If you want to feel the differences between really popular and less popular resorts, sail from Dubrovnik to Montenegro. You will experience an eye-catching difference between Dubrovnik, which has become a major tourist destination due to the Game of the Thrones, and the calmer cities of Montenegro. Our article details the weather in the area, important ports, and attractions.
Sailing from Dubrovnik to Montenegro
Our article gives you an overview of the following topics:

Important facts when sailing from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

The typical weather in the Adriatic Sea

The South Adriatic region has a Mediterranean climate typical of the whole region. The long warm period begins in May. In this case, the average temperature is permanently above 20 degrees. We recommend the water around 19 degrees only for brave swimmers. July-August is the hottest period when the average temperature is over 30 degrees. It is also worth swimming during this period, the sea warms up to around 24 degrees. In summer, the wind is also very favourable from a sailing point of view; the northwestern mistral is excellent for sailing southeast. In spring and autumn, we experience an alternation of north-northeast bora and Jugo of African origin. The Bay of Kotor surrounded by mountains includes the most important coastal towns in Montenegro where the wind always varies.
Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Montenegro.

Currencies and extra expenses

Croatia’s currency is the kuna, and in many places important for tourism, the euro is also accepted. In Montenegro, only the euro is used. If you want to shop in Dubrovnik, exchange money at a local bank or a currency exchange. When planning costs, keep in mind that Montenegrin ports may charge € 50-110 per mooring during the high season. Outside the high season, you can come through with the moorings much cheaper, between €25-50. If you also want to visit the Croatian ports around Dubrovnik, count between € 60-100 per port, regardless of the season. The price of a Montenegrin navigation permit can be between 40 and 350 euros for 1 week, depending on the length of your yacht. The price of food and drink in Montenegro is much cheaper, up to almost half the price in Croatia.

What to do before or after sailing in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik Airport is next to Cavtat, from where you can reach Dubrovnik by local bus or taxi. The bus that leaves half an hour after each flight is the cheapest. It costs €7.5. If you arrive in the morning, you will have plenty of time to look around the old town. If you’re an obsessed Game of Thrones fan, you might want to pay for a roughly 3-hour walking tour. In doing so, they present the locations used for the scenes in the series in King’s Landing. Or before taking over your hired yacht, you can also pay for a 2-hour cruise-walking tour. In this case, you will sail around the walls of Dubrovnik with one of the sailing-boats in the series.
Sailing in Dubrovnik

Entering Montenegro

When sailing from Croatia to Montenegrin waters, you should check out. You will need to arrange this in Dubrovnik or Cavtat, depending on which Croatian port you used last before your departure. The Croatian check-out process is free. You must check into Montenegro on the day of check-out. You can do this all year round in Zelenika or Bar. Zelenika is closer to Croatia. At the end of your trip, you check out in Montenegro and then check-in in Croatia, these are already completely free processes.

Should I choose a one-way or round trip?

If you want a shorter route that is easier to complete in summer thanks to the wind, you can take a one-way trip. At the end of the one-way trip recommended in our article, you will drop off the boat in Bar, Montenegro. From here you can take a coach back to Dubrovnik. Several companies provide such services, but only during the summer period, from June to September. As a result, you should undertake a one-way trip in the summer to have smooth shipping and return.

The round trip is harder because you will make half of the trip sailing against the wind. In summer, the last day is the hardest, as you have to sail more than 90miles northwest facing the mistral. In spring and autumn, the alternation of bora and Jugo back and forth can cause surprises too. Therefore, we recommend this route if you want to spend more time on the sea and are not afraid of a little challenge. Its advantage compared to the one-way trip is that the return process is clear even outside the high season.

Ports in route from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

ACI Marina Dubrovnik

This well-equipped marina is 6 km from the old town of Dubrovnik. As you would expect, it is open all year round. It possesses 425 berths in the water and 140 on the land. There are water and electricity supply, exchange offices, restaurants, laundries, and shower rooms. It is also a marina. The berths are able to accept a maximum 60 m long yacht.
After visiting all sights of Dubrovnik this marina can be an excellent starting-off point to visit the islands nearby.

Port of Dubrovnik

This port is located North-West 3 km from the old town of Dubrovnik near Gruz. There are restaurants, cafés, gift shops, exchange offices, and banks nearby. You can even rent a car here. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the size and length of yachts. The maximum depth of diving is 11 m. The water depth for anchoring is 42 m. Information about sailing in Dubrovnik, or rent a boat in Dubrovnik

Port of Budva

This protected port is also known as Dukley Marina Budva. It has 300 berths and can accommodate boats up to 40 metres in length. The maximum depth is 4 metres. If you get hungry, there is a bar and a restaurant at the site of the port. The excellent services include a laundry, a refuelling station, and maintenance. Rent a boat in Budva.
Marinas in Montenegro

Port of Bar

It is the largest and most important port in Montenegro, in the southern part of the country. The place is also known as Luka Bar. The port consists of several sections: the port for scheduled vessels, the port for private vessels, commercial vessels, and a military port. There are more than 600 berths for vessels up to 35 metres. The depth of the seabed is 8 metres. There is a restaurant on-site, WiFi, and maintenance are available. Furthermore, a sailing school also operates in the port. Information about sailing in Bar, or rent a boat in Bar.

