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    This place is unique because of the crystal clear sea, the emerald lagoons and the variety of underwater life. The coastline has many rocky bays and peninsulas where sandy beaches, small fishing marinas, water and wind shaped granite rocks and shrubs are reaching each other. We can find traces of the thousands of years old culture on the whole island.

    Location of Sardinia

    Sardinia is the second in the Mediterranean, Europe’s eighth and the world’s forty-sixth largest island. It is located between Italy, Spain, Tunisia and Corsica. The island is approx. 200 km away from the Apennine peninsula. Its territory is 24, 090 km2 and its population is about 1, 650, 000. Sardinia is also Italy’s third largest region. 80% of its area has hills and mountains the altitude is 334 meters above sea level.

    History of Sardinia

    The history of Sardinia dates back to ancient times. At that time, the residents were trading with obsidian. It is a volcanic rock, from which they made different tools. Because of the trade, islanders got into contact with peoples living along the Mediterranean. Even in the early years of Sardinia’s history, there were many wars for this area. Nuragos, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and North Africans also ruled the island. Later the Aragonese kingdom conquered Sardinia, and it became part of Spain. The Spanish succession war brought change when the Habsburgs took over the island. Subsequently, the Savoyans sat on the throne, then the Kingdom of Sardinia ruled until 1847. And then finally in 1861, the island became part of Italy.

    Main attractions in Sardinia

    Since there are plenty of places that you should visit, it is worth making a roadmap before you leave. Here are some tips on what should be included in your itinerary:

    The capital city, Cagliari

    Cagliari is the largest city in Sardinia and one of the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean. It has the longest – 13 kilometres– coastline in Italy. Because of the almost subtropical climate lot of unique plants can be found in the city. Huge trees, amazing orchids, hibiscus and palm trees can dazzle you during a walk. Calgiari was built on seven hills, which today are different parts of the city: Castello, Tuvixeddu, Monte Claro, Mount Urpinu, Colle di Bonaria, Colle di San Michele. The port quarter of the city is full of authentic restaurants. In the old town, you will find cosy small streets, colourful houses and stone churches. Of course, there are many better and better pizzerias and gelaterias.


    Is the oldest part of the city, which lies on the hilltop, offering breathtaking views of the Cagliari Bay. Most of the city walls are still intact and two 13th century white limestone towers are reinforcing it: the Sant Pancras and the Elephant Tower. Here is also the cathedral, whose baroque façade was rebuilt in the original medieval style of Pisa in the 1930s, so the church was turned back to its original shape. The cathedral is close to the Provincial Governor’s Palace, which was the headquarters of the governor of the island before 1900th. The Archeological Museum of Sardinia is also in Castello, and it has a huge collection. The amphitheatre is also here, which is an outstanding remembrance of the Roman Empire. This amphitheatre is unique in the world because it was built in the local limestone rock.

    Palazzo Della Giustizia

    The building of the Palace of Justice is an important and beautiful architectural work. It is an outstanding example of the neoclassicism of the 1930s. Near to the building, there is a huge park with pine trees and ponds, which were created by gardeners. A part of the park stretches out on a hill, from where, you can enjoy the dazzling views of the Castello, the bay and the surrounding marsh.

    Saint Remy Bastion

    The Bastion was built on the old town walls in the 1800s, it connects several city quarters. This place provides the most spectacular view of the city.


    It is located on the north-west coast of Sardinia, and still preserves the traces of the Spaniards. There is a Catalan quarter around the cathedral where you can take a walk. The centuries-old buildings of the Old Town are preserved in an impressive state, medieval churches, long streets lined with shops, city walls and busy harbour offer many interesting things every day. Choose from our boats in Alghero


    Sassari is the second-largest settlement on Sardinia. This is an archbishopric and university town, as well as an important commercial and administrative centre. The most famous building in the city is the San Nicola cathedral which has a Baroque facade. It is worth to visit the church of Santa Maria di Betlem, which, in addition to its modern style, still preserves the features of medieval Pisan architecture. There are two famous festivals in this town, the spring greeting festival Cavalcata Sarda is in May, and a festival specializing in candles the Festa dei Candelieri in August.

    Beaches in Sardinia

    Costa Smeralda

    The world-famous Sardinian coastline is 55 km long, and it is located in the north-east part of the island between Olbia and Palau. While travelling in this landscape, a wonderful picture reveals to the tourists. Crystal clear, emerald-green sea water, luxury hotels, with the Maddalena archipelago in the background. Today’s image of the neighbourhood is owed to Aga Khan, who discovered the area, it was unknown until 35 years ago, and has invested in a huge hotel network. It has two centres: Baja Sardinia and Porto Cervo. The beach is perfect: snow-white sand and granite rocks. About Costa Smeralda

    La Maddalena

    This is the only one village that is halfway-built on the slopes of Guardia Vecchia, it lies between Cala Gavetta and Cala di Chiesa. Guarda Vecchia with its 146 meters is the highest point on the island’s mountain range. The beautiful panoramic road across the whole island helps you to easily access the most beautiful places on the coast of Maddalena. In addition, the road has a magnificent view of Corsica, the nearby Cabrera and the smaller islands. In 1996 the entire Maddalena archipelago was declared as a National Park, preserving this rare natural environment.

