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    Location of Herceg Novi

    This widely-known European holiday resort lies in Montenegro, on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. It can be found precisely on the South of Dubrovnik, by the northern entrance of the Kotor Bay. The town of Igalo, famous for its medicinal mud and mineral water sources, is also in its vicinity.

    History of Herceg Novi

    The town was founded by the Bosnian king, Stjepan Tvrtko, in 1832 and used as a fortress under the name of Sveti Stefan. The latter name is also the name of another town in Montenegro. After the king’s death, the settlement was under the reign of Sandalj Hranić prince. During his reign the salt trade bloomed, the economy strengthened. When the prince died, Herzog Stjepan Vukčić Kosača inherited Castelnuovo which was renamed Herceg Novi after its enlargement. Unfortunately, in 1482, the Turkish occupied the town for 200 years. In 1688 Venetians took over the town although between 1806 and 1807 the Russians came in. During the Napoleon war, the French besieged it, then until 1918, the Austrians ruled it. Thereafter it became part of Yugoslavia.

    Weather in Herceg Novi

    The climate of Herceg Novi is really pleasant and mild. Summers are warm and dry, whereas winters are mild. The highest average temperature is 29.4 °C in July and August, the lowest temperature is 4.8 °C in January. Besides, the highest amount of precipitation is in November. In addition, in summer you can feel the cool wind, the mistral, in the region. Are you crazy about swimming? For you, August is the best month with a sea temperature of 25 °C.

    Main sights in Herceg Novi

    The main tourist sights of the holiday resort are the Watch Tower, Kanli Kula Fortress and Forte Mare Castle. The list should contain Archangel Michael’s Church and Savina Monastery as well. Herceg Novi is an excellent starting-off point to explore the Blue Cave nearby and Mamula island by the entrance of the Kotor bay.

    Gastronomy of Herceg Novi

    Are you longing for a delicious lunch or dinner? Konoba Feral is a really good choice with a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes. Another excellent restaurant is Tri Lipe that specializes in Balkanise barbecue meat dishes. Both restaurants are in the port. Or if you want to buy fresh products, visit the local market.

    Beaches in Herceg Novi

    Žanjice Beach

    Žanjice is the most well-known beach of the Luštica peninsula that is300-metre long and 15-metre wide. It lies in a picturesque surrounding with marvellous olive groves. There are white pebbles on the beach; the water is crystal-clear azure-blue. You can find here restaurants, coffee bars, many stores and even a supermarket.

    Mirišta Beach

    Mirišta Beach is located on the southern side of the Luštica peninsula near Žanjice beach. It lies in a pleasant bay; its coast is pebble-stoned with concrete blocks. You can rent sun umbrellas and sunbeds on the shore. You can visit on foot the Tvrđava Arza fortress lying one kilometre from here.

    Rent a boat in Herceg Novi

    This wonderful city of fortresses is the ‘gate’ of-the Kotor bay. The latter is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Port of Herceg Novi

    D-Marin Portonovi Marina has 238 berths for yachts of maximum 120 metres. The depth of the sea is 20 m. There are numerous facilities in the marina such as fuel station, nice cafés, cocktail bars and restaurants.

    Port of Tivat

    The Porto Montenegro in Tivat is very popular among the richest people in the world. It has 450 berths, and it can accommodate even the largest luxury yachts. The complex has many facilities including fine restaurants, boutiques and the five-star Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel. Rent a boat in Tivat.

    Port of Kotor

    The port of Kotor is also known as Luka Kotor or Cattaro. It has 30 berths for boats up to 30 metres. The seabed is 8.5 metres deep. There is drinking water, electricity, a laundry, medical facilities and boat maintenance available. Rent a boat in Kotor.

    Port of Budva

    The excellent port of the holiday resort is also known as Dukley Marina Budva. It has 300 berths and can accommodate boats up to 40 metres in length. The maximum depth of the seabed is 4 metres. There are many great facilities to choose from, including a refuelling station, laundry and maintenance. There is also a bar and a restaurant in the area. Rent a boat in Budva.

    Port of Bar

    Montenegro’s largest and most important port is also known as Luka Bar. The port consists of several sections: the port for scheduled vessels, the port for private vessels, the port for commercial vessels and a military port. There are more than 600 berths for vessels up to 35 metres. The depth of the seabed is 8 metres. There is a restaurant on-site, WiFi and maintenance are available. Rent a boat in Bar.

    If you are bound to ship towards Herceg Novi, do not miss Montenegro’s fascinating holiday resorts! Zelenika, Zlatna Luka bay, Bigova, Budva, Saint Nicholas Island, Bar and Mamula island are all perfect destinations.

    Weather in Herceg Novi

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Herceg Novi. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Herceg Novi
    Wind speed in Herceg Novi

    The wind rose for Herceg Novi shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Herceg Novi shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

    Rent a boat in Herceg Novi, and cruise around Herceg Novi

    Day 1. Herceg Novi – Zelenika 3, 66 km (2, 27 mi), Day 2. Zelenika – Zlatna Luka bay 10, 46 km (6, 50 mi), Day 3. Zlatna Luka bay- Bigova 11, 22 km (6, 97 mi), Day 4. Bigova – Budva 20, 59 (12, 80 mi), Day 5. Budva – Sveti Nikola island 1, 49 km (4 894, 40 feet), Day 6. Sveti Nikola island – Bar 27, 96 km (17, 37 mi), Day 7. Bar – Mamula-island – Herceg Novi 61, 74 km (38, 36 mi). Sailing itinerary Herceg Novi

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    Day 1. Herceg Novi (Harbor) – Tivat (Porto Montenegro) 13, 76 km (8, 55 mi), Day 2. Tivat (Porto Montenegro) – Zlatna Luka 19, 57 km (12, 16 mi), Day 3. Zlatna Luka – Cavtat (Harbor) 40, 67 km (25, 27 mi), Day 4. Cavtat (Harbor) – Dubrovnik (ACI Marina) 23, 13 km (14, 38 mi), Day 5. Dubrovnik (ACI Marina) – Sudurad 18, 48 km (11, 48 mi), Day 6. Sudurad – Mljet Island (Sobra) 28, 29 km (17, 58 mi), Day 7. Mljet Island (Sobra) – Mamula Island – Herceg Novi 97, 10 km (60, 33 mi).
    Herceg Novi sailing plan

    More Montenegro sailing itineraries.

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