Dubrovnik is an excellent starting-off point for a yachting cruise. There are numerous attractions and programmes in the city. Therefore, it is not a coincidence why it is called the pearl of the Adriatic. If you are on the deck, why would you skip the islands as wonderful attractions of your cruise nearby?

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    Dubrovnik is one of the most popular cities in Croatia. It is located at the southernmost edge of Croatia and it is also referred to as one of the country’s most beautiful cities. Its old town is part of the world heritage, the palace is one of the world’s most beautiful and largest Roman buildings that has survived history. Do you wish to lie in the sun on stunning beaches and explore many islands? Your best destination is Dubrovnik! The Adriatic Sea hides countless secrets and adventures, of which you can discover a lot. Due to the city’s great location, you can make wonderful boat trips on the sea, visiting many towns and islands. Even Montenegro is easy to reach by boat!

    Location of Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik can be found in the south of Dalmatia with a good transportation network. Dubrovnik-is the county seat of county Neretva, it is also called the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. The sea coast and the land of Herzegovina are bordered by the peaks of the mountain chain of the Dinaric Alps. Many islands are located in front of the sea coast section of the county, e.g. Korcula, Lastovo, and Mljet. The city itself is at a wonderful spot. The island Lokrum-is in front of it, while the Mediterranean Sea opens through the Strait of Otranto to the southeast. To the northwest along the coast, there are many islands, which are easy to reach by sailing boats.

    History of Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik was established in the 7th century with the name Ragusa and belonged to the Byzantine Empire. Eventually, the city got under the rule of the Kingdom of Hungary, Venice, France and Yugoslavia. It became a city of Croatia in 1991. The channel between the island and the land was covered by locals in the 10th century, earlier Dubrovnik was considered to be an island. Several disasters hit the city in its history. It had an earthquake in 1667 and the Yugoslav wars also caused serious damage, but Dubrovnik now prides with its old beauty following the reconstruction works.Today Dubrovnik has come to the foreground due to the series Game of Thrones because its old town was the venue of some movie shooting scenes. Dubrovnik is so popular as a tourist centre that max. 8, 000 tourists are allowed to visit the old town at the same time. Its marble-covered squares, streets paved with setts, buildings and fountains have a great atmosphere. The city wall is a miracle of the world’s architecture and the wall offers a fantastic view of the sea and the city.

    Beaches in Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik’s beaches can be found north and south of the old town. They are attractive holiday spots for many tourists and worth visiting because they can meet various demands. Those arriving with families, lovers of water sports and people searching calm relaxation can all find the beach they prefer.


    Buza is located to the southwest of the old town under the castle wall. You can get to the beach through the door od Saint Stephen. The beach is rocky and has small pebbles at some points. It is very popular for bathing during the day and it has a real Mediterranean lounge atmosphere at night.


    Banje is a picturesque beach, where most of the beach photos of Dubrovnik are made. The beach has small pebbles everywhere. It offers very many water sports attractions and you can get very far jetskiing on this beach. Visitors can get a very special experience if they wait for the sunset here and see how the shadow covers the island of Lokrum and then the castle wall also receives a red colour.

    Sv. Jakov beach:

    It is located near the old city centre in a hidden bay, under the church of Sv. Jakov. The road leads to the beach through giant steps. The beach offers water sports for the adventurous ones.


    Copacanaba is one of the most popular beaches, locals come here most often. There is even an official water polo court at the beach. The view from the beach is unrivalled since the Elafitt islands are just in front of our eyes. The beach itself is on the peninsula Lapard. If you enjoy adventures, you can rent a kayak and discover the external side of the peninsula with it.

    Lokrum beach:

    Lokrum is a beautiful island, which is both a natural park and a botanical garden. You can have great fun jumping into the sea from its high cliffs. It also has a naturist beach section. Let us discover neighbouring coasts besides local beaches and we can get unforgettable experiences. Let us rent a yacht or a boat for these programs to make these trips even more exciting!

