Renting a boat in Menorca & discovering the Balearic Coasts? We will find the perfect boat for you. Wide selection – Get your offer! The Southern part of the Mediterranean is full of surprises. Just like the Balearic Islands, including Menorca. Mallorca’s counterpart is the paradise of boatmen! It has various coastline. The cliffs are darker on the Northern part with wilder landscape. However, on the southern regions, the northern streams washed out valleys among the snow white limestone rocks. Several naturally shallow beaches have been formed here by the wild nature. There are light towers on many cliffs of the island fighting with the strong wind day by day.

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Location of Menorca

Menorca is the easternmost member of the Balearic Islands. It lies in the western region in the Mediterranean sea, 250 kilometres from the Iberian Peninsula. The island lies on the North-East from Mallorca, a direct ferry connects them. Its territory is 700 square kilometres. Regarding its relief it is flat, its highest point is 358 m. There are older, darker and eroded cliffs on its northern part in the Tramuntana region. The lad contains Miocene limestone on the South. As a consequence, the Southern part is flatter with more shallow shores. Thanks to the limestone there is beautiful white sand on the beaches. The streams arriving from North have been forming the place for millennia creating long narrow valleys at their estuary.Countless herbs and wildflowers grow in the fields. The main resource of inhabitants is grazing; the famous Menorcan Cheese is also produced here.

Can you rent a yacht in Menorca – do I need a license?

Small boats (under a certain horsepower or length), electric boats, crewed yacht charters and gulet charters may not require a license. Larger boats or those with more powerful engines need a skipper’s license. Before you confirm your sailing trip to Menorca, please send us a copy and we will check it for you. You need to have the original copies with you on-board, so don’t forget to take them.
To sail in Spain, one of the following qualifications is necessary: • ICC (International Certificate of Competence), International, with valid Navigational and VHF licenses Prerequisites: RYA “Day Skipper Course” or complete the ICC Assessment form to prove competence from previous experience.
If you do not have a skipper license, it is also possible to rent a boat with a skipper

Boat hire Menorca

Menorca possesses two significant ports in Mahon and Ciutadella. There are few, though, on the island, but with limited capacity. Owing to the shortage of ports it is allowed to stay in the bay for the night in Menorca.

Port of Ciutadella

This port is in a narrow fjord. It can accept yachts of a maximum of 20 meters. It provides full service with fuel options. Although it has its own opening time, so check it well before your cruise.

Port of Mahon

The city’s port is famous for its depth. At certain places, the distance from the bed is 30 metres. It is naturally formed and found in a fjord. Since it means complete protection, it has been served like that for thousands of years. The port has two terminals; one has berths for yachts of 6, and the other for 50 metres. There is a 24-hour security service and all other necessary facilities for boatmen. There is also electricity and water supply, taxi, laundry and pubs. They provide water, electricity and fuel in the protected place. You can eat nearby, and there is also a supermarket.

Marina Deportiva de Menorca

Smaller yachts are able to stop here up to a length of 6 meters. There are 230 berths available in 24 hours. There is a developed infrastructure here, beyond basic facilities there is a laundry and a taxi station.

Port of Addaya

This natural cove lies on the northern part of the island next to a national park. On this side of the island more coves like this were formed owing to the streams flowing in. A breath-taking picture appears on the horizon when you reach its entrance. First, a nearly 300-year old lighthouse built by the British appears in the narrow valley, then the houses by the shore. There are 150 berths for yachts with a length of a maximum of 25 meters. It has good infrastructure too.

Port of Fornells

This town is the well-preserved pearl of the northern shore. Its white houses shine brightly in the sun; its marina is really tiny accepting maximum 12-meter long yachts. There are 115 berths. This country lies a bit far away from everything, here nature dominates.
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Main sights of Menorca

Torre d’en Galmes

This is the largest talaiotic town on the island. A 4000-year-old temple in good condition and local houses amaze their visitors here.

Cova d’en Xoroi

The caves in the limestone cliffs have been used for a long time. Moreover, archaeologists have found ancient findings. Regarding the bay, there is a magnificent view of the bay from the cliff by the seashore. Nowadays an exclusive club awaits you here where you can rent a terrace for the whole day!


