Are you planning a sailing trip in Sardinia? We help with itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! Sardinia lies west of Italy and north of Sicily. Its coast is 1, 897 km long. The northern and eastern coast is rocky, while the ones on the southern side are sandy. You can find several smaller islands near Sardinia: Asinara, Sant’Antioco, San Pietro, Maddalena and Caprera. 80% of the island is decorated with mountains and hills, therefore not only lovers of waters, but also hikers will find here what they prefer. The wind always blows in Sardinia and its neighbourhood, as it is far from the mainland. The most famous winds are mistral (from the northwest, mostly from Corsica), Tramontana (from the north), Levante (from the east) and Sirocco (from the southeast). Due to the winds, an island is a favourite place for lovers of water sports (especially surfers and kitesurfers) in Europe. The water temperature makes it suitable for sports and bathing all year round.
Sailing in Sardinia

The weather of Sardinia

Sardinia has typical Mediterranean weather. Summers are long and hot, and winters are wet. In July and August, the average temperature is 24-25°C. November and December are the rainiest. On the parts near the sea, the weather hardly drops below 0°C. In January and February, the temperature is around 10°C. The dominant winds here are the Mistral and the Sirocco. The former is mainly present in the northern and western parts. Several wind turbines have been built, benefiting from the windy climate. If you do not insist on visiting on the hot days, you should visit the island in the spring and autumn as well. The weather is suitable both for travelling and hiking.Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Sardinia.

The most important ports of the island


Alghero is in the western part of the island. This is where you find the port Port of Alghero, which has 400 permanent mooring spots and it is 150 metres long. Due to its size, it is not able to receive yachts longer than 50 metres. The port that is open all year round is made more spectacular by the old town of Alghero. The city has many programs for visitors. The discovery of the old town is excellent leisure time, while you understand the secrets of the past visiting various towers and cathedrals. If you look for more active holidays, you can spend your time with mainland and water sports. From scuba diving through surfing to biking you can find it all here that is worth trying. You also get the chance to go for a whale and dolphin watch.

There is no lack of culinary pleasures either. No fast food restaurant has set foot on the island, thus lovers of The gastronomy of the island is versatile and delicious, which makes your time spent here memorable. Also, sea programs expect visitors here. Information about sailing in Alghero, or boat rental in Alghero Coast of Alghero


Cagliari is in the south of Sardinia. The port Marina Portus Karalis is directly next to the historical town centre and has a total of 118 mooring spots. It is also able to host yachts as long as 90 metres. Cagliari is the largest city on the island. Due to its Mediterranean climate, the winters are mild attracting tourists each day of the year. The magic water of Goldo Degli Angeli (Bay of Angels) enchants visitors in the city gate. Cagliari was built on seven hills, which are now the districts of the city. If you get off the yacht, you get the chance to discover the beauties and famous buildings of the city.

Leaving historical memories, buildings behind, you can try various water sports (surfing, scuba diving, water skiing) or you can dip in the pleasant water and sunbathe on the sandy beach. Information about sailing in Cagliari, or yacht charter in Cagliari


Departing from Sardinia you find the island of San Pietro a few kilometres away, where you should turn into the direction of Carloforte. The port Marine Sifredi that can be found here, has 250 mooring spots and can host yachts and sailing boats that are as long as 60 metres. When you are finished with admiring the historical sights in Carloforte, you can walk around the island. It has very beautiful beaches that are perfect for swimming and water sports. Information about sailing in Carloforte, or Carloforte yacht charters Sailing in Sardinia

Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura

The port can be found in the Santa Teresa Gallura holiday resort. They have 700 moorings for yachts with a maximum length of 45 metres. The depth of the water is 5 metres. It is a protected port with several great services offered, and there is also a bar and a restaurant here. sailing in EstartitInformation about sailing in Santa Teresa Gallura, or boat rental in Santa Teresa Gallura

Marina di Cannigione

The natural port in Arzachena Bay can accept 400 yachts with a length of up to 25 metres. The maximum depth is 4.5 metres. They have drinking water, electricity as well as bars and restaurants. Their great services also include laundry and maintenance. Information about sailing in Cannigione, or rent a boat in Cannigione

Marina di Olbia

The port in Olbia provides 270 berths for yachts up to 80 metres size. The maximum depth is 5.2 metres. The protected port offers many great services. If you get hungry, there is a restaurant, and they have a bar as well. Information about sailing in Olbia, or Olbia boat rental
Marinas in Olbia

Coasts and islands around Sardinia

Sant’Antioco and San Pietro

The islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro are on the southwestern side of Sardinia. The first island is connected to Sardinia by a bridge because they are separated by a shallow sea gorge and lagoon-lakes from each other. San Pietro is only accessible on the water. The neighbourhood of the islands expects travellers and scuba divers with a rich water world.


