, 12 mi), Day 6. Milos – Ios 86, 09 km (53, 49 mi), Day 7. Ios – Kamari – Vlichada 53, 21 km (33, 06 mi)Mykonos yachting cruiseMore about yachting from Mykonos to Santorini

    Yachting itineraries from Athens to Mykonos

    Day 1. Athens (Olympic Marina of Lavrion) – Kea 27, 68 km (17, 20 mi), Day 2. Kea – Kithnos 37, 99 km (23, 60 mi), Day 3. Kithnos – Sifnos 61, 77 km (38, 38 mi), Day 4. Sifnos – Paros 55, 59 km (34, 54 mi), Day 5. Paros – Naxos 31, 22 km (19, 40 mi), Day 6. Paros – Siros 54, 28 km (33, 72 mi), Day 7. Siros – Tinos – Mykonos 41, 77 km (25, 95 mi).Yachting itinerary from Athens to MykonosDay 1. Athens (Kalamaki-Alimos Marina) – Egina 24, 37 km (15, 15 mi), Day 2. Egina – Kea 70, 85 km (44, 02 mi), Day 3. Kea – Tinos 80, 13 km (49, 79 mi), Day 4. Tinos – Mykonos 18, 57 km (11, 54 mi), Day 5. Mykonos – Siros 34, 52 km (21, 45 mi), Day 6. Siros – Kithnos 76, 09 km (47, 28 mi), Day 7. Kithnos – Sounion – Athens(Kalamaki-Alimos Marina) 86, 06 km (53, 47 mi).Yachting plan from Athens to MykonosRead more about yachting from Athens to Mykonos, Mykonos yacht trip or choose from another Cyclades yachting routes

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