For thousands of years, Ciutadella has served as a secure port for travellers in the Mediterranean. The wonderful city has many secrets to discover for those visiting Menorca. There are many historical sights of the past thousands of years. Moreover, festivals make the busy summer months more colourful. The Catalan speaker islanders are very friendly and open. Hundreds of small bays articulate the coast of Menorca, and most of them also function as natural beaches. In this region, you can leave the boring daily routine and forget about the problems. Why is it the best choice for sailing in Ciutadella? Stay with us and you will see! Sailing in Ciutadella

This article summarizes the followings:

When is the best time for sailing in Ciutadella?

The definite answer is summer. Even though the winter is mild, it is still windy and rainy. It is worth visiting this wonderful island from May to September. The temperature is 30-35 ° C during the day and does not go below 27 ° C at night. The wind eases pleasantly, just right for sailing. The direction of the prevailing wind is north-south. The average number of sunshine days is 300 a year, so we can say that Ciutadella is the perfect destination! Precipitation during this period is almost non-existent, but humidity is quite high. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Ciutadella

Ports around Ciutadella

The port of Ciutadella has undergone a major transformation in the past 2-3 decades. It has been significantly expanded and equipped as it is of major international importance. There are flights to Mallorca, Ibiza, and Barcelona. Below we describe what you need to know about the ports of Ciutadella.

Puerto Antiguo de Ciutadella de Menorca

The Old Port is located in the city. It is about 2 kilometres long, with a width between 15 and 100 meters. In the 20th century, it was widened by several meters because only small yachts could fit. There are 170 seats, for yachts of max. 23 meters. It is divided into several parts having a separate unit for commercial, fishing, sport and tourism purposes. It is not open 24 hours; passengers are welcomed from 8 am to 8 pm. Its accurately equipped centre meets every need. Repair shop, laundry, internet, fuel pick-up opportunities increase the quality of the services. From the port, you can reach the old town of Ciutadella, where you will find many interesting sights. In addition to the piers, there are many inns where hungry travellers are served with mouth-watering meals.

Son Blanc

The newly built external port of Ciutadella has been open for the public since 2011. It was necessary because the capacity of the Old Port was not enough for the increased traffic. Here, a terminal for cargo yachts was created, but large yachts and cruise liners can dock here too. A breakwater dam was built on its outer edge, making the harbour water quiet and safe.
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Port of Addaya

This natural cove lies on the northern part of the island next to a national park. On this side of the island more coves like this were formed owing to the streams flowing in. A breath-taking picture appears on the horizon when you reach its entrance. First, a nearly 300-year old lighthouse built by the British appears in the narrow valley, then the houses by the shore. There are 150 berths for yachts with a length of a maximum of 25 meters. It has good infrastructure too.

Port of Fornells

This town is the well-preserved pearl of the northern shore. Its white houses shine brightly in the sun; its marina is really tiny accepting maximum 12-meter long yachts. There are 115 berths. This country lies a bit far away from everything, here nature dominates. There are no hotels, only apartments or small pensions. Nevertheless, there is a buzzing life here. You can try water sports, golf, horse riding, and scuba diving. The main source of inhabitants is/was fishing; this gives a unique atmosphere to the town. Several reefs and islands emerge from the sea in the surroundings

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Sail in Ciutadella! Ciutadella sailing itineraries:

One week southwest of Menorca yachting tour – Sailing in Ciutadella

You can see wonders on this island in a week! The best way to get around the coast is by boat, as many bays are only accessible from the water. Here’s a 7-day tour around Ciutadella as an option.Ciutadella Sailing Itinerary

Day 1. Ciutadella – Cala en Bosch

9.88 km (6.14 mi)
Cala en Bosch is located on the southern coast of the island, about 10 kilometres from Ciutadella. The beach is located in a beautiful bay, covered with white sand. The city is bustling with noisy, cultural programs and great leisure activities. This is one of Menorca’s most beautiful resorts, where everything is about recharging. There are beautiful unspoilt bays in the surroundings, which are the favourite bathing places for sailors. Its port is located in the heart of the city and is accessible via a narrow canal. For this reason, boats up to 6.8 meters height, with a maximum depth of 1.5 meters are accepted. With its 276 moorings, it is the most important berth place on the south coast.Take a walk in the city and have a lobster soup for dinner. Do the shopping in a store, because you will spend the next day in a natural bay!

Day 2. Cala en Bosch – Son Saura

5.72 km (3.55 mi)
Head east to Son Saura! On the way, there are many beautiful bays flanking the coast. Stop for a while and have a dip in the incredibly blue waters of one of the lagoons! If you reach Son Saura, you will see that the trigeminal bay. Choose the shore you like and cast anchor. Cook a simple dinner and wiggle in the evening under the stars of the Balearic Islands.

