Most towns of the island are located on the northern coast. Due to the huge cliffs, there are no villages on the southern side. We’ll show you what weather conditions you can expect if you go sailing in Šolta. In addition, we will give you some tips for setting up 1 or 2-week sailing itineraries starting from Rogač and Stomorska. Discover this gorgeous Central Dalmatian island and the region!

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Šolta is one of the wonderful islands that lie on the coast of Dalmatia. It is only nine nautical miles from Split, thus it is also called the „outskirts” of the capital of Dalmatia. Šolta Island is 19 km long and 4.5 km wide. The island has wonderful open and hidden bays, prize-winning olive plantations, grape fields, and honey produced by beekeepers so that you can also enjoy the flavour of the sweet life.


The island of Solta is located 17 km southwest of Split and 14 km south of Trogir, in the heart of Dalmatia, in a northern bay. The island is bordered by Dnevnik Veli in northwestern, by Brač in eastern and by Hvar in southeastern direction. Solta is separated from Dnevnik by the big Šolta-channel, from Brač by Split gate and from the continent by Split-channel. The picturesque island is easy to reach from Split by ferry too.

History of Solta

In the beginning, it was an island inhabited by the Illyrians who lived in elevated places and mountains. The presence of Illyrians was confirmed by archaeological findings that have been found during plough land works, but also many tools and settlements have been digged out from the Roman age. Christianity conquered the island at the beginning of the 4th century. This way many churches that are wonderful sights can be found here.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the island as well as the west of Dalmatia got ruled by the Goths until 555, and then it was under Byzantine rule. From the 12th century to the end of the 14th century Šolta belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary, after which it was owned by noble families of Spalato. Several fortress towers were built here during the Turkish danger and the inhabitants of Šolta themselves surrounded their houses by high protection walls.

Venice occupied Šolta on June 26, 1418, and it got ruled by the Venetian Republic until 1797 when the Venetian Republic stopped to exist. After this island became part of the Habsburg Empire. It was occupied by Napoleon’s troops in 1806 and was under French rule until 1813. This was followed by Habsburg rule again until the end of the First World War. When the war was over, the Kingdom of Italy got power over the island followed by the Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian Kingdom and Yugoslavia. During the Second World War, the island was occupied by Italian troops, which made a great part of the population flee. In the second part of the 20th century, the population returned and development started.

Beaches in Solta

The island of Šolta is one of the best holiday spots, as it is less well known and you can be guaranteed of your calm period here. You can choose from many beaches, where you get a stunning view due to the wonderful and crystal clear water.


Stračinska-bay is one of the most popular beaches of Šolta, which is accessible both on foot and by bike. It is located near the village, in the easternmost part of the island. Stračinska can also be reached by yacht, so if you rent one, you can moor here enjoying the sunshine and swimming. Rent a boat Solta Stračinska-bay is characterised by a silent atmosphere, crystal clear sea thick flora and stone houses. A favourite spot of swimmers is the hidden beach with white pebbles “Di dida pere guzicu”, which explicitly means “where grandad washes his butt”. Maložalo beach is to the left, while Veložalo beach to the right of the bay.


Jorja-bay is located on the western side of Šolta, in the middle of the island’s western and southwestern coast. Tatinja-bay is the bay’s largest neighbour. Since Jorja is almost impossible to reach by car, it has become a sanctuary of seamen over the years. Although a path from the mainland is available, Jorja has a single house and a small beach with pebbles only. The bay can receive eight yachts at the same time and it is wonderfully protected from all winds. Our yacht charter Solta The ruins of the prehistoric fortress Gradine can be found in a height of 64 meters between the two bays.


Since the history of the island of Šolta dates back to neolithic times, the first legends are connected to queen Teuta, whose castle allegedly stood above Senjska-bay. Sensjka, which is an at the southern part of the island and accessible on foot from Gornje Selo, attracts visitors with a beach with white pebbles and clear blue water.


Livka-bay is directly at island Brač and the gate of Split Livka is at the southeastern edge of the island and accessible both on foot and by car from Gornje Selo. If you want a really memorable adventure, then this place is perfect for exploration by yacht. Rent a boat Solta It is one of the most popular bays of the island since it is located on the strait between Šolta and Brač. The end of the bay presents a wonderful beach with pebbles for families and daytime tourists.

