Find out everything about sailing in Athens: itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Are you planning a sailing trip in Athens? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! The Greek capital is romantic and modern at the same time with its historic monuments, countless shops, and many nightclubs. You can find just as many crowded streets, squares, and colorful shop windows, as small, narrow alleyways. There are countless cafés, restaurants, and pubs waiting for visitors in this vibrant metropolis. However, if you want to see something other than the bustling city life, you have to go on a sailing tour in the area. Many beautiful places are waiting for us. Here are some tips and advice if you want to sail around Athens.Sailing in Athens

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When is the best time to go sailing in Athens?

The sailing season in Greece lasts for 9 months, from March to November. Throughout the summer the prevailing winds are eastern in the area of the Ionian and the Aegean Sea as well. We can encounter the northwest and northeast winds from June. The winds reach their full speed of Beaufort force 5 and 8 in July and August. The winds start weakening in late September, or early October. When the Meltemi winds are weak, the sea winds take their place. These winds blow from southeast and southwest. The Sirocco winds blow from the south with a force of 2-4. They come alive in the spring and in the autumn. You can go sailing all year, and lucky for us, there are many beautiful places to see. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Athens, or read about sailing in Greece in September

The most beautiful Greek islands near Athens you have to see

Hydra, the donkey island

The island, covering less than 60 square kilometres, got its name from the natural springs you can find here. The main town is Hydra port located on the east coast. The moon-shaped city has many restaurants and shops in the middle. Steep streets are flowing from here everywhere, leading up the hillside. At the two ends of the island, there are fortresses with cannons. They used to protect the harbour from here. You can spot the typical windmills from afar at the left end. The wells here were blocked by earth movements in the 20th century. Nowadays drinking water is transported here with tankers from the nearby mainland.

When stepping ashore, there are two curious things you’ll see: the donkeys and the steep, cobblestoned streets, leading up the hillside. Cars and motorcycles were banned from the island. Donkeys and mules provide transportation, and this kind of taxi is the first thing you’ll be offered when stepping ashore. Tourism is the most important income for Hydra. Some wealthier Athenians and a few American celebrities own a mansion on the island.coasts and islands in Athens

Poros, the stone pine island

The island was hit by several earthquakes a few decades ago, but many old buildings remained intact. These buildings make the capital of the small island, Poros, so special. As it is very close to the mainland, it is a popular destination among yachtsmen. This tiny island consists of two parts: the Sphairia peninsula and the main island, Kalaureia. The two parts are connected by a narrow piece of land that looks like a bridge.

The southern side of the island is covered by stone pine forests. This area reaches the seashore. On the northern side, they grow olive trees and citrus fruits, and they maintain fish farms as well. On the plateaus, we can find many vineyards. If you spend a few days here you have to visit the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon in Kalaureia. Furthermore, in the small archaeological museum, you can see the artifacts of Troica, the Acropolis of Mycenae, and the Sanctuary of Methana.

Aegina, the island of pistachios

According to the legend, Aegina got its name from a nymph who Zeus fell in love with, and took her to an island with him. For a brief period from 1827 to 1829 Aegina was the capital of modern Greece. The governor then built a spectacular, neoclassical government house. Nowadays this building is the most important tourist attraction of the island. The main city of the island is Aegina with its beautifully preserved buildings. Outside the city, there are charming, traditional villages like Kypseli, Agii, and Vagia, and you have to visit them, too. boat rental Aegina

Agistri, if you want a bit of peace and quiet

Agistri is a tiny island for those who just want to relax. The island’s length is 5, 5 kilometres and its width is 3, 5 kilometres. There are only four villages on the island. Probably it is the most ideal place if you want to hide a little bit from everyday life, the bustling streets and the million tourists. Everybody will find the pine forests and walking trails attractive who appreciate nature. Moreover, the beautiful, sandy beaches and crystal clear sea will amaze everyone who loves water. Either you want to swim or go diving, you can do them both. However, if you prefer the buzzing village life, visit the taverns and cafés in the port.

