Renting a cabin yacht in Athens & discovering Saronic gulf’s Coasts? We will find the perfect boat for you. Wide selection – Get your offer! The Greek capital is romantic and modern at the same time with its historic monuments, countless shops, and many nightclubs. You can find just as many crowded streets, squares, and colourful shop windows, as small, narrow alleyways. There are countless cafés, restaurants, and pubs waiting for visitors in this vibrant metropolis. However, if you want to see something other than the bustling city life, you have to go on a yachting tour in the area. There are many beautiful places waiting for us. Here are some tips and advice if you want to yachting around Athens.

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Are you looking for an unforgettable trip to Greece? You don’t have to search any further for your destination. The Greek capital is a place that everyone has to admire at least once in their lives. A historic journey back in time and a breathtaking sea adventure await!

Location of Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece, located southwest of the Attic Peninsula near the Sarona Gulf. Athens was a significant place throughout history as it was amongst the first poleis. The powerful city-state was an important center of science. The city that has a territory of the app. 38.964 km2 has a population of 3.5 million people, which accounts for about 35% of the whole Greek population. In 1985, Athens became the first cultural capital of Europe. The Acropolis and the Palace of Daphne were accredited as a UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1987.

Can you rent a yacht in Athens – do I need a license?

Small boats (under a certain horsepower or length) electric boats, crewed yachts, cabin charters and gulet charters may not require a license. Larger boats or those with more powerful engines need a skipper’s license.

Cabin charter in Athens – the main ports

Kalamaki-Alimos Marina

The marina of Athens is the Athens Alimos Marina. It is one of the largest marinas with its 1000 moorings. The Alimos Marina can be found 15 kilometers to the southwest of the city center. A further 1080 moorings are of service, while 600 boats are accepted in the docking area. Yachts with a maximum length of 40 meters can be docked here; the allowed draft of the docking vessels is 6.5 meters. The marina is well-equipped and provides mariners with great services. It might be an ideal starting point for those who would like to explore the sea onboard a yacht.

Olympic Marina, Cape Sounion (Athens)

Located at Cape Sounion with beautiful views, the Olympic Marina can accommodate 680 yachts up to 40 metres long. The maximum water depth here is 10 metres. It offers a wide range of services, including free Wi-Fi, power supply, boat service, and refuelling.

Lavrion Marina

Many sailors start at the marina of Lavrion in the eastern part of the Attica Peninsula, to the Cyclades. The port can accommodate up to 680 yachts. The maximum depth of the port built-in bay is 7 metres, and incoming yachts can be up to 30 metres long. yacht charter Lavrion, Lavrion sailing

Ayios Nikólaos Marina, Kea

It is an important port on the island of Kea, close to beautiful golden beaches and excellent fishing spots. It can accommodate 255 yachts at the same time, with a maximum length of 50 metres. The water depth of the port is up to 8 metres.

Mérikha Marina, Kithnos

This tiny marina can accommodate about 30 yachts up to 60 meters long and has a water depth of 8 meters. Local hotels, restaurants, and lively nightlife areas are in the immediate vicinity. Whether you are young and are looking for some lively places or you are an adventurer passionate about history, you will definitely have an unforgettable holiday in the city of Athens. Enjoy the sun with a cocktail on the beach, or explore the historic treasures exhibited in the museums.

It might be an ideal starting point for those who would like to explore the sea onboard a yacht. Whether you are young and are looking for some lively places or you are an adventurer passionate about history, you will definitely have an unforgettable holiday in the city of Athens. Enjoy the sun with a cocktail on the beach, or explore the historic treasures exhibited in the museums.
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Beaches in Athens

There are many beaches on the Attic coast where you can find everything that is necessary for swimming and sunbathing. From exclusive opportunities to fine and clear sand, there is a wide variety of beaches in the area. We recommend you to visit the western shores of Athens if you would like a quick swim in the afternoon or if you arrive by car and want to find a parking spot without struggling. If you have spent your day cruising the waters, beaches on the western shores are perfect for a swim after a long day.

Astir Vouliagmeni:

If you are looking for an exclusive experience, Astir Vouliagmeni is your spot! This is a paid beach that may be one of the best spots you can visit during your vacation in Athens. Vouliagmeni can be found in the southern suburbs and offers a wide range of the best services from free WiFi to large and comfortable sunbeds. There are of course several cafes and places with ice cream, food and drinks at your service here.

Kavouri beach:

Kavouri, located in the suburbs of Vouliagmeni, is actually a peninsula covered with pines, surrounded by expensive mansions. A large number of sandy beaches can be found on the shores that are ideal for swimming, even though the most popular spot is near the peak of Megalo Kavouri. It has a sandy beach and fairly shallow waters. Refreshing drinks are served at a lot of places.


