Maó-Mahón is the centre of Menorca, the eastern member of the Balearic Islands. It possesses a culture of decades and has preserved its diversity up to now. It is a member of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves for keeping its untouched natural environment until today. Besides its several intact shores and coves, there are many aboriginals under severe protection. The island offers many adventures to be discovered. Maó-Mahón lies in a fjord that is the largest natural harbour of the Mediterranean. Let’s see why it is worth sailing in Maó-Mahón.Sailing in Maó-Mahón

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When is the best time for sailing in Maó-Mahón?

The island has a Mediterranean climate. It means that winter is mild and wet, summer is hot. Due to the location of Maó-Mahón and the geographical features of Menorca, it is a bit windy. Summer is very pleasant as it is hot. The dominating wind direction is north-south. The recommended period is May-September. This is the perfect sailing time. The sun shines annually 300 days on average.Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Maó-Mahón

Ports in Maó-Mahón

Maó-Mahón is a perfect starting point for a cruise around the island. The town lies on the east from Menorca; therefore, you can sail in both directions. It is important to know that there are two bigger ports on the island. As there are no official ports of call of the yacht you can spend the night on your yacht in the bay. Now we give you some important information about the ports and islands in Maó-Mahón.

Port of Mahon

Port of Mahón is the world’s second deepest port with its depth of 30 meters. It is about 6 km long and lies in a 1-kilometre wide fjord. Its entrance can be found on the eastern part of the island, there are many settlements by its shore. In the end, you will spot Maó-Mahón. The port and its services are open day and night. There are a fuel supply, a garage and full infrastructure for boatmen. You can choose from numerous restaurants, bars and hotels. The whole territory is really spectacular as you bump into countless islands on the water.ports in Maó-Mahón

Illa de Llatzeret

This is the largest island in the port. Right now it is not open to the public. It was used as a quarantine for yachts suspected of infection for centuries. Its marvellous hundreds of years old buildings have just been renovated. Nowadays the Ministry of Health has been using it as a venue for conferences and a resort.

Illa de la Quarantena

This is a smaller island with the function of quarantine. There used to be a huge furnace where the contaminated cargo was burnt. The military buildings used by the British have already been demolished.

Illa del Rei

The island hides the ruins of an ancient basilica and an 18th-century-old military hospital. You can take part in guided tours to see all parts of this compelling building.

Fortalesa de Isabel II

This is a fortress lying on a peninsula on the southern side of the port’s entrance. It was built-in the 19th century after the San Felipe protection system became outdated. You can also visit it today; there is an amazing view from the peninsula of its surroundings.

Sail in Maó-Mahón! Maó-Mahón sailing itineraries:

One-week Maó-Mahón sailing cruise

Next, we are going to offer you a one-week sailing cruise to explore the vicinity of Maó-Mahón and the island’s eastern shore.Sailing itinerary Mao-Mahon

Day 1. Maó-Mahón – Es Grau

17.46 km (10.85 mi)
There are many berth opportunities on the north shore, so head to Addaya. Sail along the wonderful coastline of the S’Albufera des Grau National Park. The port of Es Garu is quite small, but that makes it so fabulous. You can hire apartments in the town because there are no hotels. The beach is breath-taking; you can feel free in the turquoise water. There is an island opposite the bay called Illa d’en Colom. Its two beaches are amazing without hordes of people.

Day 2. Es Grau – Addaya

13.31 km (8.27 mi)
Head to Addaya to the north! Experience the jagged coastline, narrow fjords, dark green flora and blue water. Upon reaching the Favaritx light-tower, turn west and soon you will reach the marina of Addaya. It does not welcome yachts after sunset. There are excellent accommodation facilities, even rural tourism flourishes. The daily menu generally includes the fresh catch. Furthermore, there are another 5 islands not far from the town. The biggest one, Ille Gran d’Addaya is a great place for snorkelling and diving.