Ports around Athens

Kalamaki-Alimos Marina

Most hired yachts depart from here; this port is in the Paleon Faliron district of Athens It is easily accessible by public transport and taxi even if you are arriving from Sailing in Athens is the best way to discover the Saronic Gulf or the Cyclades islands. You can pre-fill your yacht’s food and beverage set if you want to be ready to go right on arrival. Up to 1, 080 yachts can anchor in the bay, and 600 ships can be placed on dry docks. The port can accommodate yachts up to 40 metres long. The depth of the water is 6.5 metres. yacht charter Athens, bareboat charter Athens, catamaran charter Athens, sailing yacht charter Athens, luxury yacht charter Athens, motor yacht charter Athens
Port in Athens

Olympic Marina, Cape Sounion

Located at Cape Sounion with beautiful views, the Olympic Marina can accommodate 680 yachts up to 40 metres long. The maximum water depth here is 10 metres. It offers a wide range of services, including free Wi-Fi, power supply, boat service, and refuelling.

Lavrion Marina

Many sailors start at the marina of Lavrion in the eastern part of the Attica Peninsula, to the Cyclades. The port can accommodate up to 680 yachts. The maximum depth of the port built-in bay is 7 metres, and incoming yachts can be up to 30 metres long. yacht charter Lavrion, Lavrion sailing

Ayios Nikólaos Marina, Kea

It is an important port on the island of Kea, close to beautiful golden beaches and excellent fishing spots. It can accommodate 255 yachts at the same time, with a maximum length of 50 metres. The water depth of the port is up to 8 metres.

Mérikha Marina, Kithnos

This tiny marina can accommodate about 30 yachts up to 60 meters long and has a water depth of 8 meters. Local hotels, restaurants, and lively nightlife areas are in the immediate vicinity.

Salamina port

This is the primary port for ferry connections to mainland Greece, specifically Perama (near Piraeus). It handles frequent car ferries and offers basic amenities for passenger arrivals and departures. Salamina boat rental

Glyfada marinas

Marina Glyfada A

Situated on the northern end of Glyfada Beach. Primarily accommodates smaller vessels and fishing boats.

Marina Glyfada B

Located further south and is slightly larger. Caters to recreational vessels and smaller yachts.

Marina Glyfada C

The biggest of the Glyfada marinas, capable of handling larger yachts.

Marina Glyfada E

The southernmost Glyfada marina offers modern facilities for boats and yachts. boat rental Glyfada

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13.3 m / 44 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths
11.6 m / 38 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths
15.3 m / 50 ft2 Cabins /4 Berths

Where can you sail from Athens? Athens sailing tours

Athens yachting: A seven-day sailing itinerary

This route starts from the marina in Athens, and after one week we will head back here.

Sailing Itinerary Athens

Day 1. Athens – Selinia Salamis (Salamina island)

9.42 km (5.85 mi)
From the point of view of tourism, this is the least developed and largest of the Saronic Islands. Since it is one jump away from the mainland, a lot of people live here and commute to the city every day. The old harbour of the city contributed greatly to the development of the ancient city of Salamina. Nowadays, it is the second biggest port in Greece – after the one in Athens. It is located in Paloukia, and basically, the whole city is a big port. Countless ferries and tourist yachts arrive here every day. Thanks to its size the port is able to accommodate many sailboats. For this reason, the harbour maintains a well-equipped 24-hour security service.

If you are visiting the island with your significant other, be sure to go on a romantic horse carriage ride. On the way, you can admire the narrow, cobblestoned streets and monumental palaces of the island. This place also offers great programs for sports lovers. They organize the biggest triathlon competition in Greece here every April, called Spetsathlon. There are tens of thousands of contestants, including famous athletes. So you either come here for the romance of the place or for doing sports, this stop will definitely please you.

