Istria is one of the most interesting and beautiful areas on the Croatian waters. You can see ancient towns, romantic fishing villages and uninhabited bays here. Nature is mostly unspoiled, and it is really diverse as well. It is no coincidence that sea enthusiasts visit the place year by year. Set sail, and recharge yourself with positive energy! Sailing in Pula

This article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Climate and wind conditions

Similarly to the other shores of the Adriatic, there is a Mediterranean climate here as well. Long, sunny and dry summers are followed by mild and rainy winters. The main winds in the area are the strong, cold bora from the north, the gradually strengthening and warm Jugo from the south and the mistral from the northwest. During the heatwave, the air is often still. In the southern regions, the temperature of the water can be 20-24°C. The best time for sailing is late spring to early autumn, but the sea welcomes water enthusiasts during the entire year. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Pula.

The best ports around Pula

ACI Marina Pula

The port of Pula had a significant role in the life of the town as early as in ancient times. It is located in a giant natural bay. They have 200 berths for mega yachts as long as 40 metres. It is perfectly equipped. They have laundry, ATM and currency exchange. There is also a petrol station nearby, and we can rent a car, too. At night, there is a wonderful view of the sea and the wonderfully illuminated dockyard. Information about sailing in Pula, or yachtcharter in Pula
Marina around Pula

ACI Marina Pomer

The port of Pomer can be found in Medulin Bay. They can accept more than 300 ships. It is a modern port with free Wi-Fi. There is a fine spacious restaurant on the beach. The port offers everything that sailors may need. There is even a storehouse where they can keep their equipment such as bicycles or surfboards. Read more about sailing in Medulin, or rent a boat in Medulin

Marina Veruda

This is one of the best bays when it comes to docking. It has been awarded the Blue Flag 15 times. There is always a buzzing life in this newly established port in the summer. The water here is about 4 metres deep, and they have 630 berths for ships up to 40 metres long. They have a wide variety of services. There is even a sailor shop here, as well as bars, pubs and a market. They also offer medical and technical services.

ACI Marina Umag

Small towns deserve huge ports – the depth of water here is around 5 metres, and they offer app. 480 berths for ships of all sizes. They can even accept 40-meter-long mega yachts. The port is clean, the staff is friendly and the restaurant is excellent. There is also free Wi-Fi, charging station, and a currency exchanger. It is near the centre of Umag. A few minutes from the port there is a railway offering sightseeing tours. It is a wonderful milieu, stranded from the noisy city.

ACI Marina Rovinj

It is a modern and cosy port with a wonderful view. Thanks to a 20-million-Euro investment, it is among the largest ports in Croatia. Everything is clean and in very good condition. They have excellent healthcare services. The port is divided into two parts. One of them is reserved for transit vessels, and the other was established for yachts stationing there during the whole year. 416 ships with a maximum length of 50 metres are allowed altogether. Information about sailing in Rovinj, or rent a boat in Rovinj
Marinas around Pula

Vento di Venezia

There are of course many ports in Venice. Depending on what you need, you will definitely find the right one for you. Vento di Venezia – Venezia Certosa Marina – is a great choice. It is perfectly equipped and has a wonderful atmosphere. The water at this rustic port is 7 metres deep, and they accept 300 ships up to 60 metres long. It is perfect for tourists, as it can be easily accessed from St Mark’s Square. Venice boat rentals

Sail in Pula! Pula sailing itineraries

A complete one-week Pula sailing itinerary

Sailing Itinerary Pula

Day 1: Pula – Rovinj

32.45 km (20, 17 mi)

Similarly to its southern brother, people were living in the territory of Rovinj long before history. The town was practically built on a protruding rock on a tiny peninsula. You can see the heart of the town, the Church of Sant’Eufemia from a great distance. There are many sights here as well due to the rich history. The hotels and tourist sights make the place one of the most popular touristic attractions in the country. The picturesque cityscape reminds us of a fabulous village. Read more about what to do in Rovinj or Rovinj sailing. Check our boats: boat rental in Rovinj.