Day 3. Son Saura – Cala Galdana

6.66 km (4.14 mi)
Continue your way east to Cala Galdana. You can find magical little beaches between the rocky shores. Your destination is very close to Son Saura. This city is one of the gems of the south coast. Its beautiful, shell-shaped bay attracts bathers. It has a well-equipped beach, for everyone’s satisfaction, surrounded by hotels. A small river runs through the city, at its estuary, there is a port. Here there are smaller boats mostly belonging to locals, tourists can anchor in the bay. Do this and then after swimming a lot, go for a walk on the beach. You can choose from the best restaurants, and before dinner be sure to taste the gin of Menorca.boating in Ciutadella

Day 4.Cala Galdana – Son Bou

11.74 km (7.30 mi)
Sailing towards Son Bou, be sure to stop at Cala Mitjana Bay. This natural, untouched beach is probably the most beautiful of all! It situates about 1 km far eastwards from Cala Galdana. Experience the touch of romantic nature! Get to Son Bou until sundown, where you can anchor for the night. Here you can stop only farther on from the shore because of the underwater reefs.

Day 5. Son Bou – Cala en Porter

6.74 km (4.19 mi)
You are already in the southeastern part of the island if you reach Cala en Porter. The bay is perfect for mooring. The water is shallow, very clean, and the bed is sandy. There is a unique nightclub at the entrance of the bay, Cova den Xoroi. The limestone wall above the sea has bronze caves that have been converted into a lounge bar today. The terraces of the rooms overlook the sea and offer stunning views. Rent a private terrace and watch the sunset from here. Live music or DJs entertain the audience in the evening.

Day 6. Cala en Porter – Maó-Mahón

27.95 km (17.36 mi)
At the eastern end of the island, you slowly reach the capital! Maó-Mahón is a beautiful historic settlement that is much more citified than Ciutadella. Its port is the deepest in the Mediterranean and is very busy. Anchor here and discover the hidden corners of this ancient city! Do shopping in the port’s shops! Get a little Mahón cheese, gin and wine. Look for handcrafted leather goods among handicraft items. There are also vegan and traditional restaurants next to the piers. Live for the culinary experiences this evening! . Read more what to do in Maó-Mahón Check our boats: Rent a boat Mao Mahon
Sailing around Ciutadella

Day 7. Maó-Mahón – Port d’Addaia – Ciutadella

80.06 km (49.75 mi)
Head to Addaya to the north! Experience the jagged coastline, narrow fjords, dark green flora and blue water. Upon reaching the Favaritx light-tower, turn west and soon you will reach the marina of Addaya. It does not welcome yachts after sunset. There are excellent accommodation facilities, even rural tourism flourishes. The daily menu generally includes the fresh catch. Furthermore, there are another 5 islands not far from the town. The biggest one, Ille Gran d’Addaya is a great place for snorkelling and diving. Load off the harbour and get back to Ciutadella!

7 days Ciutadella sailing itinerary

Day 1. Ciutadella – Cala Galdana 20.88 km (12.97 mi), Day 2. Cala Galdana – Cala Ratjada 40.54 km (25.19 mi) Day 3. Cala Ratjada – Colonia de Sant Pere 26.48 km (16.45 mi) Day 4. Colonia de Sant Pere – Alcúdia 19.48 km (12.10 mi), Day 5. Alcúdia – Port de Pollença 22.87 km (14.21 mi), Day 6. Port de Pollença – Cala Sant Vicenç 29.79 km (18.51 mi), Day 7. Cala Sant Vicenç – Cala en Bosch – Ciutadella 77.75 km (48.31 mi)Sailing Itinerary Ciutadella
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Marine gas near Ciutadella, boat gas stations around Menorca

  • FORNELLS: Depth:3 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 40.054298400878906, 4.131443977355957
  • MAHÓN: Depth: 3, 5-4 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 39.8903391 , 4.2647477
  • CIUTADELLA: Depth: 4 m Working time:08-23:00, GPS Coordinates: 40.0023118, 3.8356746

In this article, we have summarized to you when and why it is worth sailing in Ciutadella. You will not forget the authentic feeling of life of Menorca. You can spend seven days in the magic of turquoise, while snow-white houses flash from the thick of the olive groves. The life of the island has been going on in its own bed for thousands of years. You will be lucky if you can be part of it for a while.Find yacht routes in Menorca or choose another boat hire in Menorca. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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