Rovinj is not only world-famous for its calm beaches but for its unique history and establishment as well. It is a perfect starting point when exploring the Adriatic Sea. You can discover the beautiful Croatian towns and conquer the shores of Italy from here at the same time.

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    Location of Rovinj

    Rovinj is located between Porec and Pula, on the western shores of the Istrian Peninsula. The old town was built on a protruding cliff, and we can see the Church of Sant’Eufemia from a great distance. Thanks to its unique architecture, it is one of the most frequently visited Croatian towns, with a population of 15, 000 people.

    History of Rovinj

    Life used to be buzzing in this territory long before history. Due to its favourable location, the town was destroyed and burnt down several times, similar to other towns on Istria. During the Venetian Era, the value of traded goods significantly increased, and the local economy started to flourish. As a result, the small town became a real city. The fishing and farming oriented economy were completed by the settling craftsmen and retailers. Rovinj became the busiest and largest port in Medieval Istria and the most significant shipbuilding and fishing centre in the area during the 17th century. It lost its leading role during the 18th century as Rijeka and Triest nearby became officially free port cities. Its inhabitants were impoverished, and Rovinj was a town of rebels and smugglers. The flourishing of the town as a result of tourism, which is the main source of income today.

    Weather in Rovinj

    There are very suitable conditions for those who want to sail in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. The landscape is covered with thick Mediterranean flora due to the location, rich in sunshine. The winds Bora and Jugo make a pleasant harmony, especially in the spring and early autumn. The temperature of the water is rarely lower than 14 degrees.

    Main sights in Rovinj

    The Church of St. Euphemia

    We can spot the bell tower of the church from a great distance. There is a wonderful view of the landscape from the top of the 62-meter-high building. Legend has it that if the statue in the tower is facing the sea, we can expect brilliant sunshine.

    Town clock

    The building, which used to serve as the southern bastion of the town, is visited by thousands of tourists today. It is an architectural masterpiece that has been renovated several times during the centuries. The famous lion of Saint Mark can also bee is seen on it; it was completed during the dominion of the Republic of Venice.

    Balbi’s Arch

    It is the most famous gate in town, connecting the main square to the old town. It is also decorated with a Turkish head with a turban from the outside and a bearded figure carved from Venetian stone from the inside.

    Old town

    While wandering in the labyrinth-like old town of Rovinj, we can get an insight into the authentic, old Italian way of life. The cobblestone streets will definitely amaze you too; make sure to bring your camera!

    Lim Fjord

    Lim Fjord is located near the town; it is a river with a length of 10 kilometres. The mountains forming a canyon are covered with rich Mediterranean flora. The sight of the unspoiled nature while rowing a boat on the sea is a perfect way of recreation.

    Beaches in Rovinj

    Mulini Beach

    This wonderful pebbly beach can be found along the boardwalk in town. They have very comfortable lounges and the service of the local restaurants is also perfect. This is the place to go if you want to enjoy a carefree day on the beach.

    Lone Bay

    Lone bay is located not far from Mulini Beach but is still in a peaceful environment. It is particularly recommended for those who prefer hidden beaches. While walking beneath the canopy of the trees, you can find your ideal spot on the beach.

    Cuvi Beach

    The beautiful Cuvi Beach is located a bit farther from town, in a quiet environment. We can find a small footpath as well as bars and restaurants here. The spot is very popular among tourists, so we should consider arriving early.

    Red Island

    Maškin and St. Andrew’s Island is located right next to Rovinj, the two constituting Red Island together. They are connected only by a thin neck of land that we can walk across. The small town is a real holiday resort. Due to the fact that the two shore segments and the bridge connecting them are very close, we can swim together with the fish in the shallow and crystal-clear waters. It is a perfect spot for enjoying the sunshine or a pleasant walk.

    Rent a boat in Rovinj

    Rovinj has been among the busiest towns on the Adriatic for centuries. Due to its location, it might be an ideal beginning of an unforgettable summer vacation. Thanks to a 20-million-Euro investment, it is one of the largest and most modern ports in Croatia. Everything is clean and in very good condition. They have excellent healthcare services. 416 ships with a maximum length of 50 metres are allowed altogether.

    Marina of Vrsar

    Vrsar is located in a bay perfectly protected by the surrounding islands. It is among the ports in the best condition on the northern shores of Istria. The port, which has 14-metre-deep waters, can accept 200 boats with a length of up to 40 metres.

    ACI Marina Pula

    The port of Pula can be found in a giant natural bay. They have 200 berths for mega yachts as long as 40 metres. It is perfectly equipped. They have laundry, ATM and currency exchange. There is also a petrol station nearby, and we can rent a car, too. Information about sailing in Pula, or yachtcharter in Pula

    ACI Marina Pomer

    The port of Pomer can be found in Medulin Bay. They can accept more than 300 ships. It is a modern port with free Wi-Fi. There is a fine spacious restaurant on the beach. The port offers everything that sailors may need. There is even a storehouse where they can keep their equipment such as bicycles or surfboards. Rent a boat in Medulin

    You will find everything for a perfect vacation in this beautiful Croatian town. Besides the historical heritage, there are countless natural sights to see as well. Set sail and let the holiday begin! Find yacht routes in Istria or choose another rent a boat in Istria.

    Weather in Rovinj

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Rovinj. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Rovinj
    Wind speed in Rovinj

    The wind rose for Rovinj shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Rovinj shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Rovinj, and cruise around Rovinj

    Day 1. Rovinj – Lim Fjord – Vrsar 12.50 km (7.77 mi) – 11.97 km (7.44 mi), Day 2. Vrsar – Funtana – Porec 4.22 km (2.62 mi) – 6.01 km (3.73 mi), Day 3. Porec – Novigrad 11.80 km (7.33 mi), Day 4. Novigrad – Umag 14.86 km (9.23 mi), Day 5. Umag – Triest 35.56 km (22.10 mi), Day 6. Triest – Venice 115.35 km (71.67 mi), Day 7. Venice – Red Island – Rovinj 110.07 km (68.40 mi) – 2.71 km (1.69 mi). boat rental in Rovinj

    Day 1. Rovinj – Umag 43.17 km (26.82 mi), Day 2. Umag – Triest 34.24 km (21.28 mi), Day 3. Triest – Lignano Sabbiadoro 50.09 km (31.12 mi), Day 4. Lignano Sabbiadoro – Venice 71.98 km (44.73 mi), Day 5. Venice – Chioggia 24.97 km (15.52 mi), Day 6. Chioggia – Pula 129.03 km (80.18 mi), Day 7. Pula – Brijuni National Park – Rovinj 6.97 km (4.33 mi) – 21.08 km (13.10 mi). Rent a boat in Rovinj

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