Medulin is a magical little resort attracting more and more tourists every year. It is special because there are sandy beaches as well, which is not common on the Croatian shores. Its port and the boardwalk has many restaurants and cafés. The whole town has a buzzing, juvenile atmosphere. Medulin is a perfect starting point when exploring the Istrian Peninsula and Kvarner Bay.Sailing in Medulin

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Climate of Medulin

The Istrian Peninsula has a typical Mediterranean climate. This means long summers with a lot of sunshine and windy, wet winters. The ideal periods for exploring the Adriatic Sea for sailors are late Spring and early Autumn. Warm and often windless summer days are of course also suitable for visiting the islands and small towns of Kvarner Bay. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Medulin.

Ports and islands around Medulin

ACI Marina Pomer

The port of Pomer can be found in Medulin Bay. They can accept more than 300 yachts. It is a modern port with free Wi-Fi. There is a fine spacious restaurant on the beach. The port offers everything that sailors may need. There is even a storehouse where they can keep their equipment such as bicycles or surfboards. Medulin sailing, rent a boat Medulin
Port around Medulin

Port of Rabac

It is located in a natural bay on the eastern shores of Istria, at the foot of Labin. The port of Rabac is surrounded by a 450-meter-long natural wall protecting it completely from the northern and eastern winds, but not providing protection against winds from the south. They built a new shore segment at the bay recently, and they have also developed the infrastructure, establishing the electricity and a pipe system. Rent a boat in Rabac

ACI Cres

The port of Cres is located in the centre of one of the largest but least inhabited islands. It is a popular destination among those who love the unspoiled nature and sailing. The giant bay has 6-meter-deep waters, it can accept 458 boats and they offer 120 dry docks here as well. It is perfectly equipped and has everything you may need.

Marina Mali Losinj

The port can be found at the western shores of Losinj. The bay is protected from northern and eastern winds. There are 80 berths here for transit boats with a length of up to 18 metres. This part of Kvarner Bay is very busy during the main summer season, so it’s a good idea to book tickets in advance just to be sure. They provide water and electricity, and there are many local restaurants and bars offering a wonderful view of the bay. Yachtcharter Mali Losinj
Marina around Medulin

ACI Marina Pula

The port of Pula had a significant role in the life of the town as early as in ancient times. It is located in a giant natural bay. They have 200 berths for mega yachts with a length of up to 40 metres. It is perfectly equipped: they have laundry, ATM and currency exchange. There is also a petrol station nearby, and we can rent a car, too. At night, there is a wonderful view of the sea and the wonderfully illuminated dockyard. sailing in Pula, boat rental Pula

Marina of Punat

You will find everything in one place at Marina Punta. The port is equipped perfectly, and always provides those who sail in the area with a relaxation opportunity. The port has 14 piers with berths of great quality, for boats with a length of up to 40 metres. There are restaurants, a hotel and a wellness resort nearby. Further services include yacht service, medical help, and equipment storage. They have also important services such as drinking water connection, electrical connection, video surveillance of the port and the entrance, Wi-Fi, currency exchange, information desk, weather forecast, meteorological station, Internet café, playground for kids and laundry services. Information about sailing in Punat, or charter in Punat.

It lies on the navigable route that lasts until the Kornati islands, on the eastern side of the big Puntarska Draga. The entrance of the gulf is very narrow, thus, the sailing route marked with buoys is only 2.5 to 3 metres deep. Due to the nearby beach and big traffic you’re strictly required to sail carefully and only between the buoys.

13.3 m / 44 ft4 Cabins /8 Berths
13.1 m / 43 ft2 Cabins /4 Berths

Sail in Medulin! Medulin sailing itineraries

Sailing in Medulin: 1-week sailing plan

Sailing itinerary Medulin

Day 1. Medulin – Rabac

45.59 km (28.33 mi)

Rabac can be found in the app. 4 kilometres from Labint. It is a tiny resort located in a bay to the southeast that is protected from the winds. They say that it was an inhabited area as early as in the Roman period, but it only started developing during the mid-19th century. It was a fishing town for a long time, but it has become a popular holiday resort thanks to its wonderful natural characteristics. Most tourists visit the place because of the famous local beaches. The four most popular ones have a certificate; these are the Maslinica, the Lanterna, the Girandella and St.Andrea beach. Read more about what to do in Rabac or Rabac sailing. Check our boats: boat rental in Rabac

Day 2. Rabac – Cres

24.13 km (14.99 mi)

The largest island on the Adriatic Sea is the fairly unspoiled Cres, which used to belong to the island of Losinj. The two islands and the 30 smaller islands that belong to them constitute the largest archipelago of the Adriatic. The landscape is characterised by rich flora and steep rock walls. There are large oakwoods in the northern part and tiny bushes and olive forests in the south. The most important bird species is the Griffon vulture; they are a protected species rarely found in Europe that incubate their eggs here every year before moving on. The village of Beli is among the oldest and most popular establishments.

Legend has it that this is where Béla IV of Hungary escaped, and his name is also originated here. Another popular destination that has a rich history is the town of Lubenic. A wonderful cave called “Blue Cave” can be found here. Our holiday on the island of Cres will be peaceful and harmonic.