The port of Herceg Novi

D-Marin Portonovi has 238 berths for vessels with a maximum length of 120 metres. The maximum depth water is 20 metres. There are many services offered at the port: you can refuel your vessel and choose from excellent cafés, cocktail bars, and restaurants. Rent a boat Herceg Novi.

Port of Tivat

The Porto Montenegro has helped Tivat become a prosperous town since it is visited by the richest people in the world. It has 450 berths, and it can accommodate the largest luxury yachts. The complex includes residences, restaurants, boutiques, the five-star Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel, and many other facilities. Rent a boat in Tivat.

Port of Kotor

The port of Kotor is also known as Luka Kotor or Cattaro. It can accommodate up to 30 boats, up to 30 metres in length. The maximum depth of the seabed is 8.5 metres. The protected port offers many high-quality services. It has drinking water, electricity, a laundry, a bar, and a restaurant. You can refuel and do maintenance. Moreover, you can even get medical help if needed. Rent a boat in Kotor

11.4 m / 37 ft3 Cabins /8 Berths
12.9 m / 42 ft4 Cabins /10 Berths

Sailing from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

One way sailing from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

This route can be easily completed within a week. The distances are relatively short, so you have plenty of time for sightseeing. If you like, you can visit plenty of historical sites along the way. Besides, you can swim on a wonderful, long sandy stretch of beach towards the end of the route.
One way sailing tour from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

Day 1: Dubrovnik (ACI Marina Dubrovnik) – Cavtat

23, 04 km (14, 32 mi)
Starting west from the deep bay of the ACI Marina in Dubrovnik, sailing south-southeast, you arrive in Cavtat. If you are interested in art and culture, we recommend the former residence of the Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac, which has been converted into a museum. You will also find the Racic Mausoleum on the hill of the small town, with great views of the Adriatic Sea.

Day 2: Cavtat – Zelenika

44, 42 km (27, 60 mi)
You must meet the check-in requirements, thus, Zelenika is your first stop. Once you’ve done the formalities in the port, be sure to look around the quiet little village. Also, visit the sunny beach.

Day 3: Zelenika – Kotor

25, 00 km (15, 53 mi)
Leaving Zelenika in an easterly direction, and then following the narrow northern strait, heading east-southeast, you arrive at the main port of Kotor. Due to the winds blowing back and forth in the bay, this is a bit more difficult section than before. If you feel like a tiny detour, approach the sailing town of Perast and the two small islands in front of it before turning east. These small islands used to be Templar pilgrimage sites.

In Kotor, almost all important sights are close to the port. As you pass through the Sea Gate, you will immediately reach the main square. The Clock Tower built-in 1602 with its incomplete top is worth a look. To the northeast, you will find the baroque style armoury. There are plenty of sights on the south side, don’t miss St. Tripun’s Cathedral! By offering a beautiful view with its rustic style and the rock walls towering behind it it is no coincidence that it has become the symbol of Kotor. If you are interested in the history of shipping in Montenegro, be sure to visit the Maritime Museum of Montenegro! Here you can see lots of ship models, old instruments and other nautical things.

Day 4: Kotor – Tivat (Porto Montenegro Marina)

14, 68 km (9, 12 mi)
After seeing the sights of Kotor, you will mainly repeat the route of the day before, but in the opposite direction. Now, however, turning south after the strait, you’re heading along the east coast to arrive at Tivat’s newest marina. The city also has two ports, in both of which you can see more and more beautiful luxury ships. The port where you arrive is also the most important ship repair yard in the area. Another interesting sight is the airport, where the end of the runway is very close to the sea.

Be sure to check out the city’s huge botanical garden. Here you can see countless different plants that were originally brought back by sailors sailing in the Mediterranean. Returning to the port, you will also find the Tivat Maritime Museum, where you can even see a renovated Yugoslav submarine.
Port in Montenegro

Day 5: Tivat – Herceg Novi

13, 59 km (8, 44 mi)
Herceg Novi has become a popular tourist destination due to its 5 km long promenade and the beaches in front of it. Much of the city’s attractions built during the Turkish occupation. Examples include the Kanli Kula Fortress, which used to be a prison, and the Sat Kula Clock Tower on the Main Square. Closer to the beach, you will find the Church of St. Jerome, which in addition to its ecclesiastical function was also a naval watchtower. If you enjoy parties, visit the Sea Fortress in the evening, which is a summer theatre during the day and a disco in the evening.