Day 2: Rovinj – Lim Fjord – Vrsar

12.50 km (7.77 mi) – 11.97 km (7.44 mi)

On the road towards the wonderful town of Vrsar, the first sight you may see is Lim Fjord. It can be found the app. 13 kilometres from Rovinj. You can even dock here for a while and go on a nice walk in the beautiful nature. Towards the centre of the channel along the beach, you will find the Jama Piratov bar. You can dive deep into the beauty of the unspoiled nature: there are beautiful forests, mountains and hills to be admired during the trip. In the evening, you can relax in Vrsar. Unlike in other towns, they started the building on the hill instead of the port.

The main sight there, on the main square, is the Church of Saint Anthony. It is special as you can see Porec and even Rovinj from here in nice weather. There are dozens of tiny islands near the town. If you sail around the area, you will definitely find a quiet and hidden beach where you can enjoy the rest of the day.

Day 3. Vrsar – Porec

13.27 km (8.25 mi)

Porec is located the app. 13 kilometres to the north from Vrsar. The first fishing village in the area used to be standing in the place of the current town. The ancient Roman quarters and streets can still be seen in this historic gem. The streets Decumanus Maximus and Cardo Maximus have preserved their name and divide the downtown into 4 parts of perfectly similar sizes. After spending the day on the beach, the best program in the evening is walking these streets, inhaling the fresh Mediterranean air and enjoying the sunset while having a nice dinner. Read more about what to do in Porec or Porec sailing. Check our boats: yachtcharter in Porec.

Day 4. Porec – Umag

39.26 km (24.40 mi)

Every road leads to the old town in Umag. All the main sights are located here, such as the St. Mary of the Assumption Church and the statue of St. Peregrin to its right. Another interesting sight is the Church of St. Roch and the houses decorated with crests, representing the architectural characteristics of the Renaissance. They organise the Umag Roman Days every summer, commemorating the ancient Roman times. You can see people dressed in authentic clothes, and you can try the typical dishes of ancient cuisine. They have other events as well such as music festivals and an Advent celebration in the winter. You should definitely check the programs in advance.
Coasts and bays in Pula

Day 5. Umag – Venice

99.91 km (62.08 mi)

The city of Venice is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It might be a little time-worn today, but it is still one of the most romantic cities and important tourist destinations in Italy. Due to its location, Venice has always been a significant commercial centre and a busy port on the Adriatic Sea. Its magic lies in the bridge – connecting 118 smaller islands – and channel system. The most famous bridge in Venice is the Bridge of Sighs. Legend has it that if two people in love kiss each other under the bridge on a gondola at sunset, they will always be in love and remain happy forever. Of course, we must also mention St Mark’s Square and the Basilica. This has been the most frequently visited spot in the city for centuries.

Day 6. Venice – Chioggia

23.98 km (14.90 mi)

The town of Chioggia is located north of Venice; they also refer to it as “Little Venice”. Similarly to its big brother, there are many buildings from the Renaissance period here, as well as bridge and channel systems connecting the small islands. Still, it is not very crowded, so we can walk around the tiny streets in a more peaceful atmosphere. The main sights are the San Domenico Church, located on a tiny island; the visitors can admire wonderful paintings here. We should also visit the San Giacomo church, which can be found on the main street, the Corso del Popolo. There are wonderful altars and wall paintings here.

Other interesting sights include the Basilica di Sant’Andrea and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Nature enthusiasts must also visit the “Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po” park. You can relax on the beach or go up the Po on a boat. You can observe flamingos and several other species during the trip. If you like the frutti di mare, don’t miss the local market either. They serve fresh fish of the best quality in the local restaurants.

Day 7. Chioggia – Brijuna park – Pula

121.32 km (75.38 mi) – 6.57 km (4.08 mi)

The Brijuni National Park is an archipelago consisting of 2 larger islands, Mali Brijun and Veliki Brijun and 12 tiny islands altogether. The territory, which is now a national park, used to be the resort of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the summer residence of President Tito. There are dozens of sights to visit here: a museum, a national park, ancient Roman ruins, and beautiful beaches. However, it is important to note that you will need the permission of the park’s directorate to sail among the islands of the archipelago and for docking.