Day 3. Cres – Osor

39.19 km (24.35 mi)

Cres and Losinj were forming the same island a long time ago; they were divided at the town of Osor. The town was cut in half in the ancient times for commercial reasons so that they can establish a channel. It had a flourishing economy and was a lively town back then. After the discovery of the Americas though, due to the establishment of new roads, the role of Osor in the sea became less important; by now it has become no more than one of the popular destinations on the Adriatic. During the main season, the town is lively, but there is no buzz in the winter months. They have been organising the Osor Musical Evenings festival every summer for 50 years. It is held on the streets of the town. There is also a statue exhibition organised during the same time showcasing the artwork of famous Croatian sculptors.

Day 4. Osor – Losinj (Mali Losinj & Veli Losinj)

17.82 km (11.08 mi)

The island of Losinj is located on the western side of Kvarner Bay, directly under the island of Cres. The island is long and narrow with a coastline of 112 kilometres. It is a real holiday paradise. The main income of the locals is tourism. The island has breathtaking flora that was planted by sailors arriving from all over the world. There are over 1, 000 plants here; 230 herbs and 80 exotic ones. If you would like to admire the blooming landscape, March and May are the ideal months for visiting. You must definitely try scuba-diving here! Thanks to its geographical characteristics, the sea is protected very well. You can also find the clearest waters on the entire Adriatic here. We might get to see 20-25 metres far in the water.

This is the reason why the place is a great favourite among dolphins and provides a home for around 100 types of fish. They have been organising the Dolphin Day every year since 1993. There is also a dolphin reservation at the bay of Veli Losinj. We can even adopt one if we want to support the centre. Another interesting sight is the underwater historic park. The main establishment on the island is Mali Losinj, which is an Adriatic town built on the most populated island. We can see spectacular renovated manors from the era of the Monarch and breathtaking luxury yachts here. Read more about what to do in Mali Losinj or Mali Losinj sailing. Check our boats: boat rental in Mali Losinj.
Coasts and islands in Medulin

Day 5. Mali Losinj – Unije

24.64 km (15.31 mi)

Unije is one of the best places if you want to get to know the authentic, old-fashioned Croatian culture. The island is barely inhabited; they try to preserve the traditions that have existed for centuries. The sunlit land is rich in rosemary bushes, fig-trees, and unmatched olive plantations. The town was built around the tower bell of Saint Andrew Church, which is protected by tall stone walls. It is a real gem in the middle of the sea.

Day 6. Unije – Pula

53.20 km (33.06 mi)

Pula is the most populated town in the Istrian peninsula, attracting thousands of tourists year by year. This wonderful town has buildings with ancient history. People used to live here as early as before our Common Era, but the town was most flourishing during the reign of Caesar Augustus. The old city has countless historic monuments from the ancient Roman times. If you arrive on a boat, you can spot the famous arena of Pula from a great distance; it is the sixth-largest amphitheater today.

Going towards the town from the port, we can walk along with the remains of the city walls, admire the old gates and shop on the ancient Forum. Beside the Roman monuments, the first ship museum in the world was also opened in Pula in 1870; we can still visit it. There are several city tours to choose from. Beside its historic past, Pula has several beautiful beaches and a modern, well-protected port. Read more about what to do in Pula or Pula sailing. Check our boats: rent a boat in Pula

Day 7. Pula – Kamenjak – Medulin

21.41 km (13.30 mi) – 4.68 km (2.91 mi)

The peninsula of Kamenjak is app. 6 kilometres long, and it is the southernmost point of Istria. Its curly coastline is around 30 kilometres long. It is very difficult – even impossible in some parts – to access this region from the land. Thanks to its rich flora consisting of rare plants the entire peninsula is a natural preserve. We can discover dozens of hidden beaches here. Those who like hidden, quiet beaches, it is definitely recommended to get on a boat and explore the area.

Returning to the town of Medulin, we can enjoy the sunshine on the beach of Bijeca or visit the ruins of the antique Roman houses. At the end of the day, it is a good idea to visit one of the restaurants on the beach buzzing with young people and enjoy the relaxing symphony of the waves while sipping a glass of wine. Read more about what to do in Medulin

7 days Medulin sailing tour (longer)

Medulin sailing trip
Day 1. Medulin – Rabac 45.59 km (28.33 mi) , Day 2. Rabac – Fiume 37.04 km (23.02 mi) , Day 3. Fiume – Omisalj 14.99 km (9.31 mi), Day 4. Omisalj – Krk 38.47 km (23.90 mi), Day 5. Krk – Lopar 24.39 km (15.15 mi), Day 6. Lopar – Ilovik 47.98 km (29.82 mi), Day 7. Ilovik – Susak – Medulin 19.77 km (12.28 mi) – 46.19 km (28.70 mi)

More Istria sailing itineraries

Marine gas near Medulin, boat gas stations in Istria

  • ACI Marina Pula: , VHF: 17, GPS Coordinates: 44.872863, 13.845137
  • PULA – Marina Veruda: Depth: 2.5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 44.8749, 13.84651
  • MALI LOSINJ: Depth: 7 m, Working time: 6-24, GPS Coordinates: 44.531932, 14.46868
  • ACI Marina CRES: , VHF: 17, Depth: 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 44.947991, 14.416325
  • KRK: Depth: 2.2-3.5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 45.025306, 14.575191
  • RAB: Depth: 2.5 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 44.75828, 14.762634
  • ABBAZIA – Marina Opatija: Depth: 4 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 45.327236, 14.300592

You can refer to this article as a guide. You can use it to plan your perfect holiday on the Istrian peninsula and in the neighbouring areas. Explore the beautiful regions on the Adriatic Sea! Find more Istria sailing destinations.


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