Day 2. Salamina – Coressia (Kea island)

80.06 km (49.75 mi)
The island of Kea is 60 kilometres from Athens, a one-and-a-half-hour voyage from the port of Lavrio. The beaches are not the only things this island is famous for. Its fame comes from the endless tranquillity, cosy villages, and natural features. We can take a relaxing walk among the hills, valleys, orchards, and plantations. The capital is called Chora. This village is characterised by traditional houses with ceramic-tiled roofs, cobblestoned streets, and narrow staircases. The island of Kea has a lot to offer. it is a place rich in very interesting artifacts from different eras. For example, in Ioulis you can visit the medieval castle, temples, and watermills. We recommend this island for those seeking some peace and quiet or active recreation.

boating in Athens

Day 3. Kea – Merihas (Kythnos Island)

38.13 km (23.70 mi)
The almost completely barren and hilly Kynthos lies on a 99 square kilometres large area. It has a population of fewer than 1500 people. It is located only 8 kilometres from Kea. The tourism structure is still underdeveloped, thus only a few foreign tourists visit the island. However, thanks to this we can spend some nice, quiet days here, away from the crowded cities. The majority of visitors are locals who come here for the healing powers of the ferrous thermal water pools located near Loutra. We should also spend some time relaxing in those thermal pools.

Kynthos has become more and more popular among the wealthier people. They are happy to spend the hot summer weeks here, therefore they have been buying up the seaside properties. The local population is very traditional and friendly, they make their living from farming the land and fishing. It is the perfect place to relax even if you don’t come here for thermal water pools.

Day 4. Kythnos – Livadi (Serifos island)

43.15 km (26.81 mi)
The whole island radiates a tranquil atmosphere. Despite its dry and wild geographical features Serifos gracefully embraces the warm blue colours of the Aegean Sea. It has many breathtaking beaches. The locals respect the Cycladic architecture by only building white and blue coloured houses. These buildings make these cities and villages even more enchanting. Aside from relaxing, you can go hiking and mountain climbing, and you can also try mountain biking. Of course, there are many programs for sports enthusiasts, too. They can go scuba diving or surfing. The most beautiful village on the island is Chora, located on the top of a hill. It offers a spectacular view of the never-ending blue sea.

Day 5. Serifos – Idra (Idra island)

103.52 km (64.32 mi)

Idra is one of the most wonderful islands in Greece, which has preserved its status since the 17th and 18th centuries. The largest part of the island is uninhabited, there are only a few settlements on the steep hills, making a living by tourism. It is a rarity that motorised vehicles are banned from the island, so you can explore the island mainly on foot and with the help of donkeys. It is worth visiting the Orthodox monasteries and churches. The island is not just a popular tourist destination, but it is a holiday resort for the Athens elite.

Day 6. Idra – Methana (Methana peninsula)

36.19 km (22.48 mi)
The first thing we see upon arrival is the picturesque harbour that stretches along the coast in the shape of a semicircle. The port provides a full range of services, such as electricity, water, and a charging station. There are 70 berths available for vessels up to a length of 25 metres and a depth of 3 metres. The port has ramps and cranes that make our lives even easier. There is a 24/7 service available, so the staff can help you anytime you need it.

In fact, the peninsula is a volcano protruding from the sea, therefore it is worth spending more time exploring the rare volcanic landscape. We also have to devote a few hours to discovering the diverse flora and fauna of the island. First and foremost, thermal spas made the island famous and attracted many foreign tourists here, mostly the elderly from Europe. A stunning road leads from the fishing village near the port to the Baths of Pausanias, one of the island’s many hot springs. There are more than 32 volcanoes on the island. Climbing the biggest crater can be the experience of a lifetime. In conclusion, our swim near the volcanic coastline will be something to remember.

Day 7. Methana – Aegina island – Athens

48.42 km (30.09 mi))
Although Aegina is a relatively small island, it boasts of many historic and natural attractions. The most popular is the Tempe of Aphaia. You should visit the temple at sunset because in the light of the sinking sun the monumental Doric columns glitter in a shade of pink. It is the perfect time to take some gorgeous photos.

After bringing back the yacht it is worth looking around in Athens. Athens is the historic jewel of Europe. This city is home to the most important cultural and historical attractions. Every step and every street leads to an impressive monument. Athens is the cradle of European civilization. It is the symbol of the ancient world. Philosophy, democracy, and theatre were born here.
Read more what to do in Athens.