When returning to Pula, it is definitely worth spending a few hours exploring the old city. This wonderful town has buildings with ancient history. People used to live here as early as before our Common Era, but the town was most flourishing during the reign of Caesar Augustus. The old city has countless historic monuments from the ancient Roman times. If you arrive on a boat, you can spot the famous arena of Pula from a great distance; it is the sixth-largest amphitheatre today. Going towards the town from the port, we can walk along with the remains of the city walls, admire the old gates and shop on the ancient Forum.

Beside the Roman monuments, the first ship museum in the world was also opened in Pula in 1870; we can still visit it. There are several city tours to choose from. Read more about what to do in Pula

Sailing in Pula: 7 days sailing plan

Day 1. Pula – Medulin 32.41 km (20.14 mi), Day 2. Medulin – Unije 33.34 km (20.72 mi), Day 3. Unije- Vele Srakane 11.65 km (7.24 mi), Day 4. Vele Srakane – Martinscica 27.22 km (16.91 mi), Day 5. Martinscica – Cres 27.05 km (16.81 mi), Day 6. Cres – Rabac 24, 28 km (15, 09 mi), Day 7. Rabac – Trget – Pula 90.16 km (56.02 mi)Sailing plan Pula

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Marine gas near Pula, boat gas stations around Istria


  • UMAG: Depth: 3m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 45.440123, 13.518894
  • NOVIGRAD: Depth: 4.5 m, Working time: 01.10.-31.03.: 7-21; 01.04.-30.09.: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 45.317846, 13.560966
  • POREC: Depth: 2.5m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 45.227658, 13.589683
  • ROVINJ: Depth: 7 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 45.079886, 13.636453
  • ACI Marina PULA: VHF: 17, GPS Coordinates: 44.872863, 13.845137
  • PULA – Marina Veruda: Depth: 2.5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 44.8749, 13.84651
  • MARINA DI SANT’ELENA: Depth: 6 m, Working time: All year round Berths: 150, GPS Coordinates: 44.8749, 13.84651
  • CRES: Depth: 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 44.947991, 14.417269
  • MALI LOSINJ: Depth: 7 m, Working time: 6-24, GPS Coordinates: 44.531932, 14.46868


  • MARINA DEL CAVALLINO: Depth: 3-6 m, Working time: 0-24, Berths: 400, GPS Coordinates:45.4843674, 12.5816574,
  • PORTO BARRICATA: Depth: 2-3 m, Working time:8:30-18, GPS Coordinates: 44.847704431019594, 12.463708417445675,
  • MARINA DI LIO GRANDO: Depth: 1.5 – 5 m, Working time:0-23:30, GPS Coordinates:45.450481481140855, 12.42957559286725
  • MARINA DI CORTELLAZZO: Depth: 3 – 6 m, Working time: Monday: 10:00–12:30, Tuesday: closed, Wednesday-Saturday: 10:00–12:30 & 14:30–17:00, Sunday: closed, GPS Coordinates:45.53710115110771, 12.721850171074832
  • CHIOGGIA:  Depth: 2-4 m, Working time: Monday-Friday: 8:00–12:30 & 14:30–18:00, Saturday: 8-12, Sunday: closed GPS Coordinates: 45.21897382383504, 12.275168694299717
  • MARINA 4: Depth: 3.5 m, Working time: Monday: closed, Tuesday – Friday: 9:00–12:00 & 14:30–18:30, Saturday – Sunday: 9:00–12:00 & 15:00–18:30 GPS Coordinates:45.5911407, 12.8540821

The above-mentioned routes go around the most beautiful towns in the area, but you can also see several other wonderful places. There are many things to do beside relaxing on the Croatian waters. You can get to know the traditions, get acquainted with the history and explore breathtaking exotic places. This is only a guide to help you get started – don’t hesitate, and find out how you can get the most out of your holiday on the Istrian peninsula. Find more Istria sailing destinations


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