Not far from the island, you can find Sardinia’s third-largest island, Asinara, to the north. This is where you find Asinara National Park that was established 21 years ago. The island used to function as a prison island too. The national park protects historical buildings and the plants and animals of the island. You can see white donkeys here, that is why the island is also called the kingdom of donkeys.

La Maddalena

Sailing to the northeastern coast of Sardinia, you find the island group La Maddalena. These islands are rarely inhabited and almost untouched. The beaches with crystal clear water and pink sand are an excellent travel destination. Besides swimming and water sports you can visit Roman ruins and fortresses here. Information about sailing in La Maddalena, or La Maddalena boat hire Sailing in Sardinia

12.4 m / 41 ft3 Cabins /7 Berths
17.1 m / 56 ft5 Cabins /12 Berths

Sail in Sardinia! Sardinia sailing holidays:

There are wonderful places in Costa Smeralda’s area, which not only offer sandy beaches and beautiful coastlines, but also impressive historical monuments. Discover the secluded places, which can only be approached by a yacht.

Sardinia sailing charter: a week yacht itinerary

We will start our journey from Marina di Olbia.
Saling itinerary Sardinia

Day 1: Olbia – Porto San Paolo

14.94 km (9.28 mi)

First, we are sailing to Porto San Paolo, southeast of Olbia. The cosy town is famous for its welcoming guests, and it has a perfect location as well. There are beautiful islands nearby such as Isola Tavolara, Isala Molara and Isola Piana. If you are here, you can choose from great sports opportunities like horse-riding, mountain biking and golf.

Day 2. Porto San Paolo – Portisco

27.83 km (17.29 mi)
Admire the beautiful Mediterranean landscape while we sail towards the coastline and harbour. Portisco’s beach is located in the western part of Cugnana Bay, between a ness and the island of Portisco. In the south there is a well-equipped port for yachts, behind the beach there are luxury villas and resorts. There are numerous white sandy beaches in the seashore. The Portisco is characterized by sandy beaches and shallow waters that are ideal for families with kids.Read about what to do in Portisco, Portisco sailing, or Portisco yacht charter Sailing in Sardinia

Day 3. Portisco – Capricolli

5.80 km (3.60 mi)
On the third day of our trip, we depart from Portisco to Capriccioli. Capriccioli means “young goats” in the local dialect. On the shore, we can see massive pink granite rocks which were rounded by the waves, wild olive trees, and maritime pines.
One of the beaches is Il Pirata where you can rent canoes and dinghies that can be moored to a small wooden pier. This wind shielded coast with shallow waters and fine sandy, slowly deepening seashore is ideal for families. Another beach of “Delle Tartarughe” (turtles): this is a place where the turtles are nesting among the dunes. The locals call the shore a small oasis. It’s worth to visit the shore for a turtle watch.
The nearby small volcanic islands, Soffin and Cameren have wonderful, untouched nature. On the right side of the bay, there is a small island, Mortorio, which is also beautiful.

Day 4. Capricolli – Porto Cervo

10.49 km (6.52 mi)
On the fourth day, while sailing in Costa Smeralda, we reach Porto Cervo. This beautiful town has many small, short, white buildings which are in harmony with nature. The harbour is the centre of Porto Cervo, here you can find shops, and the elegant yacht club is nearby too. One of the hotels was a filming site for the 1977 James Bond a Spy who loved me. There are several famous beaches here. We can spend the night at Marina Porto di Cervo.

Day 5. Porto Cervo – La Maddalena archipelago

15.79 km (9.81 mi)
Kea is a beautiful island, full of ancient crabs and beautiful cities. There are many restaurants in Kea, where fresh fish, lobster, and other traditional dishes are served. If you are looking for a quiet berth we recommend a bay that is 100 meters away from the harbour. On the beautiful shores of La Maddalena’s, you can find Roman ruins and fortresses. It is called a group of islands, as it consists of several tiny islands. One of the most famous locations in the national park which can be explored in 1-2 days.