Those who look for permanent entertainment on Livka can choose from numerous places of accommodation and those who want to visit it by boat during the day and explore the beauty of the bay can moor 10 metres away from the coast. The bay is considered to be a popular place in the region. If you prefer more privacy, you can also find that at the western part of the beach.


Šešula, which is one of the most popular bays of the island, can be found south of Maslinica that is the only village and port on the western side of Šolta. The reason of its popularity is that it’s protected against both bora (northern), as well as Jugo (southern) winds. Šešula is one of the most easily accessible beaches in the foot, by car, by bike or by boat. Due to its popularity, Šešula has two restaurants- Šešula és Šišmiš – and boat renting holidaymakers can also moor in front of the restaurant if they prefer. Rent a boat Solta The bay has a scuba diving centre, many water sports facilities, accommodation and a fishing farm, where freshly produced and very popular seabass can be tried.

Major sights in Solta

Due to Christianity, the island has many churches including Saint Nicholas, the Virgin Mary, the Our Lady of Bor and the Saint John churches. Besides these, you can also find ruins from the late antiquity, archaeological sites and architectural memorials here.

Weather of Solta

The coast of the Adriatic Sea is characterised by Mediterranean climate with much sunshine, dry and hot summers and a mild and humid winter. Solta weather information

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The island’s port, Rogac, is to be found in a bay surrounded by pine trees, only nine nautical miles from Split that is 16 km. Its development can be traced back to ancient times when the port of the most important village of the island Grohote was built. Even today this is Šolta’s central port and also the departure point of the island’s adventurous explorations. At the same time, Rogac is the island’s most important connection point to the mainland. It is an ideal goal for sailors and everyone who enjoys the natural environment and neighbourhood of the island.

The island of Solta is a popular destination for many people due to its wonderful nature, beaches, central location and excellent public road connections. It is an excellent choice if you want to discover the whole island, the beautiful beaches, the crystal clear sea and nature. You’ll find calmness and silence here for sure and you can relax here after the exhausting workdays.

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Weather in Solta

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Solta. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Solta
Wind speed in Solta

The wind rose for Solta shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Solta shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Rent a boat in Solta, and cruise around Solta

Day 1. Rogač – Drvenik Veli-island 18, 35 km (11, 40 mi), Day 2. Drvenik Veli-island – Primosten 27, 80 km (17, 27 mi), Day 3. Primosten – Vis 65, 08 (40, 44 mi), Day 4. Vis – Vela Luka 44, 90 km (27, 90 mi), Day 5. Vela Luka – Hvar 34, 03 km (21, 15 mi), Day 6. Hvar – Stari Grad 25, 40 km (15, 78 mi), Day 7. Stari Grad – Milna (Brač-island, Marina Vlaska) – Rogač 40, 05 km (24, 88 mi). boat rental in Solta

Day 1. Stomorska – Maslinica 15, 89 km (9, 87 mi), Day 2. Maslinica – Rogoznica 29, 12 km (18, 10 mi), Day 3. Rogoznica – Vis 58, 50 km (36, 35 mi), Day 4. Vis – Komiža 20, 63 km (12, 82 mi), Day 5. Komiža – Vela Luka 57, 84 km (35, 94 mi), Day 6. Vela Luka – Lovište 42, 09 km (26, 15 mi), Day 7. Lovište – Trpanj 26, 86 km (16, 69 mi), Day 8. Trpanj – Ploče 14, 51 km (9, 01 mi), Day 9. Ploče – Sućuraj 23, 04 km (14, 31 mi), Day 10. Sućuraj – Sumartin 32, 84 km (20, 41 mi), Day 11. Sumartin – Povlja 15, 45 km (9, 60 mi), Day 12. Povlja – Pučišća 11, 06 km (6, 87 mi), Day 13. Pučišća – Supetar17, 50 km (10, 87 mi), Day 14. Supetar – Ložišća – Stomorska 25, 79 km (16, 02 mi).
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