Day 3. Addaya – Fornells

11.82 km (7.34 mi)
There are countless spectacular natural beaches between Addaya and Fornells where you can have a batch. You can quickly reach the next stop since Fornells is only in 4.5miles. After a large peninsula, you will spot the entrance of the port. The town lies directly at the beginning of the fjord. It can accept yachts of a maximum of 12 meters. When you reach the shore, there are only show white houses, red-tiled roofs, and old oil trees. Traditionally the main source of income for the locals is lobster fishing. You can try it in the restaurants.boating in Maó-Mahón

Day 4. Fornells – Platges de Fornells

5.14 km (3.19 mi)
Do not miss the other half of the peninsula! There is a fabulous bay with countless entertainment facilities. Drop anchor in the natural harbour and get to the shore! Here you find Cala Tiran, one of the protected places in the vicinity. This is the home of terrestrial creatures in an untouched environment. Beach clubs and apartment hotels guarantee all-time pleasure. Enjoy shopping in the local shop, because the next stop is in the wilderness!

Day 5. Platges de Fornells – Cala Pregonda

11.97 km (7.44 mi)
The beach of Cala Pregonda lies in a gorgeous bay full of reefs. Its shore has golden sand; the water is shallow and crystal-clear. There is no infrastructure, but that makes it so amazing. Swim among the cliffs and check out the underwater world! Cook a delicious dinner on the yacht and with a Menorcan wine in your hand swing on the calm water in the bay!

Day 6. Cala Pregonda – Cala Morell

24.94 km (15.50 mi)
Cala Morell can be found only a fewmiles on the west. Its natural marina is quite lovely. You can choose from cosy cafés and restaurants. Its white houses stand out among pine trees. Menorca prides of this fabulous beach. Swim a lot, have dinner on the shore and stay in an elegant pension!

Day 7. Cala Morell – Cala en Bosch – Maó-Mahón

80.35 km (49.93 mi)
Cala en Bosch is located on the southern coast of the island, about 10 kilometres from Ciutadella. The beach is located in a beautiful bay, covered with white sand. The city is bustling with noisy, cultural programs and great leisure activities. This is one of Menorca’s most beautiful resorts, where everything is about recharging. There are beautiful unspoiled bays in the surroundings, which are the favourite bathing places for sailors. Its port is located in the heart of the city and is accessible via a narrow canal. For this reason, boats up to 6.8 meters in height, with a maximum depth of 1.5 meters are accepted. With its 276 moorings, it is the most important berth place on the south coast.Take a walk in the city and have a lobster soup for dinner.From Cala en Bosch returns to your starting-off point to Maó-Mahón!

Maó-Mahón sailing: 7 days sailing itinerary

Day 1. Maó-Mahón – Cala en Porter 27.95 km (17.36 mi), Day 2. Cala en Porter – Son Bou 6.74 km (4.19 mi) Day 3. Son Bou – Cala Galdana 11.74 km (7.30 mi) Day 4. Cala Galdana – Port de Pollença 75.63 km (46.99 mi), Day 5. Port de Pollença – Alcúdia 22.87 km (14.21 mi), Day 6. Alcúdia – Colonia de Sant Pere 19.48 km (12.10 mi), Day 7. Colonia de Sant Pere – Cala Ratjada – Maó-Mahón 107.17 km (66.59 mi)Sailing plan Maó-Mahón
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Marine gas near Maó-Mahón, boat gas stations around Menorca

  • FORNELLS: Depth:3 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 40.054298400878906, 4.131443977355957
  • MAHÓN: Depth: 3, 5-4 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 39.8903391 , 4.2647477
  • CIUTADELLA: Depth: 4 m Working time:08-23:00, GPS Coordinates: 40.0023118, 3.8356746

In this article we have shown you why sailing in Menorca is an excellent choice. This town incorporates the Mediterranean lifestyle and the modesty of islanders. Maó-Mahón is an excellent starting-off point to explore the beauty of Menorca.Find yacht routes in Menorca or choose another boat hire in Menorca.

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