A week Athens sailing itinerary

Day 1. Athens – Selinia Salamis (Salamina island) 9.42 km (5.85 mi), Day 2. Salamina – Aegina 26.25 km (16.31 mi) Day 3. Aegina – Poros (Poros Island) 35.54 km (22.08 mi), Day 4. Poros – Ermioni 40.00 km (24.85 mi), Day 5. Ermioni – Idra (Idra Island) 19.58 km (12.16 mi), Day 6. Idra – Coressia (Kea island) 83.19 km (51.69 mi), Day 7. Kea – Sounion – Athens77.30 km (48.03 mi)

Sailing plan Athens

Sailing from Athens to Santorini: 14 days sailing cruise

Day 1. Athens – Selinia Salamis (Salamina island) 9.42 km (5.85 mi), Day 2. Salamina – Aegina 26.25 km (16.31 mi), Day 3. Aegina Lavrion ( Olympic Marine) 68, 02 km (42, 26 mi), Day 4. Lavrion – Merihas (Kythnos Island) 45, 95 km (28, 55 mi), Day 5. Merihas – Livadi (Serifos Island) 47, 76 km (29, 68 mi), Day 6. Livadi – Milos island (Adamantas) 51, 33 km (31, 90 mi), Day 7. Milos – Folgerandos (Karavostasis) 67, 01 km (41, 64 mi), Day 8. Folgerandos – Santorini (Thira) 50, 25 km (31, 22 mi), Day 9. Thira – Vlychada (Santorini) 15, 83 km (9, 83 mi), Day 10. Vlychada – Ios 52, 81 km (32, 81 mi), Day 11. Ios – Sifnos island (Kamares) 67, 61 km (42, 01 mi), Day 12.Kamares – Siros 88, 45 km (54, 96 mi), Day 13. Siros – Kea 69, 63 km (43, 27 mi), Day 14. Kea – Glifada – Athens75, 68 km (47, 02 mi).

14 days Athens sailing cruise

sailing from Athens to Santorini

7 days sailing from Athens to Mykonos

You will definitely spend half of the trip in headwinds, whether you do it during the spring-fall period or the summer high season. You have to prepare for long sections, there are shorter distances only in the middle, and it is worth relaxing and preparing for your next trip. If you are unsure, you may want to hire a professional captain.

Day 1. Athens (Kalamaki-Alimos Marina) – Egina 24, 37 km (15, 15 mi), Day 2. Egina – Kea 70, 85 km (44, 02 mi), Day 3. Kea – Tinos 80, 13 km (49, 79 mi), Day 4. Tinos – Mykonos 18, 57 km (11, 54 mi), Day 5. Mykonos – Siros 34, 52 km (21, 45 mi), Day 6. Siros – Kithnos 76, 09 km (47, 28 mi), Day 7. Kithnos – Sounion – Athens (Kalamaki-Alimos Marina) 86, 06 km (53, 47 mi).

sailing from Athens to Mykonos

Sailing itinerary Athens to Mykonos

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Marine gas, boat gas stations around Athens

  • Olympic Marina, Athens: Depth: 10m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.6958441, 24.0583429
  • Merihas, Kithnos: Depth: 8m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.389860, 24.397059
  • Mikonos Marina, Mikonos: Depth: 4.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.4475266, 25.3275272
  • Tinos, Tinos: Depth: 5.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.537555, 25.161119
  • Parikia, Paros: Depth: 3.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.087424, 25.151587
  • Naxos, Naxos: Depth: 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 37.106213, 25.372575
  • Riva Tirasia, Santorini: Depth: 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.452705, 25.344247
  • Thira New Port, Santorini: Depth: 4.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 36.386354, 25.428268
  • Rethymno Marina, Crete: Depth: 4m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 35.367884, 24.481550
  • Heraklion Marina, Crete: Depth: 3.5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 35.346677, 25.151282

If you like this itinerary, don’t hesitate too much! Rent a boat today at a very reasonable price and with flexible terms.

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