    La Pelosa Beach

    It is located in North Sardinia, also Sassari is one of the most beautiful beaches in the island. The white sandy shore, the beautiful wind-shaped sand blocks and the surrounding dark rock walls characterize the area. The village of Asinara was founded by the local inhabitants, and it was an isolated island for a long time. The soft, pastel-coloured, saddle houses preserved the unchanged ancient mood of the marina village.

    Costa di Cala Mariolu

    There are enormous rock cliffs along the huge shore of the Orise Bay. A few hundred meters in front of it is the cave called Grotta del Fico, which has two entrances. One is an underwater entrance and the other, above it, was cut into the rock wall. This particular cave gives shelter to rare types of seals. The northernmost parts of Cala Mariolu’s bays are isolated and cannot be accessed from the mainland, but its beauty and reputation still compete with other frequented seaside spots such as Cala Luna. The water’s shallowness and its clarity give it a turquoise shade, which undoubtedly has a beautiful effect.

    Spiagge di Chia

    Chia’s small beach is located on the beautiful southern coastline, which preserves its untouched and original form today. The main constructions took place in the areas west of it; while the appearance of the old village is still transformed by the appearance of newer and newer villas. From the top of the mountain peak, where the tower is standing, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the coastline of Chia and the island of Cardulinu. The shore is easily accessible on foot, whose golden, sandy beach is washed by the emerald-coloured, translucent, crystal clear water.

    Weather in Sardinia

    Sardinian has a Mediterranean climate, in spring the temperature is 15-20 °C, in the summer 30-35 °C, in the autumn 25-28 °C, the seawater’s temperature is 19 °C in May, 22-23 °C in June, 25-26 °C in July, August and September. The best time to visit is early and late summer.

    Luxury yacht charter in Sardinia

    Sardinia is one of the largest sailing centres in Italy. Due to the fact that this is an island, it has many ports. In order to get better acquainted, below you can read about some of the ports.

    Marina di Cagliari

    Marina di Cagliari is in the city’s inner dock, right in the historic city centre. It’s just a few minutes away from the train station and the international airport too. Marina di Cagliari is one of the largest and most equipped ports in Italy. Due to its geographical location, it is also a very important tourist and commercial centre. In total it can accommodate more than 5, 000 yachts, from which 18 can be up to 55 meters in length. The port provides comfortable accommodation for passengers, such as wi-fi, restaurants, and logistic assistance. Read about sailing in Cagliari, or yacht charter in Cagliari

    Porto di Alghero

    The harbour of Alghero is protected by old town walls and can accommodate 400 yachts. Guests can enjoy the following services during their stay. They will welcome visitors on arrival and help you navigate through the harbour by boat and docking as well. All-day surveillance is also provided thanks to security systems so you can safely discover the beauty of the island. Water, electricity and wi-fi are also available. They are equipped with showers and toilets, post office and technical assistance for their guests every day. Read about sailing in Alghero, or boat rental in Alghero

    Marina di Olbia

    The marina is in Olbia, and it is also called the tourist’s harbour. It is opened all year long, it offers 270 seats for boats up to 80 meters length. Also, the port is really close to the city of Olbia all services are available in minutes. Of course, there is also 24-hour security service, wi-fi, showers and toilets. Sailing on the emerald-coloured sea, between bays that are covered with snow-white sand. Take a dip in the sea, eat pizza, walk through narrow Italian streets – among other things, you can do these things in Sardinia. You will quickly find a place in your heart for this island, with its natural contrasts, this old tradition preserving region with its colours and lights. Read about Olbia sailing, or Olbia boat rental

    Poltu Quatu

    Arzachena’s port, which opened in 1987, is still very popular to this day. They have 305 berths for yachts as long as 8-35 metres. The depth of water is 3 metres around the entrance and 2 metres in the inner dock. Information about sailing in Arzachena, or yacht charter in Arzachena

    Marina di Cannigione

    The port can accept boats with a length of up to 25 metres with its 400 moorings. The maximum depth is 4.5 metres. They have drinking water, electricity, laundry and they also provide boat maintenance. You can also explore a cosy bar and a restaurant nearby. Read about Cannigione sailing, or rent a boat in Cannigione

    Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura

    There are 700 permanent berths for boats with a maximum length of 45 metres. The sea bottom is 5 metres deep. The perfectly protected port offers great services, and there is a great bar and a restaurant nearby. Information about Santa Teresa Gallura sailing, or boat rental in Santa Teresa Gallura

    Marina di Golfo Aranci

    The well-equipped port is only 20 metres from the centre of Golfo Aranci. They have 30 berths for boats as long as 5-16 metres. The depth of the water is 1.5-5 metres. The breakwater provides safety against winds dominant in the area. They offer electricity, Wi-Fi, a bar and a restaurant.Find yacht routes in Sardinia or choose another luxury yacht charter in Italy.

    Weather in Sardinia

    The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Sardinia. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

    Wind rose in Sardinia
    Wind speed in Sardinia

    The wind rose for Sardinia shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Sardinia shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

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