Find out everything about sailing in Carloforte: itineraries, ports, yacht rental options & other useful sailing information. Get our help! For the lovers of sailing Carloforte is a very attractive destination. If you moor your yacht here, you will find stunning beaches in the city and the surrounding area. Sailing in Carloforte? Now you can find out what the weather will be like when you visit Carloforte, and we even help you plan a 1-week sailing itinerary.Sailing in Carloforte

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Weather in Carloforte: Pleasant, mild climate

Southern Sardinia, where you can find Carloforte, is characterised by a mild, pleasant climate. This means that you can actually visit this city any season. On San Pietro Island July is the driest month, the average temperature is 22, 3 degrees Celcius, while the rainiest month is October. If you don’t mind crowded beaches and the bustling nightlife, choose July or August. But if you are looking for a quieter beach and relaxation, then June, September and October can be ideal for you. The rest of the year can be the perfect time to explore the cultural and natural heritage of the area. Check the sailing conditions and wind rose diagram of Carloforte.

Ports around Carloforte

Port of Carloforte

The marina of Marine Sifredi has 250 berths for sailing yachts and boats up to the length of 60 meters. You have access to services such as Wi-Fi, electricity, laundry, pharmacy or medical care. Information about sailing in Carloforte, or Carloforte yacht charters ports in Carloforte

The port of Bosa

There are 120 moorings, and the maximum allowed length of boats is 30 metres. They provide water, electricity, and fuel on the protected place. You can eat nearby, and there is also a supermarket. Info about sailing in Bosa, or rent a boat in Bosa.ports in sardinia

The port of Alghero

The port is 150 metres long. There are 400 permanent moorings for boats with a maximum length of 50 metres. Ferries leave towards Civitavecchia, Palermo, and Naples. Information about sailing in Alghero, or boat rental in Alghero

Port of Portoscuso

The port has 385 berths for boats up to the length of 25 metres. The depth can be 3-4, 5 metres at the docks. Water, electricity and waste collection are among the services of the port.

Port of Cagliari

Cagliari is not just the capital city of Sardinia, but one of the most impressive ports towns of the Mediterranean. It is easily accessible from its international airport. Due to its geographical location, it has become one of the largest and most well-equipped Italian ports. For luxurious yachts, it is an idyllic port, indeed. Numerous services are at your disposals such as water supply, electricity, deck cleaning, food supply, or medical assistance. Regular ferries leave towards Civitavecchia, Palermo, and Naples. Information about sailing in Carloforte, or Carloforte yacht charters

Yacht charter around Carloforte

27.0 m / 89 ft3 Cabins /13 Berths
27.0 m / 89 ft3 Cabins /13 Berths
27.0 m / 89 ft3 Cabins /13 Berths

Sail in Carloforte! Carloforte sailing itineraries

Sailing in Carloforte: 1-week sailing itinerary (South)

We start from Carloforte and after exploring the magical places of the area we will return here.Sailing Itinerary Carloforte

Day 1. Carloforte – Calasetta (Sant’Antioco Island)

6.37 km (3.96 mi)
Our next stop is Sant’Antioco Island which has a sandy and rocky shore. You can find beaches here such as Maladroxia, Coaquaddus, and in Calasetta the Sotto Torre, Le Saline or Spiaggia Grande. Spend the night in the port of the island.

Day 2. Sant’Antioco – Chia

65.29 km (40.57 mi)
There is no shortage of beautiful beaches and bays in Chia. If you visit here, crystal clear water and sandy beaches welcome you. We especially recommend the Su Guideu or Cala Cipolla. Do you like hiking? In the forest of Cannoneris you can marvel at many animal species. Spend a night in the port of Chia.

Day 3. Chia – Nora – Pula

16.97 km (10.55 mi)
Are you a history lover? Then visiting Nora will be an unforgettable experience. The ruins include ancient temples, baths and mosaics. Nora is an ideal place for snorkelling and scuba diving, in the bay you can even dive the sunken ruins of the Romans. There are excellent restaurants and bars on the beach. Spend the night in the port of Nora.