Day 6: Herceg Novi – Lustica Bay – Budva

41, 53 km (25, 80 mi)
Sailing around the peninsula to the south, you continue towards Budva, stopping along the way in the fast-developing bay of the Lustica Peninsula. The port receiving the yachts creates a real fishing village atmosphere to the bay. The seafront promenade offers an incredibly wide range of restaurants and shops, as well as luxury apartments.

The most striking feature of Budva is the Citadel. The eastern part of the castle wall was built on the sea. Inside the fortress, you will find the Church of St. Mary, a barrack, and a restaurant with a terrace. There are fine art exhibitions and classical music concerts in the building of St. Benedictine Abbey on the opposite side of the Citadel. If you want to bathe in a really special place, visit St. Nicholas Island, which can be reached by taxi boat.

Day 7: Budva – Bar

29, 87 km (18, 56 mi)
Bar is one of the sunniest cities in the whole area; the city has almost 270 sunny days a year. Around the city, you can see plenty of excellent sandy beaches even before mooring. The Queen’s Beach is the best known. Each of the nearby beaches faces west, providing unforgettable sunsets to the visitors. Some beaches can only be reached by boat. Stari Bar, 4 km from the city, is an archaeological site where you can admire the old plumbing system and the former buildings. To this day, the market operates here, where locals sell olive oil, brandy, and wine, among other things. There are olive trees in the southeastern part of the city, of which the supposedly 2000-year-old Mirovica olive tree may be the oldest.

1 week round sailing from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

It is a more difficult route compared to a one-way trip. Heading southeast, the summer mistral will help. Although it will make your journey difficult on the way back to Dubrovnik.
Day 1. Dubrovnik (ACI Marina Dubrovnik) – Cavtat 23, 04 km (14, 32 mi), Day 2. Cavtat – Zelenika 44, 42 km (27, 60 mi), Day 3. Zelenika – Kotor 25, 00 km (15, 53 mi), Day 4. Kotor – Tivat (Porto Montenegro Marina) 14, 68 km (9, 12 mi), Day 5. Tivat – Herceg Novi 13, 59 km (8, 44 mi), Day 6. Herceg Novi – Budva 35, 80 km (22, 24 mi), Day 7. Budva – Lustica Bay – Dubrovnik 91, 80 km (57, 04 mi).
Sailing itinerary from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

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Marine gas near Dubrovnik, boat gas stations en route from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

Marine gas station near Dubrovnik

  • DUBROVNIK, ACI Marina: Depth: 4m, Working time: 8-20, GPS Coordinates: 42.670687, 18.127007
  • DUBROVNIK, Orsan: Depth: 3, 7 – 4, 9 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.660463, 18.079714
  • SOBRA, MLJET: Depth: 5m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.740951, 17.598208
  • LASTOVO: Depth: 2, 5 – 4, 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.745218, 16.824718
  • ACI Marina KORCULA: Depth: 3, 5m, GPS Coordinates: 42.956744, 17.138561
  • VELA LUKA: Depth: 3-4 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.959407, 16.714213
  • PLOCE: Depth: 10-12 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.057252, 17.428057
  • MAKARSKA: Depth: 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.293683, 17.019819
  • VRBOSKA, HVAR: Depth: 2 m, Working time: 8-15, GPS Coordinates: 43.180978, 16.673233
  • HVAR: Depth: 1, 8 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.170339, 16.444642
  • MILNA, HVAR: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.327293, 16.448249
  • VIS: Depth: 2, 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.057443, 16.190497
  • SOLTA: Depth: 4, 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.395533, 16.303849
  • SPLIT: Depth: 3, 5 – 4 m, Working time: 6-24, GPS Coordinates: 43.502079, 16.427268
  • MARINA KASTELA: , VHF: 17, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.546155, 16.405204
  • TROGIR: Depth: 3 m, Working time: 8-19, GPS Coordinates: 43.513687, 16.248574
  • PRIMOSTEN: Depth: 3 – 4, 5 m, Working time: 6-22, GPS Coordinates: 43.587926, 15.92353

Marine gas station in Montenegro

  • KOTOR: Depth: 8, 5 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 42.426348, 18.767266,
  • TIVAT – Porto Montenegro: Depth: 12 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 42.433897, 18.691430
  • HERCEG NOVI – Portonovi Marina: Depth: 20 m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 42.433903, 18.603754
  • BUDVA – Dukley Marina: Depth: 4 m, Working time: from May 1st through October 1st from 8-22, GPS Coordinates: 42.279906, 18.838321
  • BAR – AD Marina: Depth: 5 m, Working time: 7-20, GPS Coordinates: 42.098617, 19.088010

If you want to sail in a less crowded and friendlier country compared to the popular holiday destinations, never miss the Montenegrin coast. Tourism is not so business-like here yet. As a result, people are much friendlier, prices are more affordable; moreover, there are not too many tourists in the high season. Find more Dalmatia sailing destinations or choose another yacht charter in Dalmatia

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