Find out everything about sailing in Paros: itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Paros is one of the most gorgeous islands of the Cyclades. It sits in the heart of the Aegean Sea, beside Naxos. It is not so crammed with tourists like the other islands in the region. Paros offers fantastic programmes for its visitors. You can expect cosy beaches, intimate bays, ancient monuments and a terrific Greek atmosphere. You can have a perfect relaxation in a picturesque environment. If you are planning sailing in Paros this summer, read our article further.Sailing in Paros

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When is it worth sailing in Paros?

Paros lies in the Mediterranean climate zone. Therefore, winters are mild and wet; summers are long and hot. The sailing season starts in April. At this time precipitation level is lower and the temperature is pleasant. Of course, the sea is cold, not suitable for swimming. The weather gets warmer in May with almost no winds. The strong northern Meltemi winds arrive in June. This keeps blowing until the end of September. It means a slight relief on hot summer afternoons; furthermore, it is also great for surfers. Thus, sailing is the best to commence in the mornings and arrive at your destination in the afternoons.

The daily temperature is about 35°C in the summer without any significant drops at night. At this time there is no precipitation, most of the annual amount falls in winter. If you are longing for a real summer vacation, plan your sailing between June and September. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Paros.

Ports and island in Paros

Port of Parikia

The port of Parikia is the most popular one on the island. It can accept yachts of a maximum of 60 meters. There is tap water, wastewater collection tanks, electricity, and a petrol station. Not to mention a garage for repairing yachts. You can choose from several bars and taverns here. Moreover, hotels and apartments welcome their guests too. The town’s historical monuments are well worth visiting. There is a windmill built beside the port hundreds of years ago.ports and islands in Paros

Port of Naousa

Naousa is the island’s second-largest town after Parikia. Although its port is smaller, it is well-equipped. It can accept a maximum of 70 yachts of up to 25 meters. The port of this town with buzzing nightlife operates in 24 hours. Moreover, there are numerous bars, garages, ATM and car rental companies. Gorgeous beaches surround the town with exclusive restaurants.

Port of Livadi

Livadi lies on the southeast of Paros, opposite the island of Naxos. This port can accept a maximum of 50 yachts of up to 60 meters. It serves primarily touristic purposes. Even though, it is not well-equipped like the previous ones. There are only basic services, such as water and electricity; nothing else. In the neighbourhood, there are shops, bars, and restaurants. Many tourists visit it to see its cosy beaches.
Rent a boat Paros.

25 %sun-odyssey-419-2019-7Paros
12.8 m / 42 ft3 Cabins /8 Berths
15.4 m / 51 ft5 Cabins /10 Berths

Sail in Paros! Paros sailing & catamaran tours:

One-week Paros sailing trip

Paros is one of the most favourite destinations of boatmen. Countless tiny, intact coves, small ports, and free-time activities lure the tourists here. Thanks to its changing shore your travel gets never dull. Now we would like to offer you some tips for a 7-day cruise for your summer sailing in Paros.Sailing itinerary Paros

Day 1: Paros (Parikia) – Kolymbithres

18.50 km (11.49 mi)
The next destination is the Plastira bay. You can find the beach of Klymbithres here. You can drop your anchor in a protected place in the bay. There are amazing white cliffs on the beach making it quite cosy. If it is about local specialties, there are a beach bar and a tavern nearby. The water is almost light blue due to the white sand. Beside the beach bar, there is a pool that you can use. Sometimes there are music nights.

Day 2: Kolymbithres – Santa Maria Beach

13.78 km (8.56 mi)
If you want to see the most beautiful beach in Paros, go to Santa Maria Beach. It lies in a breath-taking environment under the shades of oil and pine trees. You can take part in guided diving tours organised by the local diving club. Or if you would like to stay closer to the top of the water, try snorkelling. Furthermore, miraculous sea animals hide among the cliffs near the shore. Watching the sunset could be the most wonderful from the terrace of a tavern.

