Maó-Mahón is the centre of Menorca, the eastern member of the Balearic Islands. It possesses a culture of decades and has preserved its diversity up to now. It is a member of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves for keeping its untouched natural environment until today. Besides its several intact shores and coves, there are many aboriginals under severe protection. The island offers many adventures to be discovered. Maó-Mahón lies in a fjord that is the largest natural harbour of the Mediterranean. Let’s see why it is worth sailing in Maó-Mahón.

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Bavaria 39 Cruiser (2006)

Maó-Mahón, Spain (Catamaran)


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2022-07-09 - 2022-07-16

Location of Maó-Mahón

Maó-Mahón lies on the southern part of the Mediterranean, on the island of Menorca. Menorca, lying on the east from Mallorca, is the second-largest member of the Balearic Islands. Maó-Mahón was built by the shore of a natural bay at the east end of Menorca. Its population is about 30.000; inhabitants speak a certain dialect of Catalan called Menorqui. Of course, they understand Spanish, but mostly the newcomers. The radial setting of streets preserves a long history. The largest harbour of the Mediterranean Sea is also here.

History of Maó-Mahón

The first remembrances of the town stem from around 200 BC. According to the legend Mago, the brother of the Carthaginian Hannibal founded it. However, the archaeological sites discovered in the 20th century proved that there was life even 4000 years ago. There are about 1500 megalith monuments on the island showing traces of an ancient developed nation. The culture of this nation-building heritages from huge rocks is called talaiotic. But let’s get back to the Carthaginian conquerors! After their reign, Phoenician yachtmen occupied this marvellous town. There was a vivid trade ongoing in the harbour. After that Rome became the ruler and occupied the water of the Mahón fjord with their navy.

After the downfall of the Roman Empire, several looters discovered this natural shelter. The hectic centuries of the Middle Ages also left a marked imprint on the island. It was under the governance of Spanish, French and Arab rulers. In the 18th century the British controlled the Mediterranean Sea from here, then finally it became under Spanish governance. Thereafter peace and calmness dominate in Maó-Mahón.

Weather of Maó-Mahón

Maó-Mahón has a typical Mediterranean climate. The annual average temperature is between 17-20°C. Winters are usually mild, but wet. At his time the temperature is between 10-16°C with strong winds. The island has no significant topographical features; the prevailing wind is north and north-east. Maó-Mahón lies in a bit more protected area, so the wind is more moderate. In contrast, the weather is excellent in summers. Hot spells and continuous sunshine await you from June to September. The daytime temperature is over 30°C and it does not chill down at night either. There is moderate wind with very low rain, so it’s quite pleasant.

Main sights of Maó-Mahón

Mercat de Peix

This is the biggest fish market in the town. It is an indispensable experience; you can purchase a bundle of savouries. Vendors offer their fresh catch from dawn. You can buy shrimp, lobster, mussel, tiny crabs, octopus, tuna and thousands of other culinary snacks.

Iglesia Santa Maria

This church with its 14th-century-old basement stands on the main square of Maó-Mahón. It is the magnificent spectacle of the main square, though its pure surface reflects modest power. The inner square was built-in the Neo-Gothic style. A more than 200-year-old organ is used on Holy Masses and concerts.

Illa del Rei

It used to be a British military hospital. Nowadays the general public can visit it. Next, to the hospital, there are the ruins of a 1500-year-old early Christian basilica.

Talayot de Torello

There are the ruins of burial sites built from huge rocks near Maó-Mahón. 4000 years ago a population erected these pyramid-shaped buildings without any binders. It is an interesting feeling to spend some time there where unknown builders made this unbelievable construction.

Beaches in Maó-Mahón

Cala Pedrera

This tiny beach hides between Santa Ana and Sol del Este in the Mahón bay. Its wooden pier is amazing. Lie on the deck and sunbathe or plunge into the turquoise water!

Sant Felipe Beach

There is another breath-taking bay in the direction of Cala Pedrera to the east. Besides, there is a century-old British fortress. The sand is soft and light, the water is shallow and crystal-clear.

Cala Rafalet

This narrow cove is not far from Maó-Mahón, near S’Algar. Actually, it is right next to a stream. The capacity of the beach is rather limited, but the view is beyond all praise. Colourful marine organisms live in the rocky watercourse and the water is fairly transparent.

Cala Alcaufar

The town of Alcaufar, a few kilometres from Maó-Mahón, hides a wonderful beach. The tiny cove also serves as a natural port; therefore, small boats swing on the water.

Cala des Murta

If you leave Maó-Mahón, the first beach is Cala Murta. The sand is dark here; because the island’s northern part was built from other types of stones. The water is crystal-clear and transparent here too.

Cala Mesquida

The next bay is Cala Mesquida. Despite having no infrastructure on this wide semi-circle beach it is fabulous. Thanks to its slowly-deepening shore it is an excellent choice for families with kids.

Es Grau Beach

This cove stretches along the S’Albufera des Grau natural park. It is also part of the strictly-protected national park, but bathing is allowed. It has a wonderful sandy beach with diverse flora and fauna.

Yacht charter in Maó-Mahón

Marina de Mahon

It is fully-equipped. There is a 24-hour security guard, electricity, water, and fuel supply. You can hire cars in the port, or go to the restaurants nearby. There are 165 berths for a maximum of 50-meter yachts. They provide water, electricity, and fuel to the protected place. You can eat nearby, and there is also a supermarket.Info about sailing in Mao-Mahon.

Marina Deportiva de Menorca

Smaller yachts are able to stop here up to a length of 6 meters. There are 230 berths available in 24 hours. There is a developed infrastructure here, beyond basic facilities there is a laundry and a taxi station. Find yacht routes in Menorca or choose another boat hire in Menorca.

Weather in Mao-Mahon

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Maó-Mahón. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Mao-Mahon
Wind speed in Mao-Mahon

The wind rose for Maó-Mahón shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Maó-Mahón shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Rent a boat in Maó-Mahón, and cruise around Maó-Mahón

Day 1. Maó-Mahón – Es Grau 17.46 km (10.85 mi), Day 2. Es Grau – Addaya 13.31 km (8.27 mi), Day 3. Addaya – Fornells 11.82 km (7.34 mi), Day 4. Fornells – Platges de Fornells 5.14 km (3.19 mi), Day 5. Platges de Fornells – Cala Pregonda 11.97 km (7.44 mi), Day 6. Cala Pregonda – Cala Morell 24.94 km (15.50 mi), Day 7. Cala Morell – Cala en Bosch – Maó-Mahón 80.35 km (49.93 mi). Sailing itinerary Mao-Mahon

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Day 1. Maó-Mahón – Cala en Porter 27.95 km (17.36 mi), Day 2. Cala en Porter – Son Bou 6.74 km (4.19 mi) Day 3. Son Bou – Cala Galdana 11.74 km (7.30 mi) Day 4. Cala Galdana – Port de Pollença 75.63 km (46.99 mi), Day 5. Port de Pollença – Alcúdia 22.87 km (14.21 mi), Day 6. Alcúdia – Colonia de Sant Pere 19.48 km (12.10 mi), Day 7. Colonia de Sant Pere – Cala Ratjada – Maó-Mahón 107.17 km (66.59 mi)Sailing plan Maó-Mahón

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