    Main sights in Dubrovnik

    Besides the beach, Dubrovnik as a city with rich historic and cultural heritage is also worth discovering.

    Dubrovnik Summer Festival:

    This festival has taken place each year in July and August since 1950. Visitors are entertained by theatre, folklore, dance performances, as well as ballet shows, operas and concerts. This is Croatia’s most popular summer festival.

    City wall:

    Europe’s most massive and fullest city wall, which was erected between the 8th and 16th centuries. The wall is 1, 940 meters long, 6 meters wide and at some points 25 meters high. Have a walk and enjoy your view!


    The chairlift was established in 1969, but it got destroyed in the war. After its reconstruction, it was opened to visitors in 2010. Enjoy the fantastic view from the chairlift, because you can see as far as70 km from above. The upper station has an altitude of 405 meters and the journey length is 778 meters.


    It is Dubrovnik’s 300 years old and 500 meters long busy main street. It is full of cafés and shops, which have preserved their outlook. One of the most beautiful main streets in the world with its atmosphere.

    The weather of Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik has Mediterranean weather, its climate is determined by the vicinity of the Adriatic sea. The summers are usually hot and dry, while winters are mild and humid. The number of rainy days is 10. The Indian summer usually lasts until the end of October-middle of November. You can still see people bathing in the sea at the beginning of November. The summer temperature often surpasses 30 degrees and you can expect extreme hot days already in June.

    Luxury yacht charter Dubrovnik

    Due to its location in the south of Croatia, you can make wonderful yacht trips from Dubrovnik to the islands of South Dalmatia and to Montenegro. But visiting the island of Lokrum with its great beach and botanical garden is also a good idea. Dubrovnik is truly one of Dalmatia’s most popular cities. It has a rich heritage of historic and cultural sights and its beaches are amazing. Since it’s located in the south, you can visit many islands in the neighbourhood by boat. Find yacht routes in Croatia or choose another luxury yacht hire in Croatia.

    Weather in Dubrovnik

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Dubrovnik. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Dubrovnik
    Wind speed in Dubrovnik

    The wind rose for Dubrovnik shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Dubrovnik shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a luxury yacht in Dubrovnik, and cruise around Dubrovnik

    Day 1. Dubrovnik – Lopud 13.65 km (8.48 mi), Day 2. Lopud – Sobra (Mljet) 28.79 km (17.89 mi), Day 3. Sobra – Vela Luka (Korcula island) 94.69 km (58.84 mi), Day 4. Korcula – Vis (Vis island) 45.80 km (28.46 mi), Day 5. Vis – Rogoznica 58.47 km (36.33 mi), Day 6. Rogoznica – Zirje 31.36 km (19.48 mi), Day 7. Zirje – Murter 23.44 km (14.57 mi), Day 8. Murter – Pirovac 7.87 km (4.89 mi), Day 9. Pirovac – Tribunj 19.25 km (11.96 mi), Day 10. Tribunj – Krka waterfall 28.77 km (17.88 mi), Day 11. Krka – Primošten 36.04 km (22.39 mi), Day 12. Primošten – Stari Grad 72.01 km (44.75 mi), Day 13. Stari Grad – Lastovo 86.28 km (53.61 mi), Day 14. Lastovo – Saplunara (Mljet) – Dubrovnik 107.53 km (66.81 mi),Yacht charter in DubrovnikDay 1. Dubrovnik – Lopud 13.65 km (8.48 mi), Day 2. Lopud – Vieste (Italy) 170.26 km (105.79 mi), Day 3. Vieste – Manfredonia 42.31 km (26.29 mi), Day 4. Manfredonia – Barletta 47.31 km (29.40 mi), Day 5. Barletta – Molfetta 28.78 km (17.88 mi), Day 6. Molfetta – Bari 24.96 km (15.51 mi), Day 7. Bari – Bar (Montenegro) 213.70 km (132.79 mi), Day 8. Bar – Budva 29.02 km (18.03 mi), Day 9. Budva – Herceg Novi 35, 62 km (22, 13 mi), Day 10. Herceg Novi – Kotor 25.58 km (15.90 mi), Day 11. Kotor – Cavtat 65.19 km (40.51 mi), Day 12. Cavtat – Sobra 54.16 km (33.65 mi), Day 13. Sobra – Ston 27.46 km (17.06 mi), Day 14. Ston – Koločep – Dubrovnik 39.50 km (24.54 mi).Rent a boat in DubrovnikRead more about yacht itinerary in Dubrovnik