Ciutadella was built over 2000 years. In the last 800 years a fabulous cathedral, baroque palaces and churches opened their gates. There is a big fishing market with a wide choice. Furthermore, you should visit its wonderful port.

Son Bou Roman Basilica

The Basilica was built around 400 BC. It is quite large; it lies at the end of Son Bou beach. You can visit it independently.


Mahon is the island’s administration centre. Its port is a really deep fjord, its actual depth is 2000miles. The town preserves Roman, Byzantine, Arabian, Turkish, English and French symbols which makes it quite eclectic. Upon staying here, visit the Menorca Museum, the fishing market, the cathedral or the Carmelite monastery.

Pedreres de s’Hostal

Besides Ciutadella, you can spot an old, closed stone mine. A local community, though, fully renovated and transformed it to create a wonderful dreamland. There are thematic gardens, a labyrinth, a theatre and a concert hall among the huge walls.

Beaches of Menorca

Menorca boasts of several beaches and tiny coves. Let’s see a couple of them below.

Cala Galdana

Menorca’s most famous beach stretches along the southwest side of the island. The beautiful snow-white sand in the bay contributes to your perfect holiday. You can rent canoes, paddleboats, sunbeds and sun umbrellas. Or have a rest in the bar or restaurant.

Cala Morell

This magical bay is on the northwest of Menorca. It is an excellent scuba diving place due to the two types of rocks of Menorca. The darker one stems from the Jurassic times, the white is Miocene limestone. Furthermore, there is a rich fauna in the water. Many sponges, corals, shells, starfish and colourful algal species live here.

Son Saura Beach

Son Saura is one of the most famous intact natural beaches by the south shore of Menorca. There is only one facility: a lifeguard patrols the shore in the season. Nature dominates here.

Santo Thomas Beach

This beach is really unique. There is a small bar on the shore where the tables are so close to the water that you can even put your legs into the sea. A typical Menorca feeling!

Which period is best to sail in Menorca?

Menorca is within the Mediterranean climate. The annual precipitation is 700 mm; most of it falls in winter. Winter is mild; the average temperature is 7-14 °C. At this time the wind is stronger, sometimes can even reach 80 km/h. The summer is extremely hot with high humidity level. There is a perceptible air movement at this time too because there are no high mountains to prevent it. Of course, a light breeze chills you on hot days; moreover, the wind blowing from the North means an excellent condition for sailing. The daily average temperature from June to September is 28°C. There are long hours of sunshine, annually circa 300 days.

Weather in Menorca

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Menorca. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Menorca
Wind speed in Menorca

The wind rose for Menorca shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Menorca shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Rent a boat in Menorca, and cruise around Menorca

Day 1. Ciutadella – Cala Galdana 20.88 km (12.97 mi), Day 2. Cala Galdana – Cala Ratjada 40.54 km (25.19 mi) Day 3. Cala Ratjada – Colonia de Sant Pere 26.48 km (16.45 mi) Day 4. Colonia de Sant Pere – Alcúdia 19.48 km (12.10 mi), Day 5. Alcúdia – Port de Pollença 22.87 km (14.21 mi), Day 6. Port de Pollença – Cala Sant Vicenç 29.79 km (18.51 mi), Day 7. Cala Sant Vicenç – Cala en Bosch – Ciutadella 77.75 km (48.31 mi)yacht charter menorca

sailing in Ciutadella

Day 1. Maó-Mahón – Cala en Porter 27.95 km (17.36 mi), Day 2. Cala en Porter – Son Bou 6.74 km (4.19 mi) Day 3. Son Bou – Cala Galdana 11.74 km (7.30 mi) Day 4. Cala Galdana – Port de Pollença 75.63 km (46.99 mi), Day 5. Port de Pollença – Alcúdia 22.87 km (14.21 mi), Day 6. Alcúdia – Colonia de Sant Pere 19.48 km (12.10 mi), Day 7. Colonia de Sant Pere – Cala Ratjada – Maó-Mahón 107.17 km (66.59 mi)boat rental Maó-Mahón

sailing in Mao Mahon, Menorca sailing holidays

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