You will find one of Southern Sardinia’s most popular beaches on Pula, the Margherita di Pula. The turquoise water is perfect for the whole family. You can also go snorkelling. Would you explore more beaches? Apart from Margherita, the Fox’eSali, Cala d’Ostia and Spiaggia are also an excellent choice. Spend the night in the port of Pula.ports and islands in Carloforte

Day 4. Pula – Cagliari

27.73 km (17.23 mi)
Our next stop is the beautiful Cagliari. Would you like to go to the beach? Poetto, which is a beach with fine sand, is a great choice. It is special because you can find one of the longest shore segments in Italy here. If you visit the place, you should go sailing, as the conditions are perfect. Discover its great restaurants, and try the delicious dishes made with fish and “frutti di mare”; local wines are perfect for these meals. Spend the night in the port of Cagliari.

Day 5. Cagliari – Simius (Marina di Villasimius)

49.81 km (30.95 mi)

Sirius will be your favourite stop if you are a sports enthusiast. .You can reach the Golf Club and the local diving centre in less than 20 minutes on foot from the port. Are you looking for some cultural programmes? Visit the local Maritime Museum or the Archaeological Museum! There is a wide range of restaurants in the town: you will find plenty of pizzerias and restaurants, specialised for seafood. The perfect ending of your day is a splendid evening in a  Beach Bar.

Day 6. Marina di Villasimius – Porto Pino

98.99 km (61.51 mi)

Located in the southwest of Sardinia, this Mediterranean pearl awaits us with a 4 km long beach, sand dunes, blue lagoons and the beauty of unspoilt nature. You can find not far away from the port the Pineta di Candiani, where you can admire the local wildlife, but if you prefer some sightseeing, the local bus takes you to Sant ‘Anna Arresi in 10 minutes. Walk around this small town, visit its churches and town hall.

Day 7. Porto Pino – Portoscuso – Carloforte

43.81 km (27.22 mi)
Portoscuso is best known for tuna fishing. If you moor your yacht here, discover the Portopaglietto beach located in a protected bay. Don’t forget to visit the 16th century Spanish Tower. Take a nice walk to the historic city centre. Spend the night in the port of Portoscuso.

After bringing back the yacht it is worth looking around in Carloforte if you have some time. If you want to go swimming, the sandy La Bobba and Guidi, or the Cala Fico with its rocky bay is a great choice. If you visit here in late May, early June, don’t miss the most important event in the city, the Girotonno four-day cultural and gastronomic festival. Enjoy gastronomic experiences. For example, the Osteria della Tonnara offers excellent cuisine. In the cosiest bar of the city, L’incudine, you can choose from a selection of delicious cocktails.

Carloforte sailing: 7 days sailing itinerary (North – long)

Day 1. Carloforte – Portoscuso 9.62 km (5.98 mi), Day 2. Portoscuso – Marceddì 76.80 km (47.72 mi), Day 3. Marceddì – Oristano 20.84 km (12.95 mi), Day 4. Oristano – Porto Mandriola 29.25 km (18.18 mi), Day 5. Porto Mandriola – Alghero 61.70 km (38.34 mi) , Day 6. Alghero – S’Archittu 58.01 km (36.05 mi), Day 7. S’Archittu – Portixeddu – Carloforte 111.75 km (69.44 mi)Sailing plan Carloforte

Marine gas near Carloforte

  • CAGLIARI: Depth:7 m, Working time: 8-24, GPS Coordinates: 39.207, 9.122234
  • BOSA: Depth:3, 5m, Working time: 0-24, GPS Coordinates: 40.2972019, 8.4848895
  • CARLOFORTE: Depth:4, 5m, Working time: 9-22, GPS Coordinates: 39.1347, 8.2981

If you want to go sailing, Carloforte is the perfect choice for you. Moor your yacht in the ports of the surrounding cities and enjoy the pleasant climate that makes the city worth visiting any time of the year.Find more Sardinia sailing holidays or choose another Sardinia yacht charter.


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