    Yachting Dubrovnik to Split itinerary

    Day 1: Dubrovnik (ACI Marina Dubrovnik) – Koločep 10, 85 km (6, 74 mi), Day 2: Koločep – Sipan (Šipanska Luka) 17, 11 km (10, 63 mi), Day 3: Sipan – Mljet (Sobra) 22, 80 km (14, 16 mi), Day 4: Mljet – Korčula (ACI Korcula Marina) 47, 89 km (29, 76 mi), Day 5: Korčula – Vis (Vis) 80, 11 km (49, 78 mi), Day 6: Vis – Hvar (Stari Grad) 40, 90 km (25, 41 mi), Day 7: Stari Grad – Brac (Supetar) – Split (ACI Marina Split) 57, 38 km (35, 65 mi).Yachting from Dubrovnik to Split itineraryDay 1. Dubrovnik (ACI Marina Dubrovnik) – Koločep 10, 85 km (6, 74 mi), Day 2. Koločep – Korčula (ACI Korcula Marina) 77, 85 km (48, 37 mi), Day 3. Korčula – Hvar (Stari Grad) 87, 83 km (54, 57 mi), Day 4. Hvar – Split (ACI Marina Split) 42, 26 km (26, 26 mi), Day 5. Split – Korcula (Vela Luka) 78, 88 km (49, 01 mi), Day 6. Korcula – Mljet (Sobra) 92, 34 km (57, 38 mi), Day 7. Mljet – Sipan (Šipanska Luka) – Dubrovnik 50, 28 km (31, 24 mi).Yachting tour from Dubrovnik to SplitRead more about yachting Dubrovnik to Split

    Yachting from Dubrovnik to Montenegro itinerary

    Day 1. Dubrovnik (ACI Marina Dubrovnik) – Cavtat 23, 04 km (14, 32 mi), Day 2. Cavtat – Zelenika 44, 42 km (27, 60 mi), Day 3. Zelenika – Kotor 25, 00 km (15, 53 mi), Day 4. Kotor – Tivat (Porto Montenegro Marina) 14, 68 km (9, 12 mi), Day 5. Tivat – Herceg Novi 13, 59 km (8, 44 mi), Day 6. Herceg Novi – Lustica Bay – Budva 41, 53 km (25, 80 mi), Day 7. Budva – Bar 29, 87 km (18, 56 mi)Yachting tour from Dubrovnik to MontenegroDay 1. Dubrovnik (ACI Marina Dubrovnik) – Cavtat 23, 04 km (14, 32 mi), Day 2. Cavtat – Zelenika 44, 42 km (27, 60 mi), Day 3. Zelenika – Kotor 25, 00 km (15, 53 mi), Day 4. Kotor – Tivat (Porto Montenegro Marina) 14, 68 km (9, 12 mi), Day 5. Tivat – Herceg Novi 13, 59 km (8, 44 mi), Day 6. Herceg Novi – Budva 35, 80 km (22, 24 mi), Day 7. Budva – Lustica Bay – Dubrovnik 91, 80 km (57, 04 mi).Yachting itinerary from Dubrovnik to MontenegroRead more about yachting from Dubrovnik to Montenegro or Dalmatia yacht itineraries.

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