Day 3: Santa Maria Beach – Naxos

8.70 km (5.40 mi)
Our next stop is Naxos.Before arriving, you should look north: the sight of a door frame left from the ancient temple of Apollo welcomes visitors to the island. The port is also very cosy, and the scenery is beautiful wherever you go on the island. You will also find romantic mountain villages, the ruins of various ancient temples, and the cave where, according to the legend, Zeus grew up. If you want to look around the island, it is worth renting a car. Read more about what to do in Naxos
Coasts and bays in Paros

Day 4: Naxos – Aliki

28.94 km (17.98 mi)
Continue your cruise to the South to the small port of Aliki. This picturesque fishing village hides many miracles. There is even a salty marsh nearby with many rare species of plants and animals. Its beach is wonderful; the local fishermen supply the restaurants with their fresh daily catch. Try out dried mackerel with a bottle of Paros wine.

Day 5: Aliki – Kamares (Sifnos Island)

57.83 km (35.93 mi)
Then, sail to the island of Sifnos. Here you can admire beautiful olive trees and almond fields. The symbol of the island is the Church of the Seven Martyrs, seen on a tiny peninsula-like extension of the east coast. Its beautiful whitewashed walls, sky-blue dome, and Cycladic architectural style are worth a look. In addition to the iconic church, the island hides many monasteries and museums. The most significant of these is the monastery of Chrissopighi.

Day 6: Kamares – Livadi (Serifos island)

22.85 km (14.20 mi)
Turn at the south point of the island and head to the North to Livadi. Upon reaching the town’s port, relax a bit in a restaurant near the shore. Also, there are a lot of bars and shops in the town if you want to do some shopping. It has a golden sandy beach where you can rent sunbeds too.

Day 7: Livadi – Serifopoula – Parikia

70.02 km (43.51 mi)
Before returning to Parikia, we take a short detour to Serifopoula and admire this barren, deserted little island from our ship.
Our final station is Parikia.It is very well protected against both Meltemi and Sirocco; its disadvantage is its difficult accessibility. Even as an experienced sailor, it is not easy to moor here: in the west, some cliffs make it difficult to set in. The island itself is famous for its beautiful snow-white marble architecture. You should see the Frankish castle built-in 1260, which has now become part of the city of Parikia. If you are curious about the origins of the abundance of marbles, be sure to check out the marble quarries that have been in operation for thousands of years.

Sailing in Paros: 7 days sailing itinerary (longer)

Day 1. Paros – Kamares (Sifnos island) 54.85 km (34.08 mi), Day 2. Kamares – Livadi (Serifos island) 22.85 km (14.20 mi), Day 3. Livadi – Merihas (Kithnos island) 45.85 km (28.49 mi), Day 4. Merihas – Ermoupoli (Siros island)69.19 km (43.00 mi), Day 5. Ermoupoli – Tinos (Tinos island) 22.15 km (13.76 mi), Day 6.Tinos – Agios Stefanos(Mykonos)17.17 km (10.67 mi), Day 7. Mykonos – Stefano beach – Paros 55.48 km (34.47 mi)Sailing plan Paros

Marine gas near Paros, boat gas stations in the Cyclades

  • Merihas, Kithnos: Depth: 8m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.389860, 24.397059
  • Mikonos Marina, Mikonos: Depth: 4.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.4475266, 25.3275272
  • Tinos, Tinos: Depth: 5.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.537555, 25.161119
  • Parikia, Paros: Depth: 3.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.087424, 25.151587
  • Naxos, Naxos: Depth: 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.106213, 25.372575
  • Riva Tirasia, Santorini: Depth: 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.452705, 25.344247
  • Thira New Port, Santorini: Depth: 4.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.386354, 25.428268
  • Rethymno Marina, Crete: Depth: 4m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 35.367884, 24.481550
  • Heraklion Marina, Crete: Depth: 3.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 35.346677, 25.151282

In this article, you have seen why sailing in Paros is an excellent choice. This island is able to compete with any Greek resort. It possesses a unique atmosphere and its beauty is incomparable. Let the charm of Paros enchant you and be part of a perfect vacation! Find more Cyclades sailing routes HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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