La Maddalena is the largest island in the archipelago with its 45 km long coastline. The Guarda Vecchia with its 146 meters height is the highest point of the mountain chain running along the island. There are several options to dock for example Cala Gavetta which is the main port and a busy tourist town. As an alternative option, you can choose Cala Mangiavolpe which is located in Cala Gavetta. Finally, Cala Spalmaore, which is a beautiful, well-protected coastline. Read about what to do in La Maddalena, La Maddalena sailing, or La Maddalena yacht charter Sail in Sardinia

Day 6. La Maddalena – Porto Pozzo

13.51 km (8.39 mi)
In the charming small village, you can enjoy a relaxing day in the unspoiled natural environment and bucolic rural milieu. You should try the delicious local specialities in the city. You can spend the night at Porto di Porto Pozzo.

Day 7. Porto Pozzo – Golfo Aranci – Olbia

66.54 km (41.34 mi)
Our last destination is Golfo Aranci where we must definitely visit the town centre. Thanks to its stylish shops and modern boardwalk, the town is different from other typical Sardinian towns. Once you are here, you should admire the gifts made from coral, and then choose from one of the fine restaurants that all offer delicious frutti di mare.

Returning to Olbia you can also visit the archaeological museum, which has a serious collection. In the city centre, you can relax and have a drink in the famous downtown restaurants. Olbia is Costa Smeralda’s largest port and regional centre. It is a popular destination due to the monuments and the atmosphere of the city. It is worth visiting St. Paul’s Church. According to an engravement on the wall of the main nave, there was a chapel in this place in 1421. The Church of St. Simplicius is the oldest medieval church in Sardinia, which is still in its original form. Excavated remains of the Punic settlement, can be seen not far from the church.

Sailing in Sardinia and Corsica: Santa Teresa Gallura sailing itinerary

Day 1. Santa Teresa Gallura – Bonifacio 16, 45 km (10, 22 mi), Day 2. Bonifacio – Porto Vecchio 46, 5 km (28, 92 mi), Day 3. Porto Vecchio – Cala Santa Maria 43, 6 km (27, 09 mi), Day 4. Cala Santa Maria – Tavolara island57, 36 km (35, 64 mi), Day 5. Tavolara – Porto Cervo 33, 98 km (21, 12 mi), Day 6. Porto Cervo – Porto Pollo 24, 91 km (15, 48 mi), Day 7. Porto Pollo – Porto Pozzo – Santa Teresa Gallura 23, 37 km (14, 52 mi)sardinia and corsica sailing Itinerary

7 days Sardinia sailing itinerary

Day 1. Bosa – Alghero 35.63 km (22.14 mi), Day 2. Alghero – Porto Conte 14.49 km (9.00 mi), Day 3. Porto Conte – Cala dell’Argentiera 30.96 km (19.24 mi), Day 4. Cala dell’Argentiera – Stintino 37.04 km (23.02 mi), Day 5. Stintino – Porto Torres 20.50 km (12.74 mi) , Day 6. Porto Torres – Castelsardo 29.31 km (18.21 mi), Day 7. Castelsardo – La Pelosa – Bosa 133.85 km (83.17 mi)sardinia sailing itinerary

A week Sardinia yachting from Carloforte

Day 1. Carloforte – Portoscuso 9.62 km (5.98 mi), Day 2. Portoscuso – Marceddì 76.80 km (47.72 mi), Day 3. Marceddì – Oristano 20.84 km (12.95 mi), Day 4. Oristano – Porto Mandriola 29.25 km (18.18 mi), Day 5. Porto Mandriola – Alghero 61.70 km (38.34 mi) , Day 6. Alghero – S’Archittu 58.01 km (36.05 mi), Day 7. S’Archittu – Portixeddu – Carloforte 111.75 km (69.44 mi)sardinia yachting plan

7 days Costa Smeralda sailing plan – North Sardinia sail from Portisco

Day 1. Portisco – Porto Cervo 16.9 km (10.24 mi), Day 2. Porto Cervo – La Maddalena archipelago (Porto Massimo) 19.18 km (11.92 mi), Day 3. La Maddalena archipelago (Porto Massimo) – Santa Teresa Gallura 23.19 km (14.41 mi), Day 4. Santa Teresa Gallura – Bonifacio 16.45 km (10.22 mi), Day 5. Bonifacio – Porto Vecchio 46.5 km (28.92 mi), Day 6. Porto Vecchio – Cala Santa Maria 43.6 km (27.09 mi), Day 7. Cala Santa Maria -Capriccioli – Portisco 40.09 km (24.91 mi)costa smeralda sailing plan

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Explore the adventurous bays and hidden sandy beaches in Sardinia. The water is crystal clear, the bays are protected from winds, so you can swim and scuba dive too. Don’t hesitate, but start your unforgettable trip and you can meet dolphins too. Find boat rental in Sardinia. HELP ME TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOAT

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