This is not only a beach but also a waterpark with dozens of services and entertainment opportunities, located in the southern suburbs of Varkiza. A wide range of watersports such as waterskiing, banana boats and windsurf courses are available. In the afternoons, a playground with full supervision operates to the kids’ joy.

Main sights of Athens

Ancient Athens was referred to as the cradle of western civilization. The Greek capital is a spectacular place to visit. The Acropolis that towers above the city is the symbol of the city’s rich heritage. The Olympian Zeus is a high and breathtaking temple located in the city center. Once in Athens, you should definitely visit the iconic Parthenon of the goddess Athena Parthenos. Athens, a city rich in history, has several museums as well. The world-famous Benaki Museum is home to dozens of Greek artefacts from the Bronze Age to World War II.

The most beautiful selection of antique treasures is exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum. Although Athens is not necessarily characterized by green areas, there are indeed a few such spots that are worth visiting. Two of those are the Stavros National Park and the once royal National Gardens.

The coastline of Greece has a Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild and humid, summers are hot and dry.

Weather in Athens

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Athens. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Athens
Wind speed in Athens

The wind rose for Athens shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Athens shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

Day 1. Athens – Selinia Salamis (Salamina island) 9.42 km (5.85 mi), Day 2. Salamina – Aegina 26.25 km (16.31 mi) Day 3. Aegina – Poros (Poros Island) 35.54 km (22.08 mi), Day 4. Poros – Ermioni 40.00 km (24.85 mi), Day 5. Ermioni – Idra (Idra Island) 19.58 km (12.16 mi), Day 6. Idra – Coressia (Kea island) 83.19 km (51.69 mi), Day 7. Kea – Sounion – Athens77.30 km (48.03 mi)

Cabin charter in Athens

Yachting itinerary from Athens to Santorini

Day 1. Athens – Selinia Salamis (Salamina island) 9.42 km (5.85 mi), Day 2. Salamina – Aegina 26.25 km (16.31 mi), Day 3. Aegina Lavrion ( Olympic Marine) 68, 02 km (42, 26 mi), Day 4. Lavrion – Merihas (Kythnos Island) 45, 95 km (28, 55 mi), Day 5. Merihas – Livadi (Serifos Island) 47, 76 km (29, 68 mi), Day 6. Livadi – Milos island (Adamantas) 51, 33 km (31, 90 mi), Day 7. Milos – Folgerandos (Karavostasis) 67, 01 km (41, 64 mi), Day 8. Folgerandos – Santorini (Thira) 50, 25 km (31, 22 mi), Day 9. Thira – Vlychada (Santorini) 15, 83 km (9, 83 mi), Day 10. Vlychada – Ios 52, 81 km (32, 81 mi), Day 11. Ios – Sifnos island (Kamares) 67, 61 km (42, 01 mi), Day 12.Kamares – Siros 88, 45 km (54, 96 mi), Day 13. Siros – Kea 69, 63 km (43, 27 mi), Day 14. Kea – Glifada – Athens75, 68 km (47, 02 mi).

Cabin charter AthensMore about yachting from Athens to Santorini.

Yachting itinerary from Athens to Mykonos

Day 1. Athens (Olympic Marina of Lavrion) – Kea 27, 68 km (17, 20 mi), Day 2. Kea – Kithnos 37, 99 km (23, 60 mi), Day 3. Kithnos – Sifnos 61, 77 km (38, 38 mi), Day 4. Sifnos – Paros 55, 59 km (34, 54 mi), Day 5. Paros – Naxos 31, 22 km (19, 40 mi), Day 6. Paros – Siros 54, 28 km (33, 72 mi), Day 7. Siros – Tinos – Mykonos 41, 77 km (25, 95 mi).

Yachting plan from Athens to Mykonos

Day 1. Athens (Kalamaki-Alimos Marina) – Egina 24, 37 km (15, 15 mi), Day 2. Egina – Kea 70, 85 km (44, 02 mi), Day 3. Kea – Tinos 80, 13 km (49, 79 mi), Day 4. Tinos – Mykonos 18, 57 km (11, 54 mi), Day 5. Mykonos – Siros 34, 52 km (21, 45 mi), Day 6. Siros – Kithnos 76, 09 km (47, 28 mi), Day 7. Kithnos – Sounion – Athens(Kalamaki-Alimos Marina) 86, 06 km (53, 47 mi).

cabin yacht charter